251 Boy Names that Start with B (Cool, Unique B Names for Boys)

In this article, we will delve into an extensive list of baby boy names that start with B, providing you with the inspiration you need to select the ideal name for your little one. In the following sections, we will present tables filled with distinctive and appealing names, showcasing different themes and categories that might spark your interest. From timeless classics like Benjamin and Benjamin to unique and modern choices like Brooks and Brayden, you will find a diverse selection of boy names that start with B to suit your personal preferences and values.

As you explore the names we have gathered, consider the meanings, backgrounds, and potential nicknames associated with each option. This way, you can make an informed decision that will not only please you but also provide your baby boy with a name that will become an integral part of his identity. Let your journey into the world of B names begin, and may you find the perfect name for your future bundle of joy.

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Popular Boy Names that Start with B

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby boy, there are countless options to consider. In recent years, names that start with the letter B have gained popularity among parents. This section will cover some of the most popular baby boy names beginning with B, showcasing a diverse range from traditional to modern.

Boy Names That Start with B

Benjamin has been a top choice for baby boy names starting with B since 2005. It’s a classic name with strong historical associations, such as Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Netanyahu. Another popular boy name with a similar feel is Bennett, which has been on the rise since the early 2000s. It is the medieval form of Benedict, meaning “blessed” in Latin.

For parents looking for modern names, some popular options include Bentley, Bryson, and Brayden. These names have a contemporary vibe and have been growing in popularity, offering a fresh take on boy names starting with B. Other interesting choices in this category are Brody, Bodhi, and Brooks.

If you prefer shorter names, there are plenty of options that exude charm and uniqueness. Names like Ben, Beau, and Bob are classic and simple, while still offering a distinct identity for your little one. Other short and sweet names to consider include Bo, Bill, and Billy.

For those seeking more unconventional names, Bodhi, Bruce, and Booker offer a unique appeal. These names stand out while still maintaining a strong presence, making them excellent choices for parents who want to steer away from more common options.

Here is a table of popular baby boy names starting with B, for your reference:

Name Category
Benjamin Classic
Bennett Classic
Bentley Modern
Bryson Modern
Brayden Modern
Ben Short & Simple
Beau Short & Simple
Bob Short & Simple
Bodhi Unconventional
Bruce Unconventional
Booker Unconventional

In summary, there is a wide variety of baby boy names that start with B to choose from. Whether you’re drawn to classic names like Benjamin, modern choices like Brayden, shorter options like Ben, or unconventional names like Booker, you are sure to find a name that suits your taste and style.

Classic Boy Names that Start with B

In this section, we will explore a variety of classic boy names that start with B. These names have stood the test of time and continue to be popular choices for parents today. We will cover a wide range of options, including both traditional and more unique selections.

Names such as BradleyBrandon, and Brian have been popular choices for many years. They offer a timeless, classic appeal that many parents find attractive. In recent years, however, some newer names have started to make their way onto the list of classic boy names. Barrett, for example, is a name with Middle English origins meaning “strife”. Although it was once a surname given to quarrelsome individuals, it has now become a popular first name for boys.

Another rising classic is Byron, a name with Old English roots. Poet Lord Byron helped popularize this moniker, making it a stylish and sophisticated choice for parents. Some other classic and elegant options include names like Benedict, which is of Latin origin and means “blessed”, and Banks, a name with both English and Scottish origins that means “edge of the river”.

For parents seeking unique but still classic boy names, Bruno is an option worth considering. This name has both Germanic and Italian roots, meaning “brown” or “armor”. Another distinctive choice is Bear, a name that evokes strength and power, while Bishop, of Old English origin, is a distinguished title that’s suitable for modern boys.

Of course, there are many more classic boy names that come in various styles and flavors. Some of these popular names include:

  • Blaine: Derived from the Scottish word for “yellow”.
  • Bryce: A name of Celtic origin meaning “speckled” or “swift”.
  • Blaze: A name related to fire and passion, of Latin origin.
  • Braxton: An Old English name meaning “Brock’s settlement” or “badger town”.
  • Boston: A name with English roots, inspired by the historical city in Massachusetts.

Distinctive Boy Names that Start with B

If you’re looking for distinctive boy names that start with B, this section is the perfect place to begin. We have curated a selection of unique names with a variety of origins and meanings, drawing inspiration from the top 100 names according to the Social Security Administration and other sources.

Boone is a name of French origin, meaning “good” or “a blessing.” This strong and masculine name has roots in both southern American culture and European history, giving it a touch of sophistication.

Baker is an occupational name with English roots, as it was initially given to those who worked as bakers. In recent years, it has gained popularity as a given name, reflecting its humble and skilled origins.

Brett is a name of Celtic origin, meaning “from Britain.” This versatile name can suit any personality since it is both polished and playful.

Beck is a short name with Scandinavian and English origins, meaning “brook” or “stream.” It has an effortlessly modern and cool feel, suitable for parents in search of a name with a nature-inspired touch.

Bellamy is a beautiful name of French origin, meaning “fine friend”. With its soft sound and friendly meaning, this name is ideal for parents seeking names with strong, positive connotations.

Some other distinctive B names include:

  • Bou: A rare yet captivating name with an exotic, international flair.
  • Brady: An Irish name meaning “spirited” or “broad”, perfect for parents looking for a name with energetic vibes.
  • Brice: A name of Celtic origin, indicating “swift” or “strong.” It is a simple and elegant name suited for those who want a name with a straightforward but powerful meaning.

In addition to the names mentioned above, you can find various unique names in the top 100 list of the Social Security Administration:

  • Brodie
  • Barnaby
  • Birch

These names come with their history, meaning, and character. Choosing any of these distinctive boy names that start with B will make your child stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Remember to consider these factors during pregnancy as you navigate the journey of naming your boy. Confidently choose a name that resonates with your preferences and convictions while giving your child a name with personality and depth.

Modern B Names for Boys

When it comes to choosing a unique and modern name for a baby boy, the letter B offers a vast variety of options. These names are not only fresh and current, but they also come with diverse meanings and origins, fitting various personalities and tastes.

Benjamin, a traditional name with Hebrew origins, remains popular among modern parents. Likewise, Bowie, the last name of the legendary musician David Bowie, has gained popularity as a first name. Other fresh B names include Breck, which means ‘freckled,’ and Bryan, a variant of Brian, which signifies ‘strong.’ Barack, the name of the 44th U.S. President, is another choice that represents courage and success.

Popular culture has its influence on modern baby boy names, and many names in the top 100 list reflect this trend. Some examples are:

  • Baxter, an English name that means ‘baker’
  • Bridger, inspired by the American frontiersman Jim Bridger
  • Barry, meaning fair-headed

Other fashionable and modern names with interesting meanings are:

  • Bowen, meaning ‘son of Owen’
  • Benito, a Spanish variant of Benedict
  • Bjorn, a Scandinavian name meaning ‘bear’
  • Braden, originating from Irish name Brady meaning ‘broad’

For adventurous parents looking for something different, the names Brock, Brecken, Bronson, Bodie, and Boden all carry a strong and bold quality. If you prefer names with a softer touch, Braylen, Brantley, Benny, and Baylor are worth considering.

Notably, the trend of combining different names and incorporating unique spellings is also on the rise. Beckett, Brixton, Brendan, Briar, Briggs, Brennan, and Beckham are examples of such names. Bode, Brayan, Branson, and Blaise also fall under this category, providing parents with fresh and stylish options.

B Boy Names with Meanings and Origins

In this section, we will explore meanings and origins for some popular baby boy names beginning with the letter B. Naming your child is an essential aspect of parenting and ensuring that the chosen name reflects the qualities and values you hope your child will possess can be vital.

Bronx is most commonly known as a borough in New York City; however, it can also be an appealing and unique name for a baby boy. The origin or specific meaning behind the name Bronx is not clear, but it exudes a modern and urban vibe.

Bernard is an old European name, with its roots in Old German. It means “strong as a bear” or “brave as a bear.” The name Bernard has long been associated with greatness, and there have been many famous people with the name, including celebrated saints, philosophers, and artists.

Several popular baby boy names starting with B have been sourced from BabyCenter’s data on the most recent Social Security Administration records, such as:

  1. Benjamin – A Hebrew name meaning “son of my right hand.” It has been popular throughout history, and famous people bearing this name include Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Bratt.
  2. Brooks – An English name derived from the surname indicating someone living near a brook. It has a peaceful and natural connotation.
  3. Beau – A French name meaning “handsome.” Often used in literature and film, the name Beau is associated with charm and romanticism.
  4. Bodhi – A Sanskrit name meaning “awakening” or “enlightenment.” Bodhi has gained popularity in recent years due to its spiritual and meaningful essence.
  5. Beckett – An English and Irish name meaning “bee hive,” “little brook,” or “bee cottage.” The name Beckett is associated with strength and determination.

Remember that choosing a name for your baby boy that starts with the letter B can set the tone for his future qualities, such as bravery, boldness, and determination. By selecting a name with a rich meaning and origin, you can positively impact your child’s personality and future successes.

List of Boy Names that Start with B

  1. Babak
  2. Babar
  3. Babatunde
  4. Babu
  5. Bacchus
  6. Bader
  7. Badr
  8. Baer
  9. Baha
  10. Bahadur
  11. Bahram
  12. Bailey
  13. Baird
  14. Bakari
  15. Baker
  16. Bakr
  17. Baldwin
  18. Bale
  19. Bali
  20. Ballard
  21. Balthazar
  22. Bam
  23. Bambi
  24. Bandit
  25. Bane
  26. Banks
  27. Banner
  28. Bao
  29. Barak
  30. Baran
  31. Barbaros
  32. Barber
  33. Baris
  34. Barker
  35. Barlow
  36. Barnabas
  37. Barnes
  38. Barnum
  39. Baron
  40. Barron
  41. Barry
  42. Bart
  43. Bartholomew
  44. Barton
  45. Bas
  46. Basem
  47. Bashir
  48. Basil
  49. Basim
  50. Bassam
  51. Bastian
  52. Bates
  53. Batuhan
  54. Bauer
  55. Baxter
  56. Bay
  57. Bayard
  58. Baylee
  59. Baylor
  60. Bayron
  61. Baz
  62. Bazil
  63. Beamer
  64. Bear
  65. Beau
  66. Beckett
  67. Beckman
  68. Bedford
  69. Beecher
  70. Bela
  71. Belal
  72. Belen
  73. Belton
  74. Ben
  75. Benard
  76. Benedict
  77. Benicio
  78. Benito
  79. Benjamin
  80. Bennett
  81. Benoit
  82. Benson
  83. Bentley
  84. Benton
  85. Benyamin
  86. Berat
  87. Beren
  88. Berger
  89. Bergin
  90. Berk
  91. Berkley
  92. Berlin
  93. Berman
  94. Bernard
  95. Bernardo
  96. Bernie
  97. Bert
  98. Bertram
  99. Beryl
  100. Beshoy
  101. Beto
  102. Betzalel
  103. Bevan
  104. Beverley
  105. Bevin
  106. Bey
  107. Bhavesh
  108. Bhuvan
  109. Bialy
  110. Bian
  111. Bianco
  112. Biff
  113. Bijan
  114. Bilal
  115. Bill
  116. Billie
  117. Billy
  118. Bingham
  119. Birch
  120. Bird
  121. Birger
  122. Bishop
  123. Bixby
  124. Bjorn
  125. Bladen
  126. Blaise
  127. Blaize
  128. Blake
  129. Blakely
  130. Blanchard
  131. Blane
  132. Blanton
  133. Blas
  134. Blaze
  135. Blevin
  136. Blue
  137. Bluff
  138. Bo
  139. Bob
  140. Bobbie
  141. Bobby
  142. Bode
  143. Boden
  144. Bodhi
  145. Bodie
  146. Boe
  147. Bogdan
  148. Bogie
  149. Bohdan
  150. Bojan
  151. Bolden
  152. Boldwin
  153. Bolivar
  154. Bolt
  155. Bolton
  156. Boniface
  157. Booker
  158. Boone
  159. Booth
  160. Boran
  161. Boris
  162. Borja
  163. Borya
  164. Bosco
  165. Bosley
  166. Boston
  167. Boswell
  168. Bowen
  169. Bowie
  170. Boyce
  171. Boyd
  172. Boyden
  173. Boydston
  174. Boyne
  175. Bozidar
  176. Bracken
  177. Brad
  178. Bradden
  179. Braddock
  180. Braden
  181. Bradford
  182. Bradley
  183. Bradly
  184. Bradon
  185. Brady
  186. Braeden
  187. Braedon
  188. Braiden
  189. Brain
  190. Braison
  191. Bram
  192. Bramwell
  193. Brance
  194. Brand
  195. Brandan
  196. Branden
  197. Brandin
  198. Brandon
  199. Brandt
  200. Brandyn
  201. Brandywine
  202. Brann
  203. Brannon
  204. Branson
  205. Brant
  206. Brantley
  207. Brantson
  208. Brax
  209. Braxton
  210. Bray
  211. Brayden
  212. Braydon
  213. Braylen
  214. Braylon
  215. Brazos
  216. Breck
  217. Brecken
  218. Bredon
  219. Breen
  220. Breeze
  221. Breland
  222. Brendan
  223. Brenden
  224. Brendon
  225. Brennan
  226. Brennen
  227. Brennon
  228. Brent
  229. Brentley
  230. Brenton
  231. Bret
  232. Brett
  233. Brexton
  234. Brian
  235. Briar
  236. Brice
  237. Brick
  238. Bridger
  239. Brien
  240. Briggs
  241. Brigham
  242. Bright
  243. Brighton
  244. Briley
  245. Brinley
  246. Bristol
  247. Brit
  248. Britain
  249. Britton
  250. Brock
  251. Broderick

Frequently Asked Questions

What are popular boy names starting with B?

Popular baby boy names that start with B include Benjamin, Brooks, Bennett, Beau, Brooklyn, Blake, Bryson, Brayden, Braxton, Bentley, Beckett, Beckham, Barrett, and Brody.

Which unique B names are suitable for boys?

Some unique B names for boys are:

  • Baxter
  • Baylor
  • Bodhi
  • Bram
  • Breccan
  • Bright
  • Bronson
  • Bode

Can you suggest some vintage boy names beginning with B?

Here are some vintage boy names starting with B:

  • Barnaby
  • Bartholomew
  • Basil
  • Bertram
  • Blaise
  • Benedict
  • Byron
  • Bennett

What are some modern baby boy names starting with B?

Modern baby boy names starting with B include:

  • Bastian
  • Brantley
  • Braylon
  • Brecken
  • Briggs
  • Brinley
  • Brogan
  • Bronx

What are some uncommon boy names that begin with the letter B?

Uncommon boy names starting with B are:

  • Bane
  • Berkeley
  • Bernard
  • Bingham
  • Bishop
  • Boone
  • Bran
  • Brexton

Which boy names starting with B have interesting meanings?

Here are some boy names starting with B that have interesting meanings:

  • Beowulf: “Bear” (Old English)
  • Benedict: “Blessed” (Latin)
  • Blythe: “Happy” (Old English)
  • Branden: “Sword” (Old Norse)
  • Baldwin: “Bold friend” (Old German)
  • Berend: “Bear” (Dutch)

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