BooKoo Meaning: How Do You Define the Useful Slang Term ‘BooKoo’?

The slang phrasebookoo” is used quite often by many people. Usually, people know what it means but might not know where the term is actually derived from. If you were wondering about either, you have landed in the right spot.

Here you will find the meaning of this term, information about its origin, some other meanings if there are any, and some example conversations that use the phrase correctly. Finally, you will discover some alternative ways to say the term using other words or phrases that mean the same thing.

BooKoo Meaning

What Does BooKoo Mean?

The slang term “bookoo” means that you have plenty or a lot of something. It means an overabundance of things.

Origin of BooKoo

The slang term “bookoo” is derived from the French word “beaucoup” which had the same meaning. The French word has been used since 1862. There is no definitive information as to exactly when the term began to be spelled “bookoo” and used in America. The earliest mention it in a dictionary is 2016, but more than likely it was in popular use before 2016.

Other Meanings

Other than the meaning mentioned above, the term “bookoo” has a few other meanings. The first meaning is the name of an energy drink. The second meaning can be used to describe someone who does something crazy or stupid.

Conversation Examples

A text discussion between two friends.

  • Friend 1: Hey, I am going shopping for some new shoes tomorrow. Do you want to come to the mall with me?
  • Friend 2: I will tag along, just don’t let me buy anything.
  • Friend 1: Why?
  • Friend 2: I already have bookoo shoes! I don’t need anymore and they won’t fit in my closet.

A text discussion between two co-workers.

  • Co-worker 1: Do you want to go and grab some lunch?
  • Co-worker 2: I can’t today. I have bookoo work to get done.
  • Co-worker 1: Come to lunch and I will help you when we get back.
  • Co-worker 2: Okay, deal!

Alternatives to “BooKoo”

There are many words or phrases that you could use in place of the slang term “bookoo.” Some of the other things you could say include:

  • A lot
  • Plenty
  • Overabundance

BooKoo Meaning Infographic