Besitos Meaning: Learn the Definition of the Useful Slang Term “Besitos”

The slang wordbesitos” is a term that is widely used on the internet today. In this article, you will learn all about this word by learning its definition and all about its origin. You will also see other possible meanings for the word if any exist and be able to examine some example conversations to see how this word is used properly in everyday communication.

Finally, you will be provided with some suggestions regarding how this word can be said using different words that still convey the same meaning.

Besitos Meaning

What Does Besitos Mean?

The word “besitos” means tiny or little kisses.

Origin of Besitos

Sometimes popular internet slang is not slang at all. It is simply a word being used from another language that people seem to like using in certain situations. This is the case with the word “besitos.” This word was derived from the Spanish word “besos” meaning kisses and is just another way of saying the same thing. It is widely used on the internet on Latin and Spanish sites.

Other Meanings

There are currently no other known meanings of the word “besitos.”

Example Conversations

A text exchange between two friends.

  • Friend 1: I need to go to the mall tomorrow. I need some shopping therapy!
  • Friend 2: I can go with you for moral support if you want.
  • Friend 1: Sounds like a date! I will pick you up about noon.
  • Friend 2: Okay Chica! Until then … besitos!

An online conversation between a boyfriend and girlfriend.

  • Boyfriend: I miss you hon!
  • Girlfriend: I miss you more! I can’t wait until you get back from vacation!
  • Boyfriend: Me neither! It has been good to get away with the family, but you will be a sight for sore eyes!
  • Girlfriend: Aww! You are so sweet! I have to run, babe. Mom is calling me for dinner.
  • Boyfriend: Okay doll! I will talk to you later on tonight! Besitos!

Alternatives to “Besitos”

Some words you could say instead of using the word “besitos” to relate the same message include:

  • besos
  • kisses
  • osculations

Besitos Meaning Infographic