160 Boy Names that Start with K: Popular, Modern K Boy Names

Last Updated on November 7, 2023

This article will delve into the world of boy names that start with K, offering a comprehensive selection of classic, modern, and stylish options. From traditional names like Kenneth and Kieran to more contemporary picks like Kingsley and Kody, our list is designed to help you explore the breadth of K-starting names. Whether you prefer a name with a royal touch, like Kaan, or something with a cool and organic vibe, like Kai or Koa, we’ve got you covered.

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Popular Boy Names that Start with K

Kai has become a popular name for baby boys in recent years. Originating from Hawaiian and Scandinavian roots, this name means “sea” in Hawaiian and “rejoice” in Scandinavian. Its simple yet distinctive sound has made it an increasingly popular choice for parents looking for a unique name.

Boy Names that Start with K Pin

Another top choice for boy names beginning with K is Kaden. This modern-sounding name has Irish origins and means “little battle.” It is a strong, masculine name that appeals to those who appreciate a combination of modernity and tradition. Variations of Kaden include Kaiden and Kayden.

Kaleb is a name with biblical roots and is a variant of the well-known name Caleb. It has Hebrew origins and means “faithful, devoted.” This name has gained popularity for its timeless appeal and strong meaning.

Some classic names that start with K are KevinKnox, and Kyle. Kevin is an Irish name that means “handsome” and has maintained its popularity throughout the years. Knox, meaning “hill,” is an English name that has gained attention as a modern-sounding but traditional option. Kyle, a Scottish name meaning “narrow,” is a popular and classic name widely recognized across the globe.

For parents seeking a name that exudes strength and power, King is an excellent choice. As the English word for a male ruler, King has become a popular name for baby boys, symbolizing leadership and authority.

Kendrick and Kenneth are two names with a rich history and strong meaning. Kendrick, of English and Welsh origins, means “royal ruler” or “champion,” while Kenneth, a Scottish and Irish name, means “handsome.” Both names have maintained their popularity due to their classic appeal and strong meanings.

Cultural Boy Names that Start with K

Irish K Boy Names

Many popular Irish boy names start with K. Here are a few examples:

Name Meaning
Kaden “companion”
Kael “mighty”
Keiran “little dark”
Kenneth “handsome”

These Irish names have been long-time favorites and continue to be popular among parents worldwide.

Greek K Boy Names

Greek boy names beginning with “K” are often steeped in history and inspired by Greek myths. Some popular Greek names include:

Name Meaning
Kostas “constant”
Kyros “lord”

These names have ancient roots and provide a strong cultural connection to Greece.

Arabic K Boy Names

Arabic boy names often carry deep meanings and are rich in history. Here are some popular “K” names with Arabic origin:

Name Meaning
Kadir “capable”
Kareem “noble”
Khalid “immortal”

These names convey strength and character, making them a popular choice in Arabic communities.

Hebrew K Boy Names

Hebrew boy names with “K” bring a strong connection to the Jewish faith. Some popular examples include:

Name Meaning
Kaleb “devotion”
Koby “supplanter”

These names have roots in ancient Hebrew and are often associated with Jewish tradition.

Hawaiian K Boy Names

Hawaiian boy names imbue a sense of the island life and often have connections to nature. Here are some “K” names of Hawaiian origin:

Name Meaning
Kainoa “sea of freedom”
Keanu “cool breeze”

These names are perfect for those who appreciate the beauty and culture of Hawaii.

German K Boy Names

German boy names have strong roots and are recognizable around the world. Here are some popular “K” names of German origin:

Name Meaning
Karl “free man”
Klaus “victory”

These names have been popular throughout history and continue to be favorites among parents today.

Welsh K Boy Names

Welsh boy names often have unique spelling and pronunciation. Here are some “K” names of Welsh origin:

Name Meaning
Keelan “narrow river”
Kian “archaic”

These names carry deep roots in Welsh culture and history.

Scandinavian K Boy Names

Scandinavian boy names show a strong connection to Norse mythology and bear distinct meanings. Here are some “K” names of Scandinavian origin:

Name Meaning
Knut “knot”
Kjell “spring or fountain”

These names have deep cultural ties to Scandinavia and are known for their unique sounds and meanings.

Unique and Modern Boy Names that Start with K

In this section, we discuss some unique and modern boy names that start with K. These names have been carefully handpicked to give you a perfect blend of uniqueness and contemporary appeal.

The first set of names includes Kane, Kade, and Koa. Kane is a name of Welsh origin, meaning “warrior,” while Kade has English roots and means “round” or “barrel.” On the other hand, Koa is a Hawaiian name meaning “warrior” as well.

Another set of compelling names is Kylo, Kyro, and Kyzer. Kylo, made famous by the Star Wars character Kylo Ren, does not have a clear origin or meaning. Kyro is a name of Egyptian origin, meaning “enthroned,” while Kyzer is an alternative spelling of the Yiddish name ‘Kaiser’ which means “emperor.”

Lastly, a unique and modern name worth considering is Kriterion. Though its origin and meaning aren’t specific, it resembles the word “criterion,” which means a standard or principle for judging something.

Incorporating these names into your baby boy’s life can offer a sense of uniqueness and individuality. Each name’s origin and meaning can also add depth to their personal story, making them stand out in a crowd.

Celebrity-Inspired Boy Names that Start with K

One of the popular sources of inspiration when choosing boy names starting with K is celebrities. Many notable famous individuals and celebrity baby names can provide you with unique and memorable choices. Let’s dive into a list of boy names with a celebrity connection.

Keanu: Inspired by the talented actor Keanu Reeves, this name has Hawaiian origins and means “cool breeze over the mountains.”

Keith: A classic name that’s been popular for decades, Keith is inspired by various musicians and actors such as Keith Richards and Keith Urban. This name has Scottish and Irish origins meaning “wood” or “forest.”

Kareem: Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has put this Arabic-origin name on the map, meaning “noble” or “generous.” It’s a meaningful and culturally rich choice.

Kingsley: An English-origin name with a regal feel, Kingsley has been popularized by actors like Kingsley Shacklebolt and Kingsley Ben-Adir. It means “king’s meadow.”

Karl: This German-origin name has been associated with notable personalities like the famous philosopher Karl Marx and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. The name means “free man.”

Kanye: The influential rapper and producer Kanye West has made this unique name more recognizable in recent years. Originating from the African language of Gikuyu, it means “the only one.”

Biblical and Historical K Boy Names

Biblical boy names have stood the test of time due to their profound meanings and historical significance. One category of these enduring names comprises those starting with the letter K. In this section, we will explore a selection of biblical and historical boy names beginning with K.

Kain and Cain are two variations of the same name, originating from the biblical Cain, who was the first son of Adam and Eve. Cain, although infamous for being the first murderer, has a name that means “acquired” or “possessed” in Hebrew.

Kent is a name with both biblical and historical roots. In the Bible, it refers to a region in ancient Judah. This English-origin name also represents a historical county in England, signifying a high-born status or a connection to that region.

Keegan, although not directly found in the Bible, is a name of Irish origin that carries a sense of uniqueness and strength. It means “descendant of the fiery one,” relating to spirituality and zeal.

Kilian stems from the biblical name “Cillian,” which means “little church.” This Gaelic-origin name is associated with St. Kilian, an Irish missionary who spread Christianity throughout Europe.

Some other biblical boy names starting with K include:

Name Meaning Origin
Kish bow, power Hebrew
Kohana swift Hebrew
Korah bald, ice, hail Hebrew
Kore partridge Hebrew
Keturah incense, sacrifice Hebrew

In addition to these biblical names, there are many historical figures who hold the title “King of Kings.” This prestigious title has been used by various monarchs around the world, including those from the Persian, Ethiopian, and Roman Empires. Some notable kings bearing names starting with K are:

Name Title/Ruler of Period
Khosrow I King of Kings of Persia Sasanian Empire
Kaleb King of Kings of Aksum Aksumite Empire
Kharavela King of Kings of Kalinga Indian Subcontinent
Kubrat King of Kings of Bulgaria First Bulgarian Empire

By considering these biblical and historical boy names starting with K, you can find inspiration for a meaningful and impactful name for your child. While some names, like Kain and Cain, carry a heavy backstory, others, like Kilian, evoke a connection to vital religious figures. Ultimately, the choice should resonate with the values and personality you wish to instill in your child.

List of K Names for Boys

  1. Kade
  2. Kaden
  3. Kael
  4. Kai
  5. Kaiden
  6. Kain
  7. Kaine
  8. Kaiser
  9. Kaleb
  10. Kalen
  11. Kameron
  12. Kamron
  13. Kane
  14. Kant
  15. Kapil
  16. Karan
  17. Kareem
  18. Karel
  19. Karim
  20. Karson
  21. Kasen
  22. Kash
  23. Kashif
  24. Kason
  25. Kato
  26. Kavan
  27. Kaveh
  28. Kavi
  29. Kay
  30. Kayden
  31. Kayin
  32. Kayle
  33. Kaylen
  34. Kayne
  35. Kaz
  36. Kazuki
  37. Keagan
  38. Keahi
  39. Keair
  40. Kealan
  41. Kealen
  42. Keane
  43. Keanu
  44. Kearney
  45. Keary
  46. Keaton
  47. Keawe
  48. Keefe
  49. Keegan
  50. Keelan
  51. Keelen
  52. Keen
  53. Keenan
  54. Keene
  55. Kees
  56. Kegan
  57. Keifer
  58. Keiji
  59. Keilan
  60. Keir
  61. Keiran
  62. Keiron
  63. Keith
  64. Kelan
  65. Keldan
  66. Keldon
  67. Kele
  68. Kellen
  69. Kellin
  70. Kelly
  71. Kelso
  72. Kelvin
  73. Kemal
  74. Kemper
  75. Ken
  76. Kenan
  77. Kendall
  78. Kendell
  79. Kendon
  80. Kendrick
  81. Kendrix
  82. Kenelm
  83. Kenji
  84. Kenley
  85. Kennard
  86. Kenner
  87. Kenneth
  88. Kennith
  89. Kenny
  90. Kent
  91. Kentaro
  92. Kento
  93. Kenyon
  94. Keon
  95. Kepa
  96. Kermit
  97. Kerr
  98. Kerrick
  99. Kerry
  100. Kester
  101. Kevan
  102. Kevin
  103. Kevon
  104. Keyan
  105. Keyon
  106. Khaled
  107. Khalid
  108. Khalil
  109. Kian
  110. Kiefer
  111. Kieran
  112. Kieron
  113. Kiley
  114. Killian
  115. Kim
  116. Kimball
  117. Kimi
  118. Kincaid
  119. King
  120. Kingston
  121. Kinnard
  122. Kip
  123. Kiran
  124. Kirby
  125. Kirk
  126. Kirkland
  127. Kirt
  128. Kit
  129. Kito
  130. Kiyoshi
  131. Klaus
  132. Klay
  133. Klayton
  134. Kleo
  135. Kline
  136. Knight
  137. Knut
  138. Kobe
  139. Koby
  140. Kodiak
  141. Koen
  142. Kofi
  143. Kohen
  144. Kolby
  145. Kole
  146. Kolt
  147. Konner
  148. Konrad
  149. Kory
  150. Kostya
  151. Kourtney
  152. Koy
  153. Kratos
  154. Krew
  155. Kris
  156. Krish
  157. Kristian
  158. Kristofer
  159. Kristopher
  160. Kurt

Frequently Asked Questions

What are popular Hindu boy names starting with K?

Here are some popular Hindu boy names beginning with the letter K:

  1. Kartik: (God of War)
  2. Keshav: (Name of Lord Krishna)
  3. Krish: (Short form of Lord Krishna)
  4. Kunal: (Son of Emperor Ashoka)
  5. Kairav: (Derived from ‘kai,’ meaning ‘sea,’ and ‘rav,’ meaning ‘sound’)

What are some unique boy names beginning with K?

Some unique boy names that start with K include:

  1. Kael: (Mighty warrior)
  2. Koda: (Friend)
  3. Kavi: (Poet)
  4. Kian: (Kings)
  5. Kip: (From the pointed hill)

Which American boy names start with K?

Here are a few American boy names starting with the letter K:

  1. Kevin: (Handsome, Kind one)
  2. Kyle: (Narrow, straight)
  3. Keith: (Wood, Wind)
  4. Kirk: (Church)
  5. Kaden: (Fighter)

What are some K-starting Biblical boy names?

There are a few Biblical boy names that start with K:

  1. Kaleb: (Faithful, devoted)
  2. Kenan: (Possession)
  3. Korah: (Baldness)

What are 5-letter boy names beginning with K?

Here are some 5-letter boy names starting with K:

  1. Kylan: (Son of royalty)
  2. Kairo: (Victorious one)
  3. Kagan: (Ruler, King)
  4. Kiefer: (Barrel maker)
  5. Kamal: (Perfection, Lotus)

What are some good Mexican boy names starting with K?

Some good Mexican boy names that start with K include:

  1. Karim: (Generous, kind)
  2. Kairo: (Victorious one)
  3. Kalani: (The heavens, chieftain)
  4. Kenzo: (Strong, healthy)
  5. Kiran: (Ray of Light)

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