Bleh Meaning: What Does the Incredible Term “Bleh” Mean?

What Does Bleh Mean? The written word is incredible. There are millions of words in existence and new words and phrases are being created all the time. We like to use words to imitate sounds like bam or boom. And we like to use words to signify our behaviors like “Brb” or “LOL”. And then there are times when we need to use words to describe how we’re feeling. That’s why we have words like “bleh.”

Bleh Meaning

What Does Bleh Mean?

Main Meaning

Bleh doesn’t sound like a real word and I guess, technically, it’s not. But are we really going to split hairs when we use things like “OMG” and “l8r?” Yeah, I don’t think so. When it’s a rainy cold work day and it just seems to be taking forever to be over, you can end up with a case of the “blehs”, much like I am today. “Bleh” means “I’m bored.”

Other Meanings of Bleh

While you can be saying “I’m bored” when you use “blah”, it can also mean a ton of other things too. Bleh is one of those wonderfully diverse words that can mean just about anything you want it to. Give it a try and see what we mean.

  • IDK – I don’t know
  • Yucky – as in not 100% your best
  • Sick
  • Tired
  • Running on fumes
  • Exhausted
  • Whatever
  • IDC – I don’t care or IDGAF – I don’t give a fu**
  • Frustration
  • Disgust
  • Irritation
  • Annoyance
  • Lack of Interest

Similar Slang Terms

Like I said, you can use “bleh” to mean just about anything you want it to. And there are a ton of different ways to say the same thing, no matter how weird you like to spell things. Keep reading to see what I mean. The more strange the spelling, the more likely it will be that the speaker is a younger person with a low maturity level.

Here is the list of similar slang words of Bleh:

  • Blehgermablah
  • Blehgg
  • Blehh
  • Meh
  • Bleurgh
  • Bleeh
  • Bluh
  • Blah
  • NM – never mind
  • Bleha
  • Blehful
  • Blehg

Conversation Example

Example Using Bleh as Bored

  • Mike: wyd how your day been?
  • Candi: bleh this rain is driving me crazy
  • Mike: ik. Can’t do shit outside
  • Candi: I’m tired of being indoors.
  • Mike: road trip?
  • Candi: find somewhere warm and dry
  • Mike: you got it


  • WYD – what are you doing?
  • IK- I know


In this conversation, Mike is catching up with Candi, who is suffering from a severe case of “bleh” –boredom – due to being trapped inside because of the rain. Mike decides to come to the rescue by suggesting a trip out of town to make them feel better.

Example Using Bleh as Sick

  • Brian: Hey babe hyd?
  • Sara: eh bleh
  • Brian: anything I can do?
  • Sara: idk. Shoot me?
  • Brian: nope. How a/b soup and a sandwich?
  • Sara I guess that’ll work
  • Brian: Great. Sys
  • Sara: K. ILY Ty
  • Brian: ily yw


  • HYD – How you doing?
  • idk – I don’t know
  • A/b – about
  • SYS – see you soon
  • ILY – I love you
  • TY – Thank you
  • YW – You’re welcome


In this example, Brian is checking on Sara, who is under the weather and feeling “bleh.” Brian is earning a boyfriend of the year award by offering to take care of Sara while she’s sick. When a man loves his woman enough to take care of her while she’s sick, she’s a lucky girl.

Bleh Meaning Infographic


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