263 Boy Names that Start with L (Unique L Boy Names)

Are you searching for boy names that start with L for your baby? Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be both an exciting and challenging task. Names carry great significance and can shape a person’s identity, making it essential for parents to pick a name that best suits their little one. As a popular choice, baby boy names that start with L have been increasingly sought after by parents worldwide. In this article, we will explore a wide array of names beginning with ‘L’ to help you in finding the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

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Popular Boy Names that Start with L

Boy Names That Start with L

Top 100 L Boy Names

When choosing a baby boy name that starts with L, there are a wide variety of options to consider. Some of the most common and popular “L” names come from diverse origins and have various cultural and historical backgrounds.

Liam Lucas Levi Logan Leo
Luca Luke Lincoln Landon Leonardo
Leon Leonard Lev Louis Lucian
Legend Lawrence Lachlan Lian Luther
Lei Loren Lyle Lorenzo Luka
Leland Leonidas Lewis Lennon Lance
Larry Leroy Leif Lazarus Lucius
Lester Lake Love Lyric Landry
Luciano Lebron Luis Lennox Lane
Lee Langston Lochlan Laith Loki
Lenny Linus Lloyd Leopold Lonnie
Lex Leander Laurence Lysander Lamont

This comprehensive list covers a diverse range of “L” names, from popular and familiar options like Liam, Lucas, and Levi, to more unique choices such as Lachlan, Leif, and Lysander.

L Boy Names Based on Origins, Categories, and Themes

Here is a selection of “L” names based on various origins, categories, and themes:


  • Levi
  • Luke
  • Lazarus


  • Loki
  • Leander
  • Lysander

Names inspired by nature:

  • Lake
  • Lance
  • Linden

Names with a strong meaning:

  • Leonidas (lion-like)
  • Leopold (brave people)
  • Lucian (light)

Influential L Boy Names in History

In the world of music, Lionel Richie has left an indelible mark with his soulful tunes and timeless hits. As a singer, songwriter, and producer, Richie’s contributions to the music industry are undeniable.

Another influential figure in music history with a name starting with L is Ludwig van Beethoven. This classical composer and pianist, born in Germany, is known for his groundbreaking symphonies, sonatas, and concertos. Beethoven’s work continues to inspire musicians and music lovers alike.

In the realm of sports, here are some exceptional athletes with names starting with L:

Name Sport
LeBron James Basketball
Larry Bird Basketball
Lance Armstrong Cycling

In the world of film and television, the following actors and directors have made significant contributions:

Name Profession
Leonardo DiCaprio Actor
Liam Neeson Actor
Lin-Manuel Miranda Actor, Composer, Playwright

Moving on to politics and history, these leaders have impacted the world with their actions:

Name Country Role
Louis XIV France King
Lech Walesa Poland President

These L names from various professional fields have made their mark in history and continue to be remembered for their achievements, reflecting the versatility and prominence of these names.

Global Variations of Boy Names that Start with L

The beauty of boy names that start with L is their global representation and diversity. From simple, timeless names like Luke and Leo to unique selections like Lachlan and Lev, there is an “L” name for everyone. Let’s explore some popular “L” boy names from various cultures and learn about their meanings.

European L Boy Names

European names have made their way into the hearts of many worldwide. Names like Luke (meaning “light” in Greek), Luca (Italian for “man from Lucania”), and Logan (meaning “small hollow” in Scottish) are popular choices often found in Europe. Other examples include:

Name Origin Meaning
Liam Irish “strong-willed”
Leo Italian “lion”
Louis French “famous warrior”

Scandinavian L Boy Names

Scandinavian names with interesting meanings include Loren (meaning “crowned with laurel” in Norwegian) and Lyle (meaning “island” in Swedish). Other Scandinavian names are:

Name Origin Meaning
Love Swedish “wolf”
Lars Norwegian “laurel”

Sophisticated Middle-Eastern and Hebrew L Boy Names

Lev is a popular Hebrew name meaning “heart” while Lior (pronounced lee-OR) means “my light”. Other Middle-Eastern and Hebrew names include:

Name Origin Meaning
Lazar Hebrew “God has helped”
Liran Hebrew “my song”

Australian L Boy Names

Lachlan, a Scottish origin name, is quite popular in Australia and means “land of lakes.” Here is another unique Australian name:

Name Origin Meaning
Lawson Scottish “son of Law”

Unique Boy Names that Start with L

In this section, we will dive into some unique baby boy names that start with L. These names are not only distinctive, but they also have interesting meanings and stories behind them. Let’s explore a few options that could be the perfect fit for your little one.

Ludwig: A name of German origin, Ludwig means “famous warrior.” This strong name has been used in various forms throughout history, including famous composers like Ludwig van Beethoven.

Lysander: This name has its roots in ancient Greece, meaning “release of a man” or “liberator.” Lysander was a well-known Spartan general who led the Peloponnesian War against the Athenian forces.

Lancelot: A name with Medieval English roots, Lancelot is a romantic, chivalrous name linked to the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Sir Lancelot was known for his courage and loyalty.

Lemuel: This name has Hebrew origins and means “dedicated to God.” It can be found in the biblical Book of Proverbs, where King Lemuel shares wisdom taught by his mother.

More examples of rare L boy names:

  • Lorcan: Irish, meaning “little fierce one”
  • Leander: Greek, meaning “lion man”
  • Lambert: German, meaning “land bright”

Celebrity-Inspired Boy Names that Start with L

When it comes to selecting a name for your baby boy, celebrities can provide a rich source of inspiration. In this section, we will explore some popular boy names beginning with the letter L, inspired by famous personalities.

Leonardo is an elegant name that gained prominence thanks to the renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio. This timeless name, with its Italian roots, also pays homage to the legendary artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci. Another popular L name is Luka, inspired by the professional basketball player Luka Dončić, quickly becoming a favorite among sports enthusiasts.

LeBron James has not only made a significant impact on the basketball court, but his first name, LeBron, has garnered attention as a distinctive and athletic-sounding option for boys. For those seeking a more traditional L name with a touch of celebrity influence, Lewis might be the perfect choice. Inspired by British racing driver Lewis Hamilton, this classic name is both distinguished and resilient.

Some other prominent L names inspired by celebrities include:

Name Celebrity Profession
Liam Liam Hemsworth Actor
Luke Luke Evans Actor
Lance Lance Armstrong Cyclist
Lin-Manuel Lin-Manuel Miranda Composer/Actor
Leonard Leonard Cohen Musician/Poet

List of L Names for Boys

  1. Lachlan
  2. Laddie
  3. Ladislas
  4. Ladislaus
  5. Ladislav
  6. Lafayette
  7. Lafe
  8. Laidley
  9. Laird
  10. Laith
  11. Lajos
  12. Lake
  13. Lakeland
  14. Lakota
  15. Lamar
  16. Lambert
  17. Lamont
  18. Lance
  19. Lancelot
  20. Landen
  21. Landon
  22. Landry
  23. Lane
  24. Langdon
  25. Langston
  26. Lanny
  27. Laramie
  28. Larenzo
  29. Largo
  30. Larkin
  31. Larry
  32. Lars
  33. Larson
  34. Laszlo
  35. Latham
  36. Latimer
  37. Latrell
  38. Launce
  39. Launcelot
  40. Lauro
  41. Lavell
  42. Lavern
  43. Laverne
  44. Lavon
  45. Law
  46. Lawford
  47. Lawler
  48. Lawley
  49. Lawrence
  50. Lawrie
  51. Lawson
  52. Lawton
  53. Layden
  54. Layne
  55. Layton
  56. Lazar
  57. Lazarus
  58. Lea
  59. Leach
  60. Leal
  61. Leander
  62. Leandro
  63. Leary
  64. Leavitt
  65. Lebron
  66. Lecia
  67. Lecil
  68. Ledell
  69. Lederer
  70. Ledford
  71. Ledger
  72. Lee
  73. Leeland
  74. Leeman
  75. Lefteris
  76. Lefty
  77. Leggett
  78. Lehi
  79. Leib
  80. Leif
  81. Leigh
  82. Leighton
  83. Leith
  84. Leland
  85. Lem
  86. Lemar
  87. Lemmie
  88. Lemmy
  89. Lemon
  90. Lemont
  91. Len
  92. Lennard
  93. Lennart
  94. Lennie
  95. Lenny
  96. Lennox
  97. Leno
  98. Lenox
  99. Lenton
  100. Leo
  101. Leon
  102. Leonce
  103. Leonard
  104. Leonardo
  105. Leone
  106. Leonel
  107. Leonidas
  108. Leopold
  109. Leopoldo
  110. Leroy
  111. Les
  112. Lester
  113. Leston
  114. Lev
  115. Levan
  116. Levander
  117. Levar
  118. Leve
  119. Leven
  120. Leverett
  121. Levi
  122. Levin
  123. Levon
  124. Lew
  125. Lewellyn
  126. Lewis
  127. Lex
  128. Lexis
  129. Leyland
  130. Leyton
  131. Liam
  132. Lian
  133. Liborio
  134. Lige
  135. Ligon
  136. Lijah
  137. Lilburn
  138. Lillard
  139. Lillian
  140. Lillie
  141. Linc
  142. Lincoln
  143. Lindell
  144. Linden
  145. Lindley
  146. Lindon
  147. Lindsay
  148. Lindsey
  149. Lindy
  150. Link
  151. Linn
  152. Lino
  153. Linus
  154. Lion
  155. Lionel
  156. Lisle
  157. Lito
  158. Little
  159. Littleton
  160. Llewellyn
  161. Lloyd
  162. Lo
  163. Locke
  164. Lockett
  165. Lockhart
  166. Lockie
  167. Lockwood
  168. Lodovico
  169. Logan
  170. Logen
  171. Loman
  172. Lon
  173. Lonnell
  174. Lonnie
  175. Lonny
  176. Loomis
  177. Looney
  178. Loran
  179. Loren
  180. Lorence
  181. Lorenzo
  182. Lorne
  183. Lorrie
  184. Lory
  185. Lott
  186. Lou
  187. Louie
  188. Louis
  189. Lovel
  190. Lovell
  191. Lovett
  192. Lovick
  193. Lovis
  194. Lowell
  195. Lowery
  196. Loy
  197. Loyd
  198. Lubomir
  199. Lucas
  200. Lucian
  201. Luciano
  202. Lucien
  203. Lucio
  204. Lucius
  205. Lucky
  206. Lucretius
  207. Ludovic
  208. Ludvig
  209. Ludwig
  210. Lue
  211. Luelle
  212. Luigi
  213. Luis
  214. Lukas
  215. Luke
  216. Lula
  217. Luman
  218. Lumir
  219. Lump
  220. Lundy
  221. Lunnie
  222. Lunsford
  223. Lunt
  224. Lupe
  225. Luster
  226. Luther
  227. Luvell
  228. Lux
  229. Luyu
  230. Luz
  231. Lyall
  232. Lycidas
  233. Lycurgus
  234. Lydell
  235. Lydon
  236. Lyle
  237. Lyman
  238. Lynch
  239. Lyndell
  240. Lyndon
  241. Lynn
  242. Lynwood
  243. Lyon
  244. Lyons
  245. Lysander
  246. Lysle
  247. Lyston
  248. Lytle
  249. Lytton
  250. Lyubomir
  251. Lyudvig
  252. Lyulph
  253. Lyvell
  254. Lyver
  255. Lysias
  256. Lysimachus
  257. Lytch
  258. Lysle
  259. Lysander
  260. Lysiteles
  261. Lysius
  262. Lyssenko
  263. Lytton

Choosing the Right L Baby Boy Name

Choosing the perfect L baby boy name can be an exciting yet challenging task. Luckily, there are many options available to you. In this section, we’ll explore popular, unique, old-fashioned, cool, and biblical boy names that start with the letter L.

One popular choice for baby boy names starting with L is Liam. This name has consistently ranked high in popularity charts and is a variant of the classic name William. Other popular L names for baby boys include Lucas, Levi, Logan, and Leo. These names are well-known and have been favored by parents for years.

If you’re looking for more unique options, consider names like Luca, Luke, Lincoln, and Leonardo. These names still hold a touch of familiarity but are less common than the popular choices mentioned earlier. Landon and Luka are also unique choices with a modern flair.

For those who appreciate the charm of old-fashioned names, consider Leon, Lennox, Lennon, and Louis. These classic names have a timeless appeal and can give your baby boy a distinguished air. Londyn and London are also options that carry an old-world charm, inspired by the famous English city.

Cool L names for baby boys often have a strong and powerful tone. Consider names like Legend, which not only starts with L but also stands out due to its strong meaning. Luis and Lorenzo are two other cool options that have an international vibe and sound stylish.

Finally, if you’re interested in biblical baby boy names starting with L, look no further than names like Lazarus, Lemuel, and Laban. These names have their roots in religious texts and carry a spiritual significance that can be a meaningful choice for your family.

Feel free to mix and match, or use these suggestions as a starting point to find the perfect L name for your baby boy. Keep in mind the various categories of names mentioned, and take your time to find the one that resonates most with you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common L names for boys?

Liam, Lucas, Levi, Logan, Leo, Luke, Luca, Lincoln, Landon, and Leonardo are some popular baby boy names that start with the letter L. They have become quite common in recent years due to their appealing sounds and strong meanings.

What are unique L starting names for a baby boy?

If you’re looking for something a bit more distinct, consider these unique L names for your baby boy: Leander, Leif, Lysander, Lachlan, Lyric, Lars, or Leopold. These names are less common but still carry a sense of style and charm.

Which biblical names for boys begin with L?

Biblical names hold deep meanings and historical importance. Some biblical boy names that start with L are Lazarus, Lemuel, Linus, Lucius, and Luke. These names not only have strong connections with historical figures but also carry spiritual significance.

What are some vintage L names for boys?

For those who love vintage and classic names, consider these timeless boy names starting with L: Laurence, Leonard, Leopold, Lionel, or Lester. These names have proven themselves through the years and still maintain their elegance and charm.

Can you suggest Spanish baby boy names starting with L?

If you’re looking for Spanish baby boy names that start with L, you might like Luis, Lorenzo, Leonel, Leandro, or Lucio. These names are rich in culture and history and are perfect for those seeking names with a Spanish touch.

What are some badass L names for a boy?

For those seeking strong, masculine names that start with L, consider Langston, Lynch, Lash, Leonidas, or Loukas. These badass names project strength and resilience, making them fantastic choices for your little one.

Remember to consider cultural backgrounds, meanings, and personal preference when choosing a name for your baby boy. The names mentioned above should provide a good starting point for your search!

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