Boofing Meaning: What Does the Slang Term “Boofing” Mean?

The term “boofing” is used as a form of slang on the internet by a number of people as a less offensive way of saying a certain term. If you were wondering what the term “boofing” meant and it bought you here, then you’re in luck. Here you will find the meaning of this internet slang term, its origin, and some optional meanings. You will also find some example conversations and some alternative words or phrases that are synonymous with the term “boofing”.

Boofing Meaning

What Does Boofing Mean?

The term “boofing” means the act of consuming drugs are alcohol via the anus to get high or drunk quicker. This method of ingestion can be dangerous and potentially lethal due to the high risk of overdose and damage to the rectal tissues.

Origin of Boofing

It appears that the term “boofing” was a derivative of “boof” which was a derivative of the term “bufu.” The term was an abbreviated form of “buttf$%k” that was used first in the 80s and then was changed to “boof.” “Boofing” has taken on many different meanings over the years, but the one mentioned above is the most popular.

Other Meanings

“Boofing” has several other meanings. The term can be used to describe many sexual acts, but most of all anal sex. It can also mean the act of smuggling contraband into prison via the rectum. “Boofing” can also mean bad weed or puffy hair. In the sport of kayaking, “boofing” means the act of raising the front of the boat to overcome obstacles while maneuvering white water.

In other contexts, “boofing” may refer to an outdoor activity where hikers or backpackers bury their waste in a hole dug into the ground, known as a “cathole” or “boof hole”, as a way to minimize environmental impact and prevent the spread of disease.

Example Conversations

A text discussion between two friends:

  • Friend 1Have you ever thought about boofing?
  • Friend 2No way! That’s so gross! I don’t even understand why that’s a thing!

A text discussion between two college roommates:

  • Roommate 1How was the party last night?
  • Roommate 2Wild! People were even boofing!
  • Roommate 1I am so glad I didn’t go then.

Alternatives to “Boofing”

There are many terms or phrases that you can use as an alternative to the word “boosting.” Some of these alternatives include:

  • Buttchugging
  • Buttpopping
  • Plugging
  • Butt-chugging
  • Anal ingestion
  • Rectal administration

Boofing Meaning Infographic