Blank Check: Meaning and Examples of this Idiomatic Term in English

Last Updated on March 28, 2020

You have likely heard someone using the term blank check during an English conversation, you may have also wondered what this term means. We are going to discover the meaning of the term as well as looking at where it first came from. We are going to expand our understanding of the phrase by looking at some examples of how it can be used.

Blank Check

Blank Check Meaning

The meaning behind the phrase blank check is to give someone unlimited freedom.

Origin of this idiomatic phrase

The idiom blank check finds its origins in money and banking. A blank check in terms of banking is purposefully left blank in order for the recipient to be able to fill out the amount, thus giving them freedom.

“Blank Check” Examples

Examples in Statements

Here are some examples of sentences in which the term blank check might appear.

The first statement is being made by a journalist in a news report.

  • The King has given a blank check to the Prime Minister to make whatever decision he sees fit.

The next example is a sentence being said by a friend to another friend.

  • You can use my car, I’ll give you a blank check to do whatever you please with it, but just make sure you return it filled with fuel.

Conversation Examples

Hearing the term blank check during a day to day conversation is not unusual, however, it is important to see some examples of this in order to fully understand how the phrase works.

The first conversation is taking place between a mother and son.

  • Person 1; “Your father and I are going on holiday for a week.”
  • Person 2; “Cool I get the house to myself.”
  • Person 1; “Yes, you have blank check as far as the house is concerned but just make sure nothing gets broken.”

The second conversation is taking place between a boss and his employee.

  • Person 1; “Are you confident that you can run this project alone?”
  • Person 2; “More than confident.”
  • Person 1; “OK, well then you have a blank check to do it however you please.”

More useful examples:

  • The President was given a blank check by Congress to continue the war.
  • This is a blank check for federal judges to get rid of cases they disfavor.
  • That is why Paulson wants a blank check.
  • He will give you a blank check to deal with the problem.

Other Ways to Say “Blank Check”

You may be able to express the meaning of the term blank check using other phrases.

Let’s take a look at some of these now.

  • Free reign
  • Freedom

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