Boujee Meaning: What Does Boujee Mean? with Useful Conversations

The slang term “boujee” is a term that is frequently used today on the internet among users everywhere. If you have come across this term being used and have found yourself wondering what it means, have no fear! Here you will find the meaning of this term and information regarding its origin.

You will also find other meanings if there are any to be had and some example conversations so you can see how the term is used correctly and gain a better understanding of its meaning. Finally, you will find some alternative words or phrases that can be used in place of the slang term “boujee” during a conversation to relay the same message.

Boujee Meaning

What Does Boujee Mean?

“Boujee” is a slang term that means living life with luxury materials but still not forgetting to remember the humble roots from which you came.

Origin of Boujee

The slang term “boujee” is derived from the 16th-century French word “bourgeoisie” which was shortened to “bourgeois” by the 18th century and used as an adjective to represent the middle class of society. The term was shortened once more in the 1970s to “bougie” and was used to mock the suburban middle-class way of life. In 2010, the term “bougie” took on a more generalized connotation and was used to define anything unfair.

The term “boujee” followed the same derivation, but not the same changing of definitions. The different spellings defined it as a different word entirely. It was not until the term “bougie” was changed to “boujee” in a popular hip-hop song in 2016 that this different spelling took on a different meaning. The song ultimately inspired the definition stated above and is also responsible for making the word popular among internet users.

Other Meanings

There are currently no other known meanings of this internet slang term.

Example Conversations

A text conversation between two friends.

  • Friend 1: I can’t believe that Rachel likes to wear so much makeup.
  • Friend 2: She only does it because she thinks it makes her look boujee.
  • Friend 1: I just think it makes her look like a prostitute.

An online conversation between two Instagram users.

  • User 1: Look at you looking all bad and boujee!
  • User 2: Thank you!

Alternatives to “Boujee”

There are several words or phrases that you can use in place of the slang term “boujee” that will convey the same meaning. Some of the alternative words or phrases you can use include:

  • high-class
  • luxurious
  • first-class

Boujee Meaning Infographic