Bicycle Parts: Useful Parts of a Bike with Pictures

Bike parts! Learn different bicycle parts in English with pictures and examples. Whether you are an avid cyclist or not, it is important to be able to refer to the different parts of a bicycle. This is useful if you have a bicycle which you need to take in for repair whilst in an English speaking country as you will be much more easily able to explain the problem. It is also useful for when you are listening to conversations or watching TV as you will more easily be able to recognise words and what is being said. Take a look over this section to educate yourself on the English names for the parts of a bicycle

Bike Parts

A bicycle, also called a cycle or bike, is a human-powered, pedal-driven, single-track vehicle, having two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other. A bicycle rider is called a cyclist, or bicyclist.

The bicycle consists of many different parts. Each part of a bicycle has a very important function.

Learn these parts of a bicycle to improve and increase your vocabulary words about transportation in English.

List of Bicycle Parts

  • Handlebar
  • Brake lever
  • Brake cable
  • Seat
  • Rear brake
  • Crossbar
  • Frame
  • Crank
  • Wheel
  • Chain
  • Pedal
  • Chain wheel
  • Front brake
  • Front fork
  • Hub
  • Spoke
  • Rim
  • Tire

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Bike Parts Names with Examples

Learn names for different parts of a bicycle with examples.


– Bill clamped the horn to the handlebar of his bicycle.

Brake lever

– He is repairing the brake lever of a bicycle.

Brake cable

– The brake cable needs tightening up.


– The driver’s seat is too high, I have to readjust it.

Rear brake

– Do the test again with the rear brake.


– I saw he sit on the crossbar of his bike.


– The frame is made of steel.


– The pedals of a cycle are attached to a crank.


– I got my bag caught in the wheel of my bicycle.


– She caught her skirt up in the chain of her bicycle.


– She put her foot down on the pedal.

Chain wheel

– He then placed two chain wheels on the left side.

Front brake

– The front brake of this bicycle needs replacing.

Front fork

– This old bike has a metal front fork.


– They are replacing the hub.


– Her fingers still clung to the spokes, keeping one wheel out of action.


– The rim is made of metal.


– Now the tire companies have fought back.

Bicycle Parts Chart

Bicycle Parts: Useful Parts of a Bike with PicturesPin

Bike Parts: Useful Parts of a Bicycle Video

Learn different parts of a bike with American English pronunciation.

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