Birthday Vocabulary in English | Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Learn Birthday Vocabulary in English through Pictures and Examples.

Birthday is an occasion when a person or institution celebrates the anniversary of their birth. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with gifts, cards, a party, or a rite of passage.

On your birthday, your friends and family may send you birthday cards and gifts. You may celebrate your birthday with a birthday party, with a birthday cake, and with decorations like candles and balloons. All of you sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY song.

Birthday vocabulary words – This is list of words that we use when talking about or at Birthday.

Birthday Vocabulary


– Can you help me blow up these balloons?

Birthday card

– I received a belated birthday card this morning.

Birthday hat

– She was wearing a lovely birthday hat.

Birthday cake

– I cut a piece of birthday cake for them all.


– She tied the ribbon in a bow.


– Would you like some cakes or biscuits?


– Too much candy is bad for your teeth.


– If you eat too much chocolate you’ll get fat.

Ice cream bar

– I want something cold like an ice cream bar.


– I blew out the candles on my birthday cake.


– She selected an apple from the fruit bowl.


– The winning team was showered with confetti.


– It is a gift for my brother.


– They did the room out with streamer ready for the party.


– He decided to become a clown to join the wacky world of the circus.

Gift tag

– This is a gift tag.


– He played the tune on the horn.


– I like to eat popcorn when I am watching TV play at home.


– She also doesn’t share birthday cupcakes with her friends.

Chips (UK)/ French fries (US)

– Don’t put so much salt on your chips!


– She drank her soda through a straw.

Ice cream sundae

– They had cake and ice cream sundae at the party.

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Birthday Vocabulary in English

Birthday Vocabulary in English | Video for Kids

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