271 Boy Names that Start with D (Unique and Trendy D Boy Names)

In this article, we will explore a variety of boy names that start with D that range from popular choices to unique and lesser-known options. We will also provide tables with lists of names under different categories to help you narrow down your search. Along with each name, you will find its origin and meaning, aiding you in choosing a name with significance to your family or cultural history.

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Popular Boy Names that Start with D

Among the many baby boy names that start with D, a few stand out as highly popular and widely loved. In this section, we will cover some of these beloved names: David, Daniel, Dylan, Donald, Douglas, Dean, Dawson, and Dane.

Boy Names That Start with D

David and Daniel have consistently ranked high in popularity since the 1920s. David, a Hebrew name meaning “beloved,” has held its position within the top names for decades. Likewise, Daniel, also of Hebrew origin, means “God is my judge,” and remains a popular choice for parents.

Dylan is another well-liked name that begins with the letter D. Originating from Welsh mythology, Dylan is said to be the name of a sea god, and its meaning is “son of the sea.” This name has gained popularity in recent years due to its unique sound.

Donald and Douglas are names with Scottish roots. Donald, which means “ruler of the world,” was once a popular name but has seen a decline in recent years. On the other hand, Douglas, meaning “dark river,” maintains a modest level of popularity among parents who appreciate its connection to Scottish history.

When it comes to names that exude strength and confidence, Dean and Dawson are excellent options. Dean, an Anglo-Saxon name, means “leader” or “valley” and is often associated with the idea of leadership. Dawson, an English name meaning “son of David,” has a strong yet gentle sound that many parents find attractive.

Lastly, the name Dane is another D name to consider. It is of Scandinavian origin and means “from Denmark.” While not as popular as some of the other names mentioned, Dane offers a simple and timeless option for parents looking for a name that starts with D.

Unique Boy Names that Start with D

When it comes to choosing a unique name for a baby boy, the letter “D” offers an interesting variety of options. From classic names like Declan and Dominic to more contemporary choices like Denver, this list showcases some of the more distinctive and appealing names for baby boys that start with the letter “D”. Keep in mind that some names may have multiple variations, not mentioned below, adding to their uniqueness.

Declan Dominic Diego Dallas Desmond Dante Denver

Declan is an Irish name meaning “man of prayer,” and has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its modern sound and strong meaning.

Dominic is a name with Latin origins meaning “of the Lord.” An attractive and strong choice, it boasts multiple forms, such as “Dom” and “Nick,” which provide versatility.

Diego is a Spanish name with roots in Hebrew, meaning “supplanter” or “holder of the heel.” A classic choice, it is both charismatic and easy to pronounce in many languages.

Dallas originated as a Scottish surname but has gained popularity as a given name in modern times. It is associated with the city of Dallas, Texas, and means “dwelling by the meadow.”

Desmond is an Irish name with a rich history, meaning “man from south Munster.” It is a classic name associated with elegance and longevity but remains a unique choice.

Dante is an Italian name with roots in Latin, meaning “enduring” or “steadfast.” Associated with the famous Italian poet Dante Alighieri, the name continues to exude cultural and historical relevance.

Denver is an English name meaning “valley or green space,” associated with Denver, Colorado, USA. With its modern edge and geographical connection, Denver is an appealing choice for parents searching for a unique baby boy.

Unisex and Gender-Neutral D Boy Names

When choosing a name for your baby, unisex or gender-neutral names have become increasingly popular. These names are suitable for both boys and girls, providing flexibility and embracing a more progressive approach. This section will present a selection of unisex and gender-neutral names starting with the letter D. We will particularly focus on the names Devon, Dakota, Danny, Deon, Deacon, Dex, and Duke.

Names like Devon and Dakota are versatile, working well for all genders. Devon originates from a geographic location in England, while Dakota comes from the Native American Dakota tribe. Both of these names have seen increased popularity in recent years.

Danny and Deon are short and sweet names that can work for either boys or girls. Danny is often used as a nickname for names like Daniel or Danielle, while Deon can be a gender-neutral alternative to the more common Dion. Similarly, Deacon and Dex have their own appeal. Deacon, originally a title for a church official, brings an air of authority, and Dex, short for Dexter, is a more modern and unique choice.

Lastly, Duke is an excellent option for those looking for a name that conveys confidence and strength. Often associated with nobility, Duke brings a sense of importance to a name without imposing a specific gender identity.

D Boy Names with Special Meanings

In this section, we will explore various boy names that start with D and have special meanings. We will discuss names that have meanings related to being beloved, names that convey the meaning “God is my judge”, and names that have unique styles. Additionally, we will touch upon the influence of famous individuals like David Bowie on these names.

Names like David and Danny share the special meaning of being beloved. David, a Hebrew name, directly translates to “beloved” or “uncle”. Similarly, the name Danny also means “cherished” or “beloved”. These names could be a great choice for parents who are looking for a name that represents love and affection.

Name Meaning
David Beloved
Danny Cherished, Beloved

The meaning of “God is my judge” is prevalent among some popular “D” names, such as Daniel and Dennis. Daniel comes from Hebrew origins, and Denis is derived from the name Dionysius, which is associated with a Greek deity who was associated with judgment. These names can make strong statements and convey a sense of purpose.

Name Meaning
Daniel God is my Judge
Dennis God of Wine, God of Judgement

Names like Damian have unique styles, often making them stand out and be memorable. The name Damian has Greek origins and means “to tame” or “subdue”, which conveys a sense of strength and control. Unisex names starting with “D” like Dylan or Dakota are popular choices for parents who want to give their child a versatile name. Dylan, for example, means “son of the sea,” and Dakota originates from the Native American Sioux tribe, meaning “friendly” or “allies”.

Name Style
Damian Strong, Unique
Dylan Unisex
Dakota Unisex

The influence of famous individuals such as David Bowie can also be seen in the naming trends. Being an iconic figure in the music industry, parents may choose names that pay homage to their favorite artists. As a result, a name like David has grown in popularity and might be considered stylish by parents with a taste for culture.

Short and Sweet Boy Names that Start with D

In this section, we’ll explore some short and sweet baby boy names that start with D. These names are easy to pronounce and remember, making them a great choice for your little one. We’ve gathered popular examples like Drew, Damon, Dalton, Derek, Drake, Daxton, and Dexter to provide a wide array of name options.

Drew is another short and sweet D name, derived from the name Andrew, which carries a strong and sporty vibe.

Two unique names in this category are Damon and Dalton. Damon, stemming from Greek origins, has a mysterious allure to it, while Dalton has a strong and distinctive ring, with roots in Old English. These names are less common but offer an excellent choice for parents looking for distinctive boy names.

Next, we have Derek and Drake. The name Derek has a solid, dependable feel, with its origins in Germanic languages meaning “ruler of the people.” On the other hand, Drake has an English origin, bringing to mind the powerful image of a dragon and exuding strength and confidence.

Finally, we bring you two modern names, Daxton and Dexter. Daxton carries a contemporary and trendy vibe, and its catchy “X” sound makes it a unique choice. Dexter, popularized by the television series, is an attention-grabbing name that infuses intelligence with a hint of edginess.

Name Origin Meaning
Drew Old English Strong, manly
Damon Greek To tame
Dalton Old English From the valley
Derek Germanic Ruler of people
Drake Old English Dragon
Daxton English Town of Dachs
Dexter Latin Skilled

These short and sweet D names offer a wide array of choices, whether you prefer classic, unique, or modern options. Each name possesses its distinct charm and appeal, suitable for any boy as he grows into his identity.

Contemporary and Unique D Names

In recent years, unique and modern baby boy names starting with the letter D have gained popularity. Parents are always on the hunt for names that leave a lasting impression, exhibit character, and evoke a sense of sophistication. This section explores some of the contemporary and unique D names, which include Dariel, Deandre, Dillon, Decker, Darwin, Dimitri, Deshawn, and Donovan.

Dariel is a charming name that can make your baby boy stand out. This sweet name has a strong and confident feel to it. Deandre, on the other hand, combines the classic name Andre with the stylish letter D, giving it a modern flair. Parents in search of a slightly edgier name may gravitate towards Dillon, a name that has both a contemporary and rebellious vibe.

Another name gaining attention among modern parents is Decker, which is both strong and distinctive. Similarly, Darwin signifies intellect and originality, paying homage to the great naturalist Charles Darwin. If you’re looking for something more exotic, Dimitri is an excellent choice, originating from Russia and conveying an air of mystery and allure.

Deshawn is a name that blends tradition with a modern twist, showcasing a fusion of style and familiarity. Lastly, Donovan is an Irish-origin name exuding strength and charisma. It’s particularly appealing for those who appreciate a mix of traditional and contemporary naming trends.

Classic Boy Names that Start with D

The letter D has a rich history in the world of baby boy names, offering timeless options combined with unique and modern choices. In this section, we will explore some classic and intriguing D names for boys, such as Daryl, DJ, Dustin, Derrick, Danilo, Dashiell, Dewayne, and Dutch.

Daryl, a name of English origin, exudes a classic feel with its gentle, sophisticated sound. Similarly, Derrick, a name with Germanic roots, reflects strength and leadership qualities, making it a popular choice for parents seeking a powerful yet classic name.

The names DJ and Dutch, on the other hand, present a more modern and unconventional appeal for parents who want their child to stand out. DJ, an abbreviation often used for Deejay or disc jockeys, can also be a creative nickname for a boy with a name starting with the letter D. Dutch, inspired by the people and culture of the Netherlands, offers a distinct and worldly flair.

For literary enthusiasts, the name Dashiell, of French origin, might be an attractive choice. This classic name invokes images of mystery and adventure, as it is connected to the famous author Dashiell Hammett, who penned renowned detective novels such as “The Maltese Falcon.”

Parents inspired by cultural influences may find Danilo, a Slavic name with a melodic sound, appealing. Its exotic charm and amiable nature make it an excellent choice for those seeking a global touch in their baby’s name.

Dustin, an English name with a vintage feel, has long been a favorite among parents due to its familiarity and ease of pronunciation. Paired with Dewayne, a name of American origin, these two names encapsulate the essence of classic Americana while still maintaining a contemporary vibe.

Rare and Uncommon D Names

Denton, Dell, Dixon, and Darian are examples of rare and uncommon baby boy names that start with D. These names carry unique meanings and origins, making them an excellent choice for parents looking to give their child a distinctive identity.

Denton is an English name meaning “from the town in the valley.” It has a charming, rustic feel to it, perfect for those seeking a name with a connection to the natural world.

Dell is a gender-neutral name with Old English origins, meaning “valley” or “small, wooded valley,” similar to Denton. This name is both simple and elegant, making it an appealing choice for those who value simplicity.

Dixon is another English name, originating from the surname meaning “son of Richard.” Dixon is an uncommon choice with a strong, bold presence, giving your child a sense of identity and heritage.

Darian is a gender-neutral name with Persian roots, meaning “wealthy” or “maintainer of goodness.” As a much rarer name compared to the others on this list, Darian offers a unique flair and is sure to make your child stand out.

While these names are already rare in themselves, other names such as Dwayne also deserve a mention. Dwayne is an English name meaning “dark,” and though its popularity has waned over the years, it remains a classic choice that conveys strength and determination.

When considering the popularity of these D names, it’s essential to note that many of these names aren’t widely used, making them even more appealing for parents looking for something rare. However, always bear in mind that choosing a rare name may sometimes limit the availability of matching items like personalized souvenirs in the market.

Name Origin Meaning Gender
Denton English From the town in the valley Boy
Dell Old English Valley, small wooded valley Gender-neutral
Dixon English Son of Richard Boy
Darian Persian Wealthy, maintainer of goodness Gender-neutral
Dwayne English Dark Boy

Trending and Popular Baby Boy D Names

In recent years, there has been an increasing trend in baby boy names starting with the letter D. Among these popular names is Devin, which has various meanings including “friend” and “to tame.” Short baby names are also gaining popularity, and the letter D offers a range of charming options.

Below is a list of trending D names for baby boys:

Name Origin Meaning
Devin Celtic Poet, friend
Denzel Cornish From the high stronghold
Dominic Latin Belonging to the Lord
Darren Irish Little great one
Dean English Church official

Many parents draw inspiration from famous individuals or pop culture when naming their child. For example, Denzel, a popular name, is often associated with the award-winning actor Denzel Washington.

According to the Social Security Administration, several baby boy names starting with D consistently rank in the top 100. These popular names include DanielDylan and David.

When choosing a name, parents often consider factors such as personal significance, cultural and family ties, and the name’s overall appeal. To help you with this decision, here is another list of popular D names, focusing on shorter options:

Name Origin Meaning
Dax French Belonging to a community in Southwestern France
Dex English Right-handed, fortunate
Dane English From Denmark
Don Scottish World ruler
Dale English Valley

Consideration will naturally vary depending on each family’s preferences, but these lists demonstrate that the letter D is an excellent starting point when searching for meaningful, popular, and trendy baby boy names.

List of D Names for Boys

  1. Dabney
  2. Dacey
  3. Dacian
  4. Dack
  5. Dada
  6. Dade
  7. Dael
  8. Dagen
  9. Dago
  10. Dagon
  11. Dahen
  12. Dahil
  13. Dai
  14. Daichi
  15. Daiki
  16. Dailey
  17. Dailyn
  18. Dain
  19. Daire
  20. Daison
  21. Daivik
  22. Dakota
  23. Daksh
  24. Dale
  25. Daler
  26. Dalglish
  27. Dali
  28. Dalian
  29. Dalibor
  30. Dalin
  31. Dallas
  32. Dallen
  33. Dallon
  34. Dallyn
  35. Dalmar
  36. Dalmat
  37. Dalton
  38. Daltyn
  39. Daly
  40. Damari
  41. Damarion
  42. Damario
  43. Damian
  44. Damien
  45. Damir
  46. Damon
  47. Damond
  48. Dan
  49. Dana
  50. Danan
  51. Dane
  52. Danek
  53. Danel
  54. Danell
  55. Danen
  56. Dang
  57. Dani
  58. Dania
  59. Danial
  60. Daniel
  61. Daniele
  62. Daniil
  63. Danijel
  64. Danil
  65. Danilo
  66. Danin
  67. Danis
  68. Danit
  69. Danner
  70. Danni
  71. Dannon
  72. Danny
  73. Dantae
  74. Dante
  75. Danton
  76. Dany
  77. Danyal
  78. Danyel
  79. Daoud
  80. Dara
  81. Daragh
  82. Daran
  83. Darby
  84. Darcy
  85. Darden
  86. Darian
  87. Dariel
  88. Darien
  89. Darin
  90. Dario
  91. Darion
  92. Darious
  93. Darius
  94. Dariush
  95. Darnell
  96. Daron
  97. Darrel
  98. Darren
  99. Darrick
  100. Darrin
  101. Darrow
  102. Darryl
  103. Darryn
  104. Darwin
  105. Daryan
  106. Daryl
  107. Dash
  108. Dashawn
  109. Dathan
  110. Daulton
  111. Daunte
  112. Dava
  113. Daven
  114. Daveon
  115. Davian
  116. David
  117. Davide
  118. Davie
  119. Davien
  120. Davin
  121. Davis
  122. Davison
  123. Davit
  124. Davon
  125. Davonte
  126. Davyd
  127. Dawid
  128. Dawson
  129. Dayan
  130. Daylen
  131. Daylin
  132. Daylon
  133. Daymian
  134. Dayne
  135. Dayo
  136. Dayton
  137. Deacon
  138. Deadrick
  139. Deagan
  140. Deaglan
  141. Dean
  142. Deane
  143. Deangelo
  144. Deante
  145. Dearborn
  146. Deaton
  147. Deaven
  148. Decker
  149. Declan
  150. Declyn
  151. Dedrick
  152. Dee
  153. Deegan
  154. Deen
  155. Deion
  156. Deitrick
  157. Dejaun
  158. Dejon
  159. Del
  160. Delaney
  161. Delano
  162. Delbert
  163. Delcan
  164. Delon
  165. Delroy
  166. Demar
  167. Demarcus
  168. Demario
  169. Demarion
  170. Demetri
  171. Demetrio
  172. Demetris
  173. Demian
  174. Demir
  175. Dempsey
  176. Denali
  177. Denham
  178. Denim
  179. Deniz
  180. Dennett
  181. Denney
  182. Dennie
  183. Dennis
  184. Denny
  185. Deno
  186. Denton
  187. Denver
  188. Denys
  189. Deo
  190. Deon
  191. Deonte
  192. Deran
  193. Derby
  194. Derick
  195. Derik
  196. Derin
  197. Dermot
  198. Derrin
  199. Derry
  200. Derrick
  201. Derryk
  202. Deryck
  203. Deryk
  204. Des
  205. Deshaun
  206. Deshawn
  207. Desi
  208. Desiderio
  209. Desmon
  210. Desmond
  211. Destin
  212. Destry
  213. Detrick
  214. Deuce
  215. Deveon
  216. Deven
  217. Devereaux
  218. Devery
  219. Devi
  220. Devian
  221. Devin
  222. Devlin
  223. Devon
  224. Devonte
  225. Devyn
  226. Dewey
  227. Dewitt
  228. Dexter
  229. Dez
  230. Dezmond
  231. Dhairya
  232. Dhani
  233. Dhanush
  234. Dheeraj
  235. Dhiren
  236. Dhruv
  237. Diago
  238. Diamond
  239. Diamonte
  240. Dian
  241. Diamon
  242. Dian
  243. Diandre
  244. Diarmaid
  245. Dick
  246. Diego
  247. Diesel
  248. Digby
  249. Dijon
  250. Dike
  251. Dillard
  252. Dillen
  253. Dillon
  254. Dilraj
  255. Dilshan
  256. Dilshod
  257. Dimitri
  258. Dinesh
  259. Dino
  260. Dion
  261. Dionte
  262. Dirk
  263. Divine
  264. Dixon
  265. Dmitri
  266. Dobromir
  267. Doc
  268. Dock
  269. Dodge
  270. Dolan
  271. Dom

Parenting and Naming Tips

When it comes to parenting, choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is a significant task. As you browse through a myriad of options, you might be considering a range of factors such as meaning, origin, and uniqueness. For those looking at boy names starting with the letter ‘D’, here are some tips and name suggestions to help you make an informed decision.

The journey of finding the perfect name can start by looking for names with appealing meanings. Some popular “D” names and their meanings include:

  • Delano: Derived from a French surname, this name means “from the forest of nut trees.”
  • Duncan: A classic Scottish name, Duncan means “brown warrior” or “brown-haired fighter.”
  • DeAngelo: With an Italian origin, DeAngelo stands for “angel” or “heavenly messenger.”

To find more unique and modern name options, you could explore contemporary names that convey a specific vibe or style:

  • Darien: This modern and versatile name has multiple origins, including Persian and Spanish.
  • Destin: Drawing inspiration from the French word “destinée,” which means “destiny” or “fate.”
  • Devonte: A creative combination of “Devon” and “Dante,” projecting a modern and artistic feel.

For parents seeking a more traditional or classic touch, consider names with strong historical, cultural, or religious connections:

  • Devlin: Originating from Irish heritage, Devlin means “fierce courage” or “brave defender.”

When choosing a name, it may also be helpful to consider how it sounds alongside your child’s last name, any potential nicknames, or even the names of siblings. It’s crucial to have open communication with your partner and allow both perspectives to contribute to the magnificent task of naming your child.

Good luck and remember that finding the perfect name for your little boy will rely upon your personal preferences, values, and family connections. Trust your instincts and embrace this valuable parenting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some cute D-starting names for boys?

  • Dax: An homage to a community in Southwestern France with a cool-kid surfer vibe
  • Danny: A short form of the name Daniel, often used as a friendly nickname
  • Dean: A retro name which means “church official”
  • Darren: An Irish-origin name that means “little great one”

Which unique D-names have a meaningful origin?

  • Donovan: Irish origin, meaning “dark” or “descendant of the dark one”
  • Darius: Persian origin, meaning “possessor of goodness”
  • Dexter: Latin origin, meaning “right-handed” or “skillful”
  • Dragan: Slavic origin, meaning “dear” or “precious”

Can you suggest exotic boy names starting with D?

  • Daan: Dutch form of Daniel, which means “God is my judge”
  • Devansh: Indian origin, meaning “part of God”
  • Dario: Italian and Spanish form of Darius, meaning “possessor of goodness”
  • Daiki: Japanese origin, meaning “great nobility” or “great tree”

What are some popular Hindu boy names beginning with D?

  • Dev: Sanskrit origin, meaning “god” or “divine”
  • Deepak: Hindi origin, meaning “lamp” or “light”
  • Dhruv: Sanskrit origin, meaning “fixed” or “constant” (named after a star)
  • Dinesh: Hindi origin, meaning “lord of the day” or “sun”

Which biblical names for boys start with the letter D?

  • Daniel: Hebrew origin, name of a prophet who survived the lion’s den, meaning “God is my judge”
  • David: Hebrew origin, the well-known king of Israel, meaning “beloved”
  • Dathan: Hebrew origin, a memorable figure from the Old Testament, meaning “to give” or “to share”
  • Dorcas: Greek origin, a female name in the New Testament but used historically as a unisex name, meaning “gazelle”

Can you recommend country-themed boy names starting with D?

  • Dakota: Native American origin, meaning “friendly one” (name of two US states)
  • Dallas: Scottish origin, meaning “meadow dwelling” (a city in Texas)
  • Denver: English origin, meaning “one who dwells in the valley” (capital of Colorado)
  • Dalton: English origin, meaning “town in the valley” (often associated with Old West outlaws)

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