In the Bedroom Vocabulary | Names of Bedroom Objects

Bedroom Vocabulary in English.

In the bedroom, there are many typical objects, such as air-conditioner, upholstered bench, dressing table, nightstand, …

Learning vocabulary words for common furniture inside a bedroom.

Names of Bedroom Objects with Pictures


– Though the air-conditioner gave off warm air, he felt cold.

Clothes valet

– She bought a new clothes valet to hang her clothes.


– He felt too lazy to get out of bed.

Anglepoise lamp/ Balanced-arm lamp

– I need the artificial light of anglepoise lamp on the writing table.

Cot (U.K)/ Crib (U.S)

– The baby is fast asleep in his cot.

Upholstered bench

– We sat down on the upholstered bench.

Bedside table

– Ginny groped for her glasses on the bedside table.


– Jack edged the dictionary in on the bookshelf.

Bureau (U.K)/ Desk (U.S)

– He deposited the books on the desk.

Chest of drawers (U.K)/ Dresser (U.S)

– He bought a dresser, a pair of night tables, two bookcases for his books and records.


– I forbid anyone to touch that clock.


– There is a fan in our room.


– I rest my head on a soft pillow filled with feather.

Hat stand

– Hang your hat on the hat stand.

Dressing table

– I left it on her dressing table with a note.

Table lamp

– I sat down and he turned on a table lamp.


– She was looking at her reflection in the mirror.


– She blinked when I opened the curtains.

Ironing board

– I need to buy a new ironing board.


– I saw the Olympic Games on television.


– The telephone rang and interrupted my train of thought.

Hope chest

– There is a hope chest in the corner of the room.


– She wanted a famous artist to paint her picture.


– Books are always in his suitcase or on his nightstand.

In the Bedroom Vocabulary in English | Picture

In the Bedroom Vocabulary

 In the Bedroom Vocabulary | Video for Kids


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