312 Boy Names that Start with M (Cool M Boy Names)

There’s no shortage of unique and meaningful boy names that start with M, ranging from timeless classics to modern favorites. In this article, we’ll explore diverse options, offering you inspiration and guidance to find the perfect fit for your little one. We’ll provide lists and tables of names, showcasing their popularity, meanings, and origins, so you can make an informed decision.

From traditional choices like Michael, Mark, and Matthew, to contemporary options such as Mateo, Mason, and Maverick, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into the world of captivating M names for boys and embark on this exciting journey together.

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Top Boy Names that Start with M

In this section, we will cover the top popular baby boy names that start with M. These names range from traditional to modern, offering a variety of options for parents-to-be.

Boy Names that Start with M

Some of the most popular baby boy names that start with M include:

  • Mason: Meaning “stoneworker,” this name has grown in popularity in the United States since the 1980s.
  • Matthew: A timeless classic, this name means “gift of God.”
  • Michael: Another classic, meaning “who is like God?”

Other popular boy names that start with M are:

  • Max
  • Miles
  • Marcus
  • Maddox
  • Malachi
  • Micah
  • Milo

For a more extensive list, here are 25 more M names from the top 100:

Morgan Mackenzie Mitchell Mario Marvin
Martin Marlon Mateo Marcos Maxwell
Malcolm Manuel Marco Merrick Myles
Mohammed Monty Miller Morris Murphy
Memphis Maverick Marquis Marcel Maison

With so many boy names starting with M to choose from, parents can find a name that best suits their child’s personality. Whether it is a classic name with strong roots or a modern name with a unique twist, there is an M name out there perfect for every baby boy.

Classic Boy Names that Start with M

Michael and Mark

Michael, derived from the Hebrew name Mikha’el, meaning “who is like God?”, has been a popular choice for centuries. Some other variations of the name include Mikhail, Mikel, and Miguel. It has been the name of various iconic figures such as Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, and Michaelangelo.

Mark, which originates from the Latin name Marcus, means “consecrated to the god Mars” or “god of war”. Associated with Saint Mark, the writer of one of the four Gospels, this name has also been borne by many famous people, including Mark Twain, Mark Zuckerberg, and Mark Ruffalo. Variations of the name Mark include Marco, Marcus, and Marek.

Matthew and Miles

Matthew, a classic and well-loved name, comes from the Hebrew name Mattityahu, meaning “gift of Yahweh”. The name has biblical significance, as Matthew was an apostle and the writer of the Gospel of Matthew. Notable people named Matthew include Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Perry, and Matthew Broderick. Some variations of the name are Mattias, Mateo, and Mathieu.

Miles, both a Latin and Old German name, means “soldier” or “merciful”. It has grown in popularity over the years and is a strong and timeless choice. This name has been donned by notable personalities such as Miles Davis, Miles Teller, and Myles Garrett. Milo and Myles are common variations of the name Miles.

Morgan and Martin

Morgan, a name of Welsh origin, means “sea-born” or “sea-circle”. It has a timeless appeal as a gender-neutral name, and can be related to King Arthur’s sister Morgan le Fay. Famous people named Morgan include Morgan Freeman and Morgan Lander.

Martin, a name with Latin origins, means “warlike” or “of Mars”. Associated with the iconic civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., this name has consistently been a popular choice for baby boys. Some variations of the name Martin are Martín, Martino, and Marten.

Manuel and Muhammad

Manuel, a popular Spanish and Portuguese name, is derived from the Hebrew name Immanuel, which means “God is with us”. It’s a classic name that has been chosen by numerous notable individuals such as writer Manuel Puig and film director Manuel de Oliveira. Variations of the name include Emanuel and Emmanuel.

Muhammad is a name of Arabic origin, meaning “praised” or “commendable”. It is the most popular name in the world due to the strong association with the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Many variations of the name Muhammad exist, including Mohammad, Mohamed, and Muhammed. Celebrity examples include Muhammad Ali, a world-renowned boxing champion, and acclaimed actor Mahershala Ali.

Modern Boy Names that Start with M

Mason and Maverick

Mason is a popular boy’s name that means “stoneworker.” Originally an English surname, it has grown in popularity as a first name in the United States since the 1980s. Maverick, on the other hand, has an American origin, meaning “independent” or “nonconformist.” Both of these modern M names are unique and stand out, providing strong and confident identities for boys.

Name Origin Meaning Popularity
Mason English Stoneworker High
Maverick American Independent, Nonconformist High

Mateo and Milo

Mateo is the Spanish variant of the name Matthew, which means “gift of God.” It has gained noticeable popularity in recent years, becoming an appealing option for parents seeking a modern M name with a touch of tradition. Milo is an ancient name of German origin with the meaning “merciful.” Short and sweet, Milo is a delightful choice for parents looking for something easy to pronounce and remember.

Name Origin Meaning Popularity
Mateo Spanish Gift of God High
Milo German Merciful High

Magnus and Memphis

Magnus is a Latin-derived name meaning “great.” A name with historical significance, it was once reserved for royalty and prominent figures. In recent times, Magnus has seen a rise in popularity, becoming a strong and distinguished modern M name for boys. Memphis, an Egyptian name meaning “enduring and beautiful,” is geographically inspired and unique, perfect for parents seeking something original.

Name Origin Meaning Popularity
Magnus Latin Great Moderate
Memphis Egyptian Enduring and beautiful Low

Distinctive Boy Names that Start with M

M Boy Names from Around the World

In this section, we explore a variety of distinctive boy names that start with M from different countries and cultures around the world. These names showcase the uniqueness and diversity of M names.

  • Matteo: An Italian variant of the name Matthew, meaning “gift of God.”
  • Mikhail: A Russian variant of the name Michael, meaning “who is like God?”
  • Mohammed: An Arabic name, meaning “praised” or “commendable.” It is one of the most popular names in the world due to its association with the Prophet Mohammed of Islam.
  • Miguel: A Spanish and Portuguese variant of the name Michael.
Country Name Meaning
India Manish Wise, intelligent
Greece Melanthos Dark flower
Japan Masaru Victory
Ireland Malachy Messenger of God
Kenya Mwangi One who wanders in search of God

Unique M Boy Names in France

France has a rich history and culture, which is reflected in its unique boy names that start with M. Here are some examples of distinctive M names in France:

  • Marius: A name of Latin origin, meaning “male” or “manly.” It was popularized by Victor Hugo’s novel “Les Misérables.”
  • Maxence: Derived from the Latin name Maximus, Maxence means “greatest” or “largest.”
  • Marc-Antoine: A combination of Marc (a French variation of Mark) and Antoine (the French form of Anthony), this name carries the meanings of both “warlike” and “of inestimable worth.”
  • Mathis: A French variant of the name Matthew, meaning “gift of God.”
  • Maël: A Breton name with Celtic roots, meaning “chief” or “prince.”

Celebrity-Inspired Boy Names that Start with M

Choosing a baby name inspired by a famous personality can lend a touch of glamour and uniqueness to your little one’s identity. In this section, we will explore M names for boys inspired by notable celebrities in the fields of acting and sports. Let’s dive into the world of celebrity-inspired baby names, starting with actors and then moving on to athletes.

Inspired by Actors

Two legendary actors provide inspiration for M names – Mark Wahlberg and Marlon Brando. Here are a few baby boy names inspired by these talented stars:

Name Inspiration Description
Mark Mark Wahlberg A timeless and classic name, Mark means “warlike” in Latin. It is a reliable choice for parents who appreciate simplicity and elegance in a name.
Marlon Marlon Brando Emanating strength and charisma, Marlon is derived from the Old French name “Marcelin” and means “little warrior.” This name pays tribute to one of the greatest actors of all time.

Inspired by Athletes

The world of sports is filled with influential figures, and athletes with M names are no exception. Here are some names inspired by prominent sports personalities:

Name Athlete Inspiration Description
Michael Michael Jordan As one of the most popular M names for boys, Michael means “who is like God” in Hebrew. Pay homage to the basketball legend with this iconic name.
Manny Manny Pacquiao A diminutive of Manuel, Manny is of Spanish origin and means “God is with us.” It is a strong and cheerful name inspired by the boxing world champion.
Mohamed Mohamed Salah Staying true to its Arabic roots, Mohamed means “praiseworthy.” This ever-popular name represents the talented soccer player Mohamed Salah.

Uncommon Boy Names that Start with M

In this section, we will explore some unique and uncommon boy names starting with the letter M. These names are a great choice for parents looking for something distinctive and memorable for their little one. We will focus specifically on names starting with ‘Mac’ and will also include other noteworthy names such as Mabon, Mick, Monro, and Meri.

Starting with Mac

The prefix ‘Mac’ in names has Gaelic origins and usually means ‘son of.’ Here are some uncommon boy names beginning with ‘Mac’:

Name Origin Meaning
Macallan Scottish Son of Allan
Macarius Greek Blessed, Happy
Macdara Irish Son of the Oak
Maceo Spanish Gift of God
Macsen Welsh Great

These names not only have a strong cultural connection but also possess distinct meanings that add a unique touch to your baby’s identity.


Though Meri is often considered a girl’s name, it has a unisex appeal for boys as well. It is of Finnish origin and means “sea.” This name is an excellent choice for families who appreciate nature and want a simple, yet charming name for their child.


Monro is a name of Scottish origin meaning “mouth of the River Ro.” It is derived from a Scottish surname and is a unique pick for parents looking for a strong, yet slightly unconventional name.


Mabon is a Welsh name that means “divine son.” It is derived from Mabon ap Modron, a figure from Welsh mythology, who was a son of the Earth goddess, Modron. If you are looking for a name with a strong mythological background, Mabon could be an interesting option.


Mick, a diminutive form of the name Michael, is of Hebrew origin and means “who is like God?” It is a laid-back, casual name choice that feels friendly and approachable, making it a unique choice for parents who prefer a more informal and distinctive name.

List of Boy Names that Start with M

  1. Mac
  2. Macario
  3. Mace
  4. Maceo
  5. Macgregor
  6. Machi
  7. Macho
  8. Mack
  9. Mackenzie
  10. Mackinley
  11. Maclean
  12. Maclen
  13. Macoy
  14. Macsen
  15. Maddex
  16. Maddin
  17. Maddison
  18. Maddix
  19. Maddoc
  20. Maddock
  21. Maddox
  22. Maddux
  23. Madeleine
  24. Madhav
  25. Madison
  26. Madoc
  27. Madon
  28. Madron
  29. Madson
  30. Madyn
  31. Maeve
  32. Magdiel
  33. Maguire
  34. Mahad
  35. Mahdi
  36. Maher
  37. Mahesh
  38. Mahir
  39. Mahlon
  40. Mahoney
  41. Mahyar
  42. Maik
  43. Maikel
  44. Mair
  45. Maitland
  46. Majd
  47. Majed
  48. Majid
  49. Makai
  50. Makani
  51. Makar
  52. Makari
  53. Makarios
  54. Makay
  55. Makel
  56. Makenna
  57. Makenzie
  58. Makhi
  59. Makiah
  60. Makin
  61. Makio
  62. Maks
  63. Maksim
  64. Maksymilian
  65. Mal
  66. Malachai
  67. Malachi
  68. Malakai
  69. Malaki
  70. Malakye
  71. Malcolm
  72. Malcom
  73. Malek
  74. Malik
  75. Malin
  76. Malique
  77. Malloy
  78. Malone
  79. Malvin
  80. Mamadou
  81. Mamoru
  82. Manabu
  83. Manasseh
  84. Mandel
  85. Mandrell
  86. Manfred
  87. Manish
  88. Manley
  89. Mann
  90. Manning
  91. Mansour
  92. Manuel
  93. Manuella
  94. Manuela
  95. Manuele
  96. Manzo
  97. Mar
  98. Mara
  99. Marat
  100. Marcell
  101. Marcello
  102. Marcellus
  103. Marcelo
  104. March
  105. Marchello
  106. Marciano
  107. Marcio
  108. Marco
  109. Marcos
  110. Marcus
  111. Marek
  112. Maren
  113. Maret
  114. Margo
  115. Margot
  116. Mari
  117. Maria
  118. Mariam
  119. Marian
  120. Mariano
  121. Marik
  122. Marin
  123. Marino
  124. Mario
  125. Marion
  126. Maris
  127. Marison
  128. Marjan
  129. Mark
  130. Markel
  131. Markell
  132. Marken
  133. Markham
  134. Markie
  135. Markis
  136. Marko
  137. Markus
  138. Marlon
  139. Marlow
  140. Marly
  141. Marlyn
  142. Marmaduke
  143. Maro
  144. Marquell
  145. Marques
  146. Marquez
  147. Marquis
  148. Marrick
  149. Marrion
  150. Mars
  151. Marsden
  152. Marsh
  153. Marshal
  154. Marshall
  155. Mart
  156. Martel
  157. Marten
  158. Martez
  159. Marti
  160. Martin
  161. Martino
  162. Marty
  163. Marvel
  164. Marvelous
  165. Marvell
  166. Marven
  167. Marvin
  168. Marvis
  169. Marvyn
  170. Marwan
  171. Marwin
  172. Mary
  173. Masai
  174. Masaki
  175. Masaru
  176. Masen
  177. Maseo
  178. Mash
  179. Masiah
  180. Masimo
  181. Mason
  182. Masoud
  183. Massimo
  184. Mat
  185. Matai
  186. Matan
  187. Mateen
  188. Matei
  189. Matej
  190. Mateo
  191. Mateus
  192. Math
  193. Mathai
  194. Mathan
  195. Mathayus
  196. Mathéo
  197. Mathew
  198. Mathews
  199. Mathias
  200. Mathieu
  201. Mathis
  202. Matias
  203. Matin
  204. Matisse
  205. Matix
  206. Mats
  207. Matt
  208. Matteo
  209. Matthew
  210. Matthias
  211. Mattias
  212. Mattie
  213. Mattison
  214. Mattox
  215. Matty
  216. Matvey
  217. Matyas
  218. Maudie
  219. Mauel
  220. Maughan
  221. Maulik
  222. Mauro
  223. Maverick
  224. Mavrick
  225. Mavrik
  226. Mawulolo
  227. Max
  228. Maxen
  229. Maxim
  230. Maxime
  231. Maximilian
  232. Maximiliano
  233. Maximillian
  234. Maximino
  235. Maximo
  236. Maximus
  237. Maxten
  238. Maxton
  239. Maxwel
  240. Maxwell
  241. Maxx
  242. Maxxie
  243. Maxy
  244. Mayank
  245. Mayes
  246. Maynard
  247. Maynor
  248. Mayson
  249. Mayur
  250. Mazen
  251. Mazin
  252. Mazi
  253. Mazin
  254. Mazin
  255. Mazi
  256. Mazzie
  257. McArthur
  258. McCabe
  259. McCade
  260. McCauley
  261. McClain
  262. McClellan
  263. McCollum
  264. McCoy
  265. McCrae
  266. McCray
  267. McHale
  268. McKade
  269. McKay
  270. McKenna
  271. McKenzie
  272. McKinley
  273. McKinney
  274. McKinsey
  275. McLain
  276. McLane
  277. McLaurin
  278. McLean
  279. McMahon
  280. McQueen
  281. McRae
  282. Mead
  283. Meade
  284. Meagan
  285. Mears
  286. Medardo
  287. Medhansh
  288. Medina
  289. Medwin
  290. Meesha
  291. Meghdad
  292. Mehran
  293. Mehrdad
  294. Mehtab
  295. Meir
  296. Mekhai
  297. Mekhi
  298. Mel
  299. Melchor
  300. Meldon
  301. Meldrick
  302. Meldrum
  303. Melech
  304. Melih
  305. Melik
  306. Melio
  307. Meliton
  308. Melker
  309. Mell
  310. Mellan
  311. Mellie
  312. Melvin

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular M names for boys?

There are many popular boy names starting with M, such as:

  • Matthew
  • Michael
  • Mason
  • Miles
  • Milo

These names have various origins, including Hebrew, English, and Scottish roots.

Can you suggest unique M names for boys?

Certainly, here are a few unique M names for boys:

  • Maclin: Gaelic origin, meaning “son of”
  • Maverick: American origin, meaning “independent, nonconformist”
  • Montgomery: English origin, meaning “mountain belonging to the ruler”
  • Murdoch: Scottish origin, meaning “sea protector”
  • Magnus: Scandinavian origin, meaning “great”

What are some English M names for male children?

Here are some English M names for boys:

  • Marvin: meaning “friend of the sea”
  • Mitchell: meaning “who is like God”
  • Martin: meaning “warrior of Mars”
  • Melvin: meaning “gentle lord”
  • Morgan: meaning “sea circle”

What are some strong boy names starting with M?

Strong M names for boys include:

  • Mitchell
  • Myles
  • Max
  • Malik
  • Malcolm

These names have strong meanings and convey qualities like strength, leadership, and resilience.

Are there any biblical M names for boys?

Yes, there are several biblical M names for boys, such as:

  • Matthew: meaning “gift of God”
  • Micah: meaning “who is like God”
  • Malachi: meaning “my messenger”
  • Moses: meaning “drawn out”
  • Mark: meaning “warlike”

What are some culturally specific M names for male children?

Here are some culturally specific M names for boys:

  • Mateo: Spanish, meaning “gift of God”
  • Mohammed: Arabic, meaning “praised”
  • Mordecai: Hebrew, meaning “warrior”
  • Min-Jae: Korean, meaning “clever and subtle”
  • Mokshith: Indian, meaning “one who gains enlightenment”

These names reflect the rich cultural diversity and heritage of various origins and languages.

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