What Does the Phrase “Begone Thot” Mean?

“Begone thot” is a phrase that is commonly used by the younger generation of internet users. Therefore, if you are of an older generation or don’t speak English fluently to know all the slang terms being used today, then you might find yourself wondering what this phrase is all about. Here you will find the meaning of the internet slang phrase and information regarding its origin if there is any available.

You will also see some other meaning the phrase could have if any exist and see some example conversations to better understand how the phrase is used correctly in conversation. Finally, you will take a look at some suggested phrases that can be used instead to convey the same meaning.

Begone Thot Meaning

What Does Begone Thot Mean?

The word “thot” in the phrase “begone thot” means “that ho over there” or “thirsty hoes over there.” Therefore, when someone says the phrase “begone thot” they are telling someone they believe to be a ho, slut, whore, etc. to disappear or make themselves scarce.

Origin of Begone Thot

The exact origin of the phrase “begone thot” most likely originated from the use of the word “thot” itself. However, origin on the use of the word “thot” is sketchy at best. According to most people, this slang term was not used until 2012 and the use was popularized by rap songs which were the first to use “thot” in mainstream music per the definition above. Since then, the word has been widely used.

Other Meanings

There are no other known meanings of the slang phrase “begone thot.”

Example Conversations

An online conversation between two Facebook users:

  • User 1: (commenting on a friend’s picture) wow babe! You look adorable in this picture!
  • User 2: Who you calling babe? This is my boyfriend! Begone thot!

A text conversation between a girlfriend and someone who texted her boyfriend’s phone:

  • Girlfriend: Who are you?
  • Random Girl: I don’t have to tell you that!
  • Girlfriend: No matter! You are just a thot! So, begone thot! My boyfriend doesn’t want anything to do with you!

Alternatives to “Begone Thot”

There are many phrases you could use in place of the slang phrase “begone thot.” Some phrases you could use in its place to convey the same message include:

  • leave slut
  • disappear ho
  • take a hike whore

Begone Thot Meaning Infographic

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