Bougie Meaning: What Does the Useful Term “Bougie” Mean in Internet Slang?

Bougie is a slang word that you hear in everyday conversations and in the media. Whether it’s the rap song Bad and Boujee, by Migos’, or a bunch of youngsters at the mall. The term refers to someone with wealth and swag, or perpetrating as if they have it.

Bougie Meaning

What Does Bougie Mean?


  1. High-class, fancy, lavish, high maintenance, materialistic
  2. Inconsiderate, unreasonable, snobby


  1. Someone who considered middle class yet wants to be upper class and is determined to live a wealthier, flashier, more lavish lifestyle (preferring designer labels)
  2. Medical instrument used to dilate or insert an object inside a tubular anatomical shape

Origin of Bougie

The origin of bougie, derives from the French word Bourgeoisie, referring to a social status of middle to upper class. The use of the term in Europe dates as far back as the 12th century pertaining to medical instruments. By the 18th century the term was used to describe success, particularly artistic success. Throughout the 20th and 21st century the term bougie has adopted several different connotations within the urban community, from mockery to unreasonable to flashy.

Conversation Examples

Example sentences – Using as an Adj.

  • That chic is all bougie, buying clothes and shoes every other day cuz she don’t do laundry. She won’t even eat fast food. I told her she think she fancy huh, since she too bougie to eat some Burger King!
  • I can’t picture Amanda having any kids, cuz she is too bougie to have one.
  • I can’t believe Terrell is with that girl, she is way to bougie like she is too good for someone.

Online conversation examples:

  • Person 1: Did you talk to jessica about this weekends plans?
  • Person 2: Not yet, cuz she is acting so bougie, like she don’t wanna be seen certain places or doing certain things. She said she thinking about going to South Beach or something bougie like that.
  • Person 1: She better check herself, she wasn’t too good to go to the football game last year! Shoot! Now she wanna be all snobby!

Example sentences – Using as a Noun

  • I don’t know why Sara trying to be a bougie buying Louis Vitton and driving a Benz, when she can’t even pay her rent.
  • Dr Rogers said that he needs to insert a bougie in Shawn’s rectum to fully examine it.
  • Todd said that his doctor told him to insert a bougie into his rectum, like a suppository, to help with constipation.

Online conversations:

  • Girl 1: Girl, did you hear what Tony said his goal in life is?
  • Girl 2: Naw girl, What he say?
  • Girl 1: Girl being bougie!He talking bout, he tired of playing with Monopoly money, that he gonna keep paper chasing until he gets a couple mansions and a Tesla. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Synonyms for Bougie

  • Boujee
  • Trill
  • Monopoly money

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