165 Boy Names that Start with J (Unique and Popular J Names for Boys)

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be both exciting and overwhelming. Names hold significance and will be an integral part of your child’s identity. If you’re considering names that start with the letter J, you’re in luck! This article will explore various baby boy names that start with J, their meanings, origins, and all the necessary details to make your decision a bit easier.

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Top Baby Boy Names that Start with J

In this section, we will discuss popular and unique J names for baby boys. These names are derived from various sources, including the Social Security Administration’s top 100 baby boy names that start with J.

Boy Names That Start with J

Popular J Boy Names

These are some of the most popular baby boy names starting with J:

Name Origin Meaning
James English “supplanter”
Jack English “God is gracious”
Jackson English “son of Jack”
John Hebrew “God is gracious”
Joseph Hebrew “he will add”
Jacob Hebrew “supplanter”
Julian Latin “youthful, downy”
Jayden American “thankful, God heard”
Josiah Hebrew “God supports”
Joshua Hebrew “Yahweh is salvation”

Unique J Boy Names

For parents looking for more unique J names for their baby boy, consider these options:

Name Origin Meaning
Jasper Greek “treasurer”
Judah Hebrew “praised”
June Latin “young”
Joel Hebrew “Jehovah is the Lord”
Jaxon American “son of Jack”
Jordan Hebrew “descending, flowing down”
Jonathan Hebrew “Yahweh has given”
Jameson English “son of James”
Jose Spanish “God will increase”
Jeremiah Hebrew “Yahweh will exalt”

These lists of popular and unique J names for baby boys provide a variety of options for parents searching for the perfect name. Whether you prefer traditional, biblical names or modern, distinctive options, you’re sure to find a J name that suits your baby boy.

Biblical and Religious Boy Names that Start with J

The Bible is an abundant source for boy names starting with J, many of which hold deep historical and religious significance. In this section, we will dive into the meanings behind several biblical and religious names that start with the letter J.

Jacob is a popular biblical name meaning “supplanter” or “holder of the heel”. It originates from the Hebrew name יַעֲקֹב (Ya’aqov), which belonged to the patriarch of the Israelites, the grandson of Abraham, and the father of the 12 sons who formed the 12 tribes of Israel.

Joseph, which means “he will add” or “God will increase” in Hebrew, was the name of the eleventh son of Jacob, and his story is an essential part of the Old Testament. This name is also significant in the New Testament and was the name of Jesus’ earthly father.

John, a name derived from Hebrew (יוֹחָנָן) meaning “Yahweh (God) is gracious”, is another name with deep religious connections. John the Baptist and John the Apostle were both prominent figures in the New Testament.

Here are other biblical and religious J-names, including their biblical origins and meanings:

  • Jose: A variant of the name Joseph
  • Jonathan: Hebrew for “Yahweh has given”, son of King Saul and close friend of David
  • Joshua: Hebrew for “Yahweh is salvation”, the successor of Moses and the leader who brought the Israelites into the Promised Land
  • Julian: A biblical name meaning “youthful” or “downy-bearded”
  • Jesse: Hebrew for “gift” or “wealth”, the father of King David
  • Josiah: Hebrew for “supported by Yahweh”, a righteous king of Judah
  • Jesus: Derived from Hebrew יְהוֹשֻׁעַ (Yehoshua) meaning “Yahweh is salvation”, the central figure of Christianity
  • Jordan: Hebrew for “descend” or “flow down”, a significant biblical river
  • Jude: A variant of the name Judah
  • Julius: A biblical name meaning “downy-bearded”, mentioned as a Roman centurion in the New Testament
  • Jonah: Hebrew for “dove”, a prophet swallowed by a giant fish in the Old Testament
  • Judah: Hebrew for “praised”, the son of Jacob, and founder of the tribe of Judah

Gender-Neutral and Unisex J Boy Names

When choosing a name for your baby boy, it’s worth considering gender-neutral and unisex names. These names have been gaining popularity as they offer a unique and modern option for parents. In this section, we’ll explore some popular gender-neutral names that start with J.

Jamie: This name is a popular choice for both boys and girls. It’s a shortened version of the name James, which means “supplanter.” Jamie has a timeless quality and is a friendly, approachable option for your baby.

Jaden: Jaden is another gender-neutral name that has grown in popularity. It’s derived from the name Jadon, which means “thankful” or “God has heard.” With its modern sound and positive meaning, Jaden can be a great choice for your little one.

Jules: A versatile name, Jules is suitable for both boys and girls. It’s a variation of the name Julian, which means “youthful.” Jules has a sophisticated and timeless appeal, making it an excellent choice for your baby.

In addition to Jamie, Jaden, and Jules, there are many other unisex names starting with J. Here’s a list of some other options to consider:

Name Origin Meaning
Jordan Hebrew Descendant
Jade Spanish Green gemstone
Jesse Hebrew Gift
Jude Latin Praised
Jackie English God is gracious
Jalen American Combination
Jameson English Son of James

Global and International J Boy Names

In this section, we will explore a variety of boy names that start with J from around the world. These names have unique cultural origins and meanings, giving them a distinct international flair.

Joaquin is a popular name in Spanish-speaking countries and has its roots in Hebrew. The name means “God will judge” and is a variant of the name Joachim.

Juan is another widely used name in the Spanish-speaking world. Originating from the Hebrew name Yohanan, it means “God is gracious.”

In French-speaking countries, Jacques is a common name. It has its origins in the Hebrew name Yaakov and means “supplanter.”

Johannes is a popular name in Germany and the Netherlands. It is derived from the Greek name Ioannes and means “God is gracious.”

In Portugal and Brazil, the name João is popular. This name also has its origins in the Hebrew name Yohanan and carries the meaning “God is gracious.”

Jonas is a name commonly found in Scandinavian countries, as well as in Lithuania. It is derived from the Hebrew name Jonah and means “dove.”

In Spanish-speaking countries, Julio is a frequently used name. It stems from the Latin name Julius and means “youthful” or “descended from Jupiter.”

Lastly, Joel is a name with Hebrew origins that can be found in many countries. Meaning “Jehovah is God,” this name has a strong spiritual connection.

Here are some more J names from various origins:

Name Origin Meaning
Jules French “Youthful” or “downy”
Jesse Dutch “Gift”
Javier Spanish “New house” or “bright”
Jenson British “Son of Jens” (a form of John)
Jozef Slovak “God will increase”

List of Boy Names that Start with J

  1. Jace
  2. Jack
  3. Jackson
  4. Jacob
  5. Jaden
  6. Jadon
  7. Jagger
  8. Jaiden
  9. Jaime
  10. Jake
  11. Jakob
  12. Jamal
  13. James
  14. Jamie
  15. Jamison
  16. Jan
  17. Jansen
  18. Jared
  19. Jarrett
  20. Jarvis
  21. Jason
  22. Jasper
  23. Javier
  24. Javon
  25. Jax
  26. Jaxon
  27. Jaxson
  28. Jay
  29. Jayce
  30. Jayden
  31. Jaydon
  32. Jaylen
  33. Jaylin
  34. Jaylon
  35. Jayson
  36. Jean
  37. Jed
  38. Jefferson
  39. Jeffery
  40. Jeffrey
  41. Jensen
  42. Jeramiah
  43. Jeramy
  44. Jered
  45. Jeremiah
  46. Jeremy
  47. Jermaine
  48. Jerome
  49. Jerry
  50. Jesiah
  51. Jessie
  52. Jesus
  53. Jett
  54. Jevon
  55. Jhett
  56. Jim
  57. Jimmy
  58. Joaquin
  59. Job
  60. Jocelyn
  61. Jody
  62. Joe
  63. Joel
  64. Joey
  65. Johan
  66. John
  67. Johnathan
  68. Johnathon
  69. Johnny
  70. Johnson
  71. Jon
  72. Jonah
  73. Jonas
  74. Jonathan
  75. Jonathon
  76. Jones
  77. Jorden
  78. Jordan
  79. Jordi
  80. Jordon
  81. Jorge
  82. Jose
  83. Josef
  84. Joseph
  85. Josh
  86. Joshua
  87. Josiah
  88. Josue
  89. Jovan
  90. Jovanny
  91. Jovany
  92. Judd
  93. Jude
  94. Judson
  95. Juelz
  96. Julian
  97. Julio
  98. Julius
  99. Junior
  100. Justice
  101. Justus
  102. Justyn
  103. Juwan
  104. Jaxen
  105. Jaxxon
  106. Jabez
  107. Jabir
  108. Jabril
  109. Jacari
  110. Jacen
  111. Jacey
  112. Jachin
  113. Jacinto
  114. Jackob
  115. Jacobi
  116. Jacoby
  117. Jacopo
  118. Jacorey
  119. Jacquez
  120. Jacy
  121. Jad
  122. Jadarius
  123. Jadden
  124. Jader
  125. Jadrian
  126. Jadrien
  127. Jae
  128. Jaeceon
  129. Jaeden
  130. Jaedon
  131. Jaegar
  132. Jaelyn
  133. Jaelynn
  134. Jaeshaun
  135. Jaeshawn
  136. Jaevion
  137. Jafar
  138. Jafet
  139. Jaggera
  140. Jagjot
  141. Jagmeet
  142. Jagtar
  143. Jagveer
  144. Jahaan
  145. Jahad
  146. Jahaire
  147. Jahari
  148. Jahaziel
  149. Jahdiel
  150. Jahiem
  151. Jahir
  152. Jahkai
  153. Jahkeem
  154. Jahki
  155. Jahmal
  156. Jahmari
  157. Jahmeer
  158. Jahmir
  159. Jahquez
  160. Jahrell
  161. Jahsai
  162. Jahshawn
  163. Jahson
  164. Jaice
  165. Jaidon

Celebrity and Culture-Inspired J Names

Jameson: This name has roots in both Hebrew and English, meaning “son of James.” With a cool and sophisticated vibe, Jameson has been chosen by various celebrities like American Pie actor Jason Biggs and Model and Businesswoman, Rosie O’Donnell.

Jett: With its edgy and modern feel, Jett is an attractive choice for parents looking for a unique name. John Travolta and Kelly Preston named their son Jett, while George Lucas named his daughter Jet.

Jackson: Derived from a British name meaning “son of Jack,” Jackson has been a popular choice among celebs like actress Charlize Theron and singer Chris Daughtry.

Jagger: With an undeniable rock and roll pedigree, Jagger is associated with Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. This bold and distinctive name was chosen for their sons by both musician Pete Wentz and model, actress Elizabeth Hurley.

Jaxson: A modern twist on the name Jackson, Jaxson was chosen by actor and producer Kristoffer Polaha and soccer player Landon Donovan for their respective sons.

Name Celebrity Parent(s)
Jensen Misha Collins
Jericho Chris Jericho
Jude Kate Winslet

Jim Carrey: While not a name starting with J, the famous comedian and actor Jim Carrey has inspired many fans over the years, and his name could potentially spark ideas for parents looking for a name that carries a touch of humor and creativity.

In conclusion, boy names starting with ‘J’ have been embraced by various celebrities and cultures. These names often carry a sense of style, edge, and sophistication.

J Names with Unique Meanings

In this section, we will discuss boy names that start with J and have unique meanings. These names are not only eye-catching, but they also carry significant meanings that can inspire your child as they grow.

Judson is a name with English origins, meaning “son of Jordan.” It is a unique and strong-sounding name that can be suitable for a little boy who will grow up to achieve great things.

Jupiter, stemming from Roman mythology, is the name of the king of gods and the sky. This name instantly evokes power and greatness, making it an ideal choice for parents looking for a celestial or mythological name for their child.

Julien is a French variant of the name Julian, which has Latin roots and means “youthful” or “descended from Jupiter.” This graceful name has an air of sophistication and timelessness that can be appealing to many parents.

Jenson is an English name that means “son of Jens” or “son of Jan.” This modern twist on traditional names provides a unique option for those looking for a less common name that still carries a familial connection.

Name Origin Meaning
Jake Hebrew Supplanter or held by the heel
Jasper Persian Treasurer or bringer of treasure
Jeremiah Hebrew Exalted by the Lord or appointed by the Lord
Journey English A trip or quest

Historical Boy Names that Start with J

In this section, we will be exploring historical boy names that start with J. We will cover well-known and significant names such as Jay, Jack, Jason, Jeffrey, and Jeremy, as well as other popular choices. These names have stood the test of time and continue to be popular today.

Jay is a popular name that has its origins in various cultures, such as English, Sanskrit, and Hebrew. The name means “victory,” “healer,” or “blue jay bird,” depending on the culture. Some notable historical figures with this name include American statesman Jay Gould and artist Jay DeFeo.

Jack is an English name that is derived from the Middle English name John or Jacques. It means “God is gracious.” Throughout history, the name Jack has been associated with several famous personalities. For example, American author Jack London and British actor Jack Hawkins are two well-known individuals who bear the name.

Jason is a Greek-derived name that translates to “healer” or “one who cures.” Jason is a popular choice due to its association with the mythical Greek hero Jason, who led the Argonauts in their quest for the Golden Fleece.

Jeffrey is a Germanic name originating from the name Godfrey. It means “peaceful ruler,” “the divine peace,” or “God’s peace.” Famous Jeffreys in history include American actor Jeffrey Tambor and British artist Jeffrey Smart.

Jeremy is an English name that comes from the Hebrew name Jeremiah. It means “appointed by God” or “exalted of the Lord.” The name has historical significance as it is associated with Biblical figures such as the prophet Jeremiah.

J Names with Creative and Courageous Connotations

When selecting a boy’s name starting with the letter “J,” you may be interested in those that convey creativity and courage. In this section, we explore a collection of names that carry such meanings or possess historical figures who embody these attributes.

Jebediah is a strong and unique name with Hebrew origins, meaning “beloved friend of God.” Jebediah has a certain charm and creativity to it, making it an appealing choice for parents looking to instill courage and divine connection in their child’s name.

Jace is another modern and creative option. It is an English derived name, thought to be a shortened form of Jason or Jacen, implying “healer” or “the Lord is salvation.” Though short, Jace has a sharp sound and a sense of boldness to it.

Jacobi is a more distinguished name with a Latin origin. Stemming from the name Jacob, it means “supplanter” or “holder of the heel.” Jacobi presents a sophisticated twist on a classic name and infuses the spirit of creativity and perseverance.

Jair has both Hebrew and Spanish origins, meaning “he who enlightens” or “God enlightens” in Hebrew, and “master” in Spanish. Jair speaks to courageous leadership and spiritual wisdom, making it an aspirational choice for a baby boy’s name.

Jared is a name with Hebrew roots that translates to “descending” or “he who rules.” Jared evokes shaping and leading qualities, which are indicative of bravery, strength, and wisdom. This name has a timeless appeal and a potent connection to authority and vision.

To summarize, here is a table of the creative and courageous names explored in this section:

Name Origin Meaning
Jebediah Hebrew Beloved friend of God
Jace English Healer, The Lord is salvation
Jacobi Latin Supplanter, Holder of the heel
Jair Hebrew/Spanish He who enlightens, Master
Jared Hebrew Descending, He who rules

Frequently Asked Questions

What are popular J names for boys?

Popular J names for boys include James, Jack, and Jackson. Other well-known names in this category are Jacob, John, Joseph, Julian, Jayden, Josiah, Jaxon, Joshua, Jonathan, and Jameson.

Which biblical boy names start with J?

Biblical boy names starting with J include:

  • James: Hebrew for “he who supplants”
  • Jacob: Hebrew for “holder of the heel”
  • Joseph: Hebrew for “may Jehovah increase”
  • Joshua: Hebrew for “God is salvation”
  • Jonah: Hebrew for “dove”
  • Jared: Hebrew for “descent”
  • Josiah: Hebrew for “fire of the Lord”

Can you suggest unique American boy names starting with J?

Unique American boy names that start with J include:

  • Jalen: A combination of “Jay” and “Allen”
  • Jericho: A city name in Palestine
  • Jett: English for “black gemstone”
  • Jace: A variant of “Jason,” meaning “healer”
  • Jamison: Means “son of James”
  • Jagger: Surname, possibly related to “carter”
  • Jermaine: French for “brother”

What are some rare and medieval boy names with J?

Some rare and medieval boy names with J are:

  • Jocelyn: Originated as a male name, later became unisex
  • Jebediah: A variant of “Jedidiah,” meaning “beloved of the Lord”
  • Joscelin: Derived from the Germanic name “Gauzelin”
  • Jeremias: A latinized form of “Jeremiah” meaning “God will uplift”

What old-fashioned boy names begin with J?

Prominent old-fashioned boy names beginning with J are:

  • Jasper: English name for “treasurer”
  • Julius: Latin, a variant of “Julian,” meaning “youthful”
  • Jefferson: Means “son of Jeffery”
  • Jerome: Latin for “sacred name”
  • Johann: A variant of “John” meaning “God is gracious”

Can you list country boy names that start with J?

A selection of country boy names that start with J includes:

  • Jed: Short form of “Jedidiah”
  • Jethro: Hebrew for “abundance”
  • Jeb: Short for “Jebediah”
  • Jennings: Surname derived from “Little John”
  • Justus: Latin for “just” or “righteous”

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