184 Boy Names that Start with E (Unique Names for Baby Boys)

In this article, you’ll find an extensive collection of boy names that start with E ranging from popular choices such as Elijah, Ezra, and Ethan, to unique and rare options like Eldis, Eldorado, and Eldrege. These names come from various cultures, giving you a diverse range to choose from. Tables and examples will be included for easy reference, making your decision-making process smooth and enjoyable.

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Popular Boy Names that Start with E

When it comes to choosing a name for a baby boy, there are plenty of options that begin with the letter E. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some popular and unique boy names starting with E to help inspire your search.

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  • Elijah: A Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is God”, Elijah is a popular choice among parents.
  • Ezra: Another popular Hebrew name, Ezra means “help” and is often chosen for its strong, yet simple sound.
  • Ethan: With a meaning of “strong” or “firm”, Ethan is a top pick for those looking for a name with a powerful presence.
  • Elias: A form of Elijah, Elias means “my God is Yahweh” and comes from Greek origin.

Here are some more popular E names for baby boys, presented in a table format for easy reference:

Edward Elliot Emery Enzo Edoardo
Everett Elliott Emmy Egypt Easton
Emmett Eli Evan Elijah Ernie
Elvin Emanuel Ellis Eddie Enrique

With a variety of options to choose from, these top 100 names that start with E are a great starting point for parents searching for the perfect name for their baby boy. These names range from classic to modern, and offer unique meanings and origins. Whether you’re looking for a name with historical significance or just one that stands out, there’s likely to be an E name that will suit your needs.

Classic Boy Names that Start With E

When it comes to choosing a baby boy name that starts with the letter E, there is an abundance of classic options. In this section, we’ll explore popular and timeless E names, with a special focus on Biblical E names. Let’s dive in!

Some of the most classic and well-known E names trace their roots back to the Bible. These timeless options continue to hold a special place in the hearts of parents. Here are some prominent biblical names starting with E:

  • Elijah: A Hebrew name meaning “my God is Yahweh.” Elijah has consistently held high rankings in recent years, securing its position as a top choice.
  • Ethan: Meaning “strong” and “firm,” Ethan is also a Hebrew name that has remained popular over time.
  • Ezra: This Hebrew name means “help” and has experienced a resurgence in recent years, becoming a popular choice among modern parents.
  • Ezekiel: Another Hebrew name, Ezekiel translates to “God strengthens” and has maintained its status as a classic choice.
  • Enoch: Meaning “dedicated” in Hebrew, Enoch is a less common but still classic choice for parents seeking a biblical name.

Alongside these classic choices, you can find others such as Ephraim (“fruitful”), Eli (“ascension”), and Eliezer (“God is help”).

Name Origin Meaning
Elijah Hebrew My God is Yahweh
Ethan Hebrew Strong, firm
Ezra Hebrew Help
Ezekiel Hebrew God strengthens
Enoch Hebrew Dedicated
Ephraim Hebrew Fruitful
Eli Hebrew Ascension
Eliezer Hebrew God is help

Unique Boy Names that Start With E

When it comes to finding unique baby boy names that start with E, there are plenty of options to choose from. In this section, we have gathered an interesting selection of names to inspire you in your search for the perfect E name for your little one.

Errol: This name has an Old English origin and means “nobleman” or “warrior.” It might be an uncommon choice for a baby boy, but it certainly carries a strong and distinctive vibe.

Emeric: With Latin and Germanic roots, Emeric means “powerful” or “leader.” This unique name has a distinguished and commanding presence, making it an interesting choice for a baby boy.

Ender: Hailing from Turkey, Ender is a name that means “scarce” or “rare,” which truly describes the uniqueness of this name. It would make a great choice for parents looking for something different.

To further illustrate the variety of unique E names, here’s a table with more examples:

Name Origin Meaning
Elston English “Noble’s settlement”
Enoch Hebrew “Dedicated”
Ephraim Hebrew “Fruitful”
Ewan Scottish “Born of the yew tree”
Ezekiel Hebrew “God strengthens”
Ellison English “Son of Ellis”

Unisex Boy Names that Start With E

Unisex baby names starting with E offer a variety of options for parents who want a name that is suitable for both boys and girls. These names come in different styles and origins, giving you plenty of options to choose from. In this section, we will explore some popular and unique unisex E names that are perfect for your little one.

Popular Unisex E Names

  • Evelyn: A charming name with an old-world feel, Evelyn is suitable for both boys and girls.
  • Emerson: With literary connections, Emerson is a sophisticated and versatile E name.
  • Emery: This another gender-neutral option with a modern, stylish appeal.
  • Eden: A serene and elegant name derived from the biblical Garden of Eden.
  • Ellis: A name with Welsh origins, Ellis is a timeless choice for a baby boy or girl.
  • Elliot: A popular unisex choice, Elliot has an appealing mix of strength and grace.

Unexpected Unisex E Names

  • Embry: With a connection to pop culture.
  • Eleven: Made famous by the Netflix series, Stranger Things.
  • Egypt: An exotic place name that works for both genders.
  • Everest: Inspired by the world’s highest peak, this mighty name is an adventurous choice for boys and girls.

Choosing a unisex E name for your baby offers not only a versatile and modern option but also allows your child to carry a name that is relevant and meaningful. With so many unisex E names available, you can confidently find the perfect fit for your precious new addition.

Boy Names that Start With E from Around the World

E Boy Names from England

E names for boys originating from England have a strong, classic feel to them. Some popular English names with an E initial include:

Name Meaning
Edward Wealthy guard
Edwin Rich friend
Elton Ella’s town
Emery Industrious
Errol Earl, nobleman

These traditional names often carry a sense of nobility and strength. Emery or Edwin, for example, are excellent options for those seeking names with the rich history of England.

E Boy Names from Egypt

Egypt, known for its remarkable history and influential culture, offers various unique E names for boys. A few notable Egyptian picks include:

Name Meaning
Ebo Heart
Elkomy El gaw-noby
Emad Pillar of support
Eny Yours, my friend
Essam Safeguard

Evo, Essam, and Emad are just a few examples of inspiring Egyptian E names that can add an extraordinary touch to your boy’s name.

List of Boy Names that Start with E

  1. Eamon
  2. Earl
  3. Easton
  4. Eaton
  5. Ebenezer
  6. Eben
  7. Eberhard
  8. Ebert
  9. Ebrahim
  10. Echard
  11. Ector
  12. Ed
  13. Eddie
  14. Eddy
  15. Eden
  16. Edgar
  17. Edgardo
  18. Edison
  19. Edmund
  20. Edric
  21. Edsel
  22. Eduardo
  23. Edward
  24. Edwin
  25. Edwyn
  26. Efrain
  27. Efren
  28. Egan
  29. Egbert
  30. Egon
  31. Eidan
  32. Eiden
  33. Eilam
  34. Eilif
  35. Einar
  36. Eino
  37. Eion
  38. Eitan
  39. Eithan
  40. Eivind
  41. EJ
  42. Eladio
  43. Elam
  44. Elan
  45. Elbert
  46. Elden
  47. Elder
  48. Eldon
  49. Eldridge
  50. Eleazar
  51. Elex
  52. Elgin
  53. Eli
  54. Eliam
  55. Elian
  56. Elias
  57. Eliel
  58. Eliezer
  59. Elijah
  60. Elio
  61. Eliot
  62. Elisha
  63. Eliseo
  64. Elishama
  65. Elison
  66. Eljin
  67. Elkan
  68. Elkin
  69. Ellery
  70. Elli
  71. Elliot
  72. Ellis
  73. Ellsworth
  74. Elmer
  75. Elmo
  76. Elmore
  77. Elton
  78. Elvin
  79. Elwell
  80. Elwin
  81. Elwood
  82. Ely
  83. Elyas
  84. Elyjah
  85. Emanuel
  86. Emery
  87. Emerson
  88. Emeryk
  89. Emil
  90. Emile
  91. Emilio
  92. Emlyn
  93. Emmanuel
  94. Emmet
  95. Emmett
  96. Emmitt
  97. Emory
  98. Emre
  99. Enes
  100. Engelbert
  101. Ennio
  102. Enrico
  103. Enrique
  104. Enzo
  105. Ephraim
  106. Eran
  107. Erasmus
  108. Erastus
  109. Ercole
  110. Erdem
  111. Erek
  112. Eric
  113. Erick
  114. Erik
  115. Eriksen
  116. Eris
  117. Erland
  118. Erle
  119. Erlend
  120. Erling
  121. Erman
  122. Ermin
  123. Ernie
  124. Ernst
  125. Erol
  126. Erron
  127. Ervin
  128. Erwin
  129. Eryk
  130. Esau
  131. Escobar
  132. Esdras
  133. Eshaan
  134. Eshan
  135. Eshwar
  136. Esmond
  137. Esra
  138. Esteban
  139. Estevan
  140. Estevez
  141. Estin
  142. Eston
  143. Estuardo
  144. Ethan
  145. Ethaniel
  146. Ethelbert
  147. Ethyn
  148. Etienne
  149. Ettore
  150. Euclid
  151. Euan
  152. Eugene
  153. Eugenio
  154. Eulalio
  155. Eustace
  156. Eustaquio
  157. Eustis
  158. Evans
  159. Everett
  160. Everette
  161. Evert
  162. Evgeny
  163. Ewan
  164. Ewart
  165. Ewell
  166. Ewing
  167. Exavier
  168. Eyad
  169. Eydan
  170. Eyden
  171. Eyob
  172. Eythan
  173. Eytan
  174. Ezechiel
  175. Ezio
  176. Ezra
  177. Ezrah
  178. Ezreal
  179. Ezzard
  180. Ezzat
  181. Ezzie
  182. Ezzur
  183. Ezzyl
  184. Ezzyn

Name Sources and Inspiration

When it comes to choosing a baby boy name that starts with E, there are plenty of options to consider. One reliable source for finding the top boy names is the Social Security Administration (SSA). They compile an annual list of the most popular names, offering a wealth of information for parents-to-be.

Another valuable resource is Nameberry, a popular baby name website that provides name meanings, origins, and trends. Combining these sources can give you an excellent foundation for discovering the ideal E name for your baby boy.

For parents looking for a timeless and classic name, the SSA lists Elijah and Ethan as two boys’ names that have remained consistently popular since 1922. According to the most recent data, some other top baby boy names that start with E include:

  • Ezra
  • Elias
  • Ezekiel
  • Eli
  • Easton

On the other hand, Nameberry delves deeper into unique and less common names, offering a wider variety of options for parents who want something a little different for their little one. Some noteworthy and distinctive E names you can find on Nameberry are:

  • Eldis
  • Eldorado
  • Eldrege

Inspiration for baby names can also be found in various cultural backgrounds and languages. For instance, parents might be interested in exploring Hebrew names, with popular choices like:

  • Ezra, meaning “help”
  • Elias, a form of Elijah and meaning “my God is Yahweh”

Additionally, Greek origin names like Enzo, and Emerson offer unique and attractive options for parents seeking E names with a touch of international flair.

Remember to take your time when choosing a name for your baby boy. By consulting resources like the Social Security Administration and Nameberry, you can discover an extensive list of E names to find the perfect fit for your little one’s personality and your family’s preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular E names for boys?

Elijah, Ethan, Ezra, and Ezekiel are popular boy names in the US that start with the letter E. Other trendy options include Elliot, Eric, and Easton. Here’s a table of some popular E names for boys:

Name Name Name
Elijah Ethan Ezra
Ezekiel Elliot Eric
Easton Evan Emmett

What are some unique boy names starting with E?

For parents looking for unique boy names beginning with E, consider Emilio, Eashan, Eamon, or Elton. Here are some unique boy names in a table:

Name Name Name
Emilio Eashan Eamon
Elton Elwood Ender

What are some classic E names for boys?

Classic E names for boys include Edward, Edwin, Ernest, and Edgar. Here is a table of classic E names:

Name Name Name
Edward Edwin Ernest
Edgar Edmund Elias

What are some E names for boys with meanings?

Some E names for boys with meanings include Enzo, a name of Italian origin meaning “home ruler,” and Eustace, a name of Greek origin meaning “fruitful” or “steadfast.” Here’s a table with more E names and their meanings:

Name Meaning Origin
Enzo Home ruler Italian
Eustace Fruitful, steadfast Greek

What are some country boy names starting with E?

For country-inspired boy names starting with E, parents may consider names like Emmett, Earl, or Ervin. Here’s a table with more country boy names beginning with E:

Name Name Name
Emmett Earl Ervin
Elmer Enoch Ezekiel

What are some fantasy-inspired boy names that start with E?

For fantasy-inspired boy names that start with E, parents may consider names like Elrond, a name from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings,” or Eragon, the name of a character in a series by Christopher Paolini. Here’s a table with more fantasy-inspired E names:

Name Source
Elrond Lord of the Rings
Eragon Eragon Series
Evander Greek Mythology

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