90+ Synonyms for “Begin” with Examples | Another Word for “Begin”

The versatility of the English language allows you to choose from a plethora of synonyms to convey the concept of beginning something, each bringing its own nuance to your sentence. Understanding the context is crucial as it determines which synonym for “begin” fits best.

In this article, we delve into the rich tapestry of words that capture the essence of starting anew, exploring the nuances and shades of meaning that each synonym brings to the table.

Begin Synonyms

Another Word for begin | List of 90+ Synonyms for "Begin" in English

Begin Meaning

Begin generally denotes the action of initiating or starting something. It’s the point at which a particular action, process, or event is considered to have started.

  • The concert will begin promptly at 7 PM.
  • She decided to begin her new workout routine next Monday.
  • Let’s begin our meeting with a quick recap of last week’s progress.

List of Synonyms for Begin

  • Commence
  • Open
  • Start
  • Initiate
  • Launch
  • Set Out (On)
  • Establish

Big list of 90+ different words to use instead of “begin”.

  • Activate
  • Appear
  • Approach
  • Arise
  • Attack
  • Become
  • Begin to
  • Boot
  • Break
  • Break ground
  • Bring
  • Bring about
  • Bud
  • Build
  • Carry out
  • Cause
  • Come
  • Commence
  • Create
  • Dawn
  • Depart
  • Develop
  • Do
  • Drive
  • Effect
  • Emanate
  • Embark
  • Embark on
  • Embark upon
  • Emerge
  • Engage
  • Enter
  • Enter on
  • Enter upon
  • Establish
  • Fall to
  • Generate
  • Germinate
  • Get
  • Get cracking
  • Get down
  • Get down to
  • Get going
  • Get started
  • Get the show on the road
  • Get under way
  • Get underway
  • Go
  • Go ahead
  • Go into
  • Grow
  • Happen
  • Hire
  • Hit the ground running
  • Ignite
  • Inaugurate
  • Induce
  • Initiate
  • Instigate
  • Institute
  • Introduce
  • Kick off
  • Launch
  • Lead
  • Lead off
  • Leave
  • Make
  • Move
  • Occasion
  • Occur
  • Open
  • Organize
  • Originate
  • Pioneer
  • Prepare
  • Proceed
  • Produce
  • Rise
  • Set
  • Set about
  • Set in motion
  • Set off
  • Set out
  • Set to
  • Set up
  • Spring
  • Sprout
  • Start
  • Start off
  • Start out
  • Tackle
  • Take
  • Take off
  • Take on
  • Take up
  • Trigger
  • Undertake

Types of Synonyms for Begin


  • Commence
  • Initiate
  • Launch
  • Kick off


  • Establish
  • Found
  • Originate
  • Set up


  • Open
  • Introduce
  • Initiate
  • Launch


  • Embark on
  • Tackle
  • Take on
  • Set about


  • Instigate
  • Provoke
  • Prompt
  • Incite

Common Synonyms for Begin

Begin vs. Start

Begin and start are often used interchangeably; however, start suggests the point at which an activity or process first moves into action. For example, you might start a machine or a race.

Begin implies initiating the first part of a process and can be used for abstract concepts, like beginning to understand. Start has a slightly more urgent, immediate sense, often used for concrete actions, like starting a car.

  • Let’s begin the meeting with a brief introduction.
  • We can start the project as soon as the necessary materials arrive.

Begin vs. Initiate

Initiate, while a synonym of begin, carries a more formal or technical connotation. You would initiate a program or a series of actions, with emphasis on the role in causing the process to start.

Begin is commonly used in everyday language and broadly applicable to various situations. Initiate denotes a deliberate, often formal, action, and is used in formal writings, business, or technical contexts

  • The meeting will begin at 9 am.
  • She will initiate the project launch process.

Begin vs. Commence

Commence is another formal synonym for begin and it is typically used in ceremonial or official contexts. You might commence an academic term or a legal proceeding.

Begin fits comfortably in everyday speech and can be adaptable to a wide range of scenarios. Commence has a more weighty, formal tone, and is often used in official communications or formal events

  • The process of implementing the new system will begin shortly.
  • The company will commence the project next week.

Synonyms for Begin in Different Contexts

Informal Context

  • Kick off: Let’s kick off the project with a brainstorming session.
  • Get Going: We need to get going on the report to meet the deadline.

Formal Context

  • Inaugurate: The president will inaugurate the new community center next week.
  • Institute: The university plans to institute a new scholarship program to support underprivileged students.

Professional Context

  • Launch: The company will launch its new product next month.
  • Embark On: We will embark on a new journey of growth and development.
  • Initialize: The system will initialize the software upon startup.
  • Boot: Please boot up the computer and log in.

In Literature

  • Convoke: The council will convoke at dawn to discuss the kingdom’s affair.
  • Usher In: The peace treaty between the rival factions will usher in an era of prosperity.

Absolute and Near Synonyms for Begin

Absolute Synonyms for Begin

Word Meaning
Commence To start officially.
Initiate To begin a process or action.
Launch To start a significant activity or enterprise.
Open To make something accessible or available.
Embark on/upon To start a new venture or significant undertaking.

Near Synonyms for Begin

Word Meaning
Create To bring something new into existence.
Enter (into or upon) To begin a process or stage, often implying involvement.
Found To establish the basis for something, typically an institution or organization.
Get going An informal way to start, suggesting initiating action or progress.
Set about To start dealing with a task or undertaking, implying readiness to act.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some alternative words for ‘begin’?

Alternative words for ‘begin’ include commence, initiate, start, and launch. Each of these terms denotes the act of taking the first step in a process or activity.

Which terms can replace ‘just started’?

To replace ‘just started’, you could use phrases like ‘recently commenced’ or ‘newly initiated.’ These convey the idea that an action or endeavor has begun a short while ago.

Could you provide synonyms for the word ‘commence’?

Synonyms for ‘commence’ are begin, initiate, start, and kick off. All these words signal the onset of an event or series of actions.

What are different ways to say ‘start work’?

You can say ’embark on work,’ ‘get going with work,’ or ‘initiate work’ as different ways to express the concept of starting work.

What expressions can be used in place of ‘good beginning’?

Expressions for ‘good beginning’ might include ‘auspicious start’ or ‘promising kickoff.’ These phrases suggest a hopeful and positive start to an endeavor.