281 Boy Names that Start with N (Unique N Boy Names)

Throughout this article, you’ll find various lists and tables highlighting popular and lesser-known boy names that start with N, as well as their meanings, origins, and cultural associations. These curated selections are designed to make it easier for you to explore and compare different options. Our goal is to help you find the ideal name that resonates with you, your family, and your future little one.

Popular Boy Names Starting with N

When choosing a baby boy’s name, it’s essential to consider a name that will resonate through life. The letter “N” offers an array of popular baby boy names. In this section, we will discuss some widely recognized boy names that start with N, including Noah, Nathan, Nolan, and Nicholas. The list is based on the most recent data from the Social Security Administration.

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Noah tops the chart for N boy names. It’s a Hebrew name meaning “rest” or “repose”. Noah is known for its biblical reference, as Noah in the Old Testament built the Ark to save his family and each animal species from the Great Flood.

Some Name Variations:

  • Noe
  • Noak


Nathan is another popular baby boy name starting with N. It is a Hebrew name meaning “gift of God.” Nathan is a classic and strong name that has remained popular throughout the years.

Similar Names:

  • Nathaniel
  • Nate


Nolan is an appealing option for those seeking N names for boys. Originating from Ireland, Nolan means “champion” or “famous.” This name has a modern feel and continues to grow in popularity.

Additional Forms:

  • Nolen
  • Nolin


Nicholas is a classic and timeless name of Greek origin, meaning “people of victory.” It has been a popular baby boy name for centuries and has numerous variations across languages and cultures.


  • Nick
  • Nico
  • Nikolai
Rank Name Year No. of Babies
1 Noah 2023 888
2 Nathan 2023 500
3 Nolan 2023 300
4 Nicholas 2023 200

The table above provides an overview of the popularity of these boy names starting with N. The social security administration‘s data shows the current ranking and the number of babies given these names in a year, reflecting their popularity. Selecting any of these names, parents can be confident they are choosing an elegant and meaningful name for their baby boy.

Strong and Classic N Boy Names


Nathaniel is a powerful and classic baby boy name that originates from Hebrew, meaning “gift of God.” This name has a timeless feel with its strong and elegant nature. It is one of the most popular N-names and offers a variety of possible nicknames such as Nate or Nathan.

Variations and Similar Names:

  • Nathan
  • Nate
  • Natty


Norman is a classic and strong baby boy name with origins from multiple cultures, including Old English, French, and Germanic. Derived from the word “norseman,” it has a rich history; it’s a solid and timeless choice for your baby boy.

Variations and Similar Names:

  • Norm
  • Normand
  • Norris


Nigel is a striking and memorable English baby boy name originating from the Latin name Nigellus. It has a unique and classic feel, and it translates to “black” or “dark,” giving it a mysterious and strong aura.

Variations and Similar Names:

  • Nyles
  • Nigellus
  • Neigel


Nelson is a powerful and appealing baby boy name that has a connection to English and Irish heritage. This name gained popularity through the famous naval hero, Admiral Lord Nelson. With its elegant and historical background, this name is a great choice for your baby boy.

Variations and Similar Names:

  • Nels/Nel
  • Neilson

In this section, we have discussed four strong and classic N-names for baby boys: Nathaniel, Norman, Nigel, and Nelson. Each name carries a unique and timeless charm, making them excellent options for your little one.

Unique and Trendy Boy Names that Start with N

In this section, we’ll explore some unique and trendy baby boy names starting with the letter N. These stylish and modern N names are sure to make your little one stand out from the crowd. We’ll focus on four sub-sections: Nico, Nash, Nova, and Nero.


Nico is a popular baby boy name that has both Italian and Greek origins. It’s an appealing choice for parents looking for a unique and trendy N name. As a diminutive of Nicholas in Italian, it conveys the meaning of “people of victory” in Greek. This name has gained popularity in recent years due to its cool and effortless vibe.

Examples of Nico names:

  • Nico Alexander
  • Nico James
  • Nico Sebastian


Nash is a distinctly modern and unique name for a baby boy. This English-origin name means “dweller by the ash tree,” showcasing a connection to nature. With its bold and stylish flair, Nash is a great choice for parents looking for an uncommon yet cool N name.

Examples of Nash names:

  • Nash Oliver
  • Nash Benjamin
  • Nash Thomas


Nova is a rare and unconventional name that has ties to astronomy. Derived from the Latin word “novus,” which means “new,” Nova is also an astronomical term for a bright and sudden celestial event. This cosmic-themed name is perfect for those who want to give their baby boy a name with an otherworldly and unique touch.

Examples of Nova names:

  • Nova Orion
  • Nova Atlas
  • Nova Sirius


Nero is another unique and trendy baby boy name that starts with N. Known as the name of the infamous Roman Emperor, this Latin-origin name actually means “strong, vigorous, and powerful.” Despite its historical association, Nero has become a modern-sounding name that many parents find appealing.

Examples of Nero names:

  • Nero Maximus
  • Nero Augustus
  • Nero Aloysius

With these distinctive and fashionable N names in mind, you’re bound to find an extraordinary option for your little one. Explore more unique N names at sites like Nameberry for further inspiration.

International N Names


Nikolai is a traditional Russian name that has seen increased popularity in recent years. A variant of the Greek name Nicholas, it means “victory of the people.” This strong name is an excellent choice for parents looking for an international flair in their baby boy’s name. Some popular nicknames for Nikolai include Nik, Niko, and Kolya.


Nicodemus is a distinguished and unique baby boy name that has Greek origins. It means “victory of the people,” similar to Nikolai. This name has been used in a variety of cultural and historical contexts, making it a fantastic choice for parents interested in a name with a rich backstory. A common nickname for Nicodemus is Nico.


Naveen is an elegant Indian name that has been gaining popularity outside of India. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word “navin,” which means “new” or “fresh.” This baby boy name is an attractive option for parents who want a modern-sounding name with a positive meaning. Naveen pairs well with names like Nathan and Nate in popularity.


Nicola is an Italian name that has seen growing popularity in various regions, including Australia. It is a variation of the name Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people.” While it is more commonly used as a baby boy name, it is also occasionally given to girls. This name is often shortened to Nico or Nick as a nickname.

Biblical and Mythological N Names for Boys

In this section, we will explore some boy names that start with N, which have origins in biblical and mythological stories. The focus will be on four distinct names: Nehemiah, Nathan, Natanael, and Neptune.


Nehemiah is a Hebrew name, which means “God has comforted” or “Yahweh comforts.” This name holds significance in the Old Testament, where Nehemiah was a prominent figure who led the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls after the Babylonian exile. The name has a strong religious connotation and is widely used in various forms across different cultures.

Name Meaning Origin
Nehemiah God has comforted Hebrew
Nehemias God has comforted Greek
Nechemya God has comforted Yiddish


Nathan is another Hebrew name, which means “he gave” or “God has given.” It is a popular choice for Christian and Jewish parents, mainly due to the biblical figure Nathan, a prophet during King David’s reign. The name has seen numerous variations across different languages and cultures, as shown in the table below.

Name Meaning Origin
Nathan God has given Hebrew
Natan God has given Polish
Nathanael God has given English


Natanael, derived from the Hebrew name Nathanael, means “God has given.” It shares similarities with the name Nathan but has a distinctly different pronunciation. Natanael is often used in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries. It is associated with the New Testament figure Nathanael, who was also known as Bartholomew, one of Jesus’ twelve apostles.

Name Meaning Origin
Natanael God has given Spanish, Portuguese
Nataniel God has given Polish
Nátan God has given Icelandic


Neptune is a name with mythological roots rather than biblical. It originates from the Latin name “Neptunus,” which means “moist, wet.” Neptune is the Roman god of the sea, equivalent to the Greek god Poseidon. While not as common as the previously mentioned names, Neptune is an eye-catching option for parents seeking a unique and bold name.

Name Meaning Origin
Neptune God of the sea Roman
Neptunus Moist, wet Latin
Poseidon God of the sea Greek

In this section, we have discovered fascinating information about the biblical and mythological origins of four boy names starting with N. The names Nehemiah, Nathan, Natanael, and Neptune each have deep cultural and historical backgrounds. These names can provide a strong and meaningful choice for parents who appreciate the rich history behind them.

Nicknames as Standalone N Boy Names

In this section, we discuss four standalone nicknames that begin with the letter N: Nick, Niko, Ned, and Nels. These names can serve as abbreviated versions of longer names or as unique names in their own right.


Nick is a popular nickname derived from the name Nicholas or Nikolas. Nicholas and Nikolas both have the same meaning: “victory of the people.” This is due to their Greek origin, where it was considered a powerful and auspicious name. In addition to being a common nickname, Nick can also stand on its own as a formal name. Several variations of the name Nick can be found in different languages, including:

  • Nicky: Unisex variation
  • Nikki: Unisex variation
  • Nicolás: Spanish variation
  • Nicolai: Russian variation
  • Niccolò: Italian variation


Niko is another variation of the name Nicholas, often found in Eastern Europe and Finland. It shares the same meaning as Nick: “victory of the people.” Although it can be used as a nickname, Niko has become increasingly popular as a standalone name for boys. Some variations of the name Niko include:

  • Nikos: Greek variation
  • Níkos: Greek variation
  • Nikita: Russian variation
  • Niklas: Nordic variation
  • Nikola: Slavic variation


Ned is a classic and enduring nickname that originates from the name Edward or Edmund. The name translates to mean “wealthy guard” or “protector of wealth.” While it is often used as a nickname for these longer names, Ned has been used as a standalone name as well. Some variations and related names include:

  • Eddy: Alternate nickname for Edward
  • Ed: Alternate nickname for Edward or Edmund
  • Edwin: Similar name with same meaning
  • Edric: Similar name with same meaning
  • Eamon: Irish name meaning “wealthy protector”


Nels is a unique and less common nickname derived from the name Niles, which is a variation of the name Neil. The name Niles and its derivative, Nels, have a meaning related to “champion” or “passionate.” As a standalone name, Nels brings a sense of uniqueness and distinction. Some variations and related names include:

  • Nelson: Extended version of Nels
  • Nils: Nordic variation
  • Neils: Dutch variation
  • Nigel: English variation
  • Niall: Irish variation

By considering these nicknames as standalone N names, you can find unique and interesting options for your future child. These names vary not only in their origin but also in the meanings and qualities they evoke, allowing you to choose a name that reflects your aspirations for your child.

Rare and Uncommon Boy Names that Start with N

In this section, we explore some rare and uncommon baby boy names that start with the letter N. We will discuss the origins and meanings of the names Nixon, Norbert, Nakoa, and Neymar. These names are unique options for parents looking to give their child a distinctive name.


Nixon is a rare name that has Anglo-Saxon origins, derived from the old English elements “son of” and “Nicholas.” Nicholas, a name of Greek origin, means “people of victory.” Some famous persons named Nixon include the 37th U.S. President Richard Nixon and American composer Nixon Iiwou. Although once associated with the political figure, Nixon has reemerged as a unique baby name option.


Norbert is a German name that has its roots in Old Germanic words ‘nord’ meaning “north” and ‘beraht’ meaning “bright.” Thus, Norbert means “bright from the north.” It was the name of the 12th-century Saint Norbert, the founder of the Premonstratensian religious order. Notable people with the name Norbert include the American composer Norbert Leo Butz and Polish physicist Norbert Wiener.


Nakoa is a Hawaiian name with rich cultural origins. It means “brave” or “warrior” in the Hawaiian language, giving the name a strong connotation. Though relatively rare in other parts of the world, the name Nakoa has gained popularity in Hawaii and among those interested in giving their child a name connected to the islands’ warrior culture.


Neymar is a name that has gained recognition in recent years due to the popularity of Brazilian footballer Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. The name may be derived from the combination of Ney, a variant of Niall – an Irish name meaning “champion,” and the word “mar” meaning “sea” in Spanish. Though the meaning is still under speculation, the increasing popularity of the name Neymar may be due to its strong association with the successful footballer.

Other rare and uncommon N names mentioned in this section include:

  • Nicolas – A variation of Nicholas, meaning “people of victory.”
  • Nasir – An Arabic name, meaning “helper” or “supporter.”
  • Neo – Derived from the Greek word “neos,” meaning “new” or “young.”
  • Neel – A variant of the name Neil, of Irish origin, meaning “champion” or “cloud.”
  • Niall – An Irish name, meaning “champion” or “warrior.”
  • Nation – An English word name, symbolizing unity and community.
  • Navi – A Hebrew name, derived from the word “navi,” meaning “prophet.”

In conclusion, there is an abundance of rare and uncommon N names for parents seeking distinctive options for their baby boy. Names such as Nixon, Norbert, Nakoa, and Neymar offer unique and interesting alternatives to more popular names.

List of Boy Names that Start with N

  1. Nash
  2. Nolan
  3. Nathan
  4. Noah
  5. Neil
  6. Niall
  7. Naveen
  8. Nikhil
  9. Nikolas
  10. Nate
  11. Niles
  12. Nigel
  13. Najee
  14. Nico
  15. Nino
  16. Nemo
  17. Natan
  18. Nasser
  19. Nadir
  20. Nateo
  21. Naeem
  22. Nahum
  23. Naji
  24. Nakan
  25. Naldo
  26. Nalin
  27. Nalani
  28. Nalson
  29. Namir
  30. Namon
  31. Nando
  32. Nane
  33. Nansen
  34. Nanton
  35. Nao
  36. Naphtali
  37. Naquan
  38. Narain
  39. Narciso
  40. Narek
  41. Naren
  42. Nari
  43. Narinder
  44. Narsimha
  45. Narve
  46. Nas
  47. Nasir
  48. Nasim
  49. Natanael
  50. Nathanael
  51. Nathaniel
  52. Nathe
  53. Nati
  54. Natividad
  55. Nato
  56. Natsuki
  57. Naveed
  58. Navin
  59. Navraj
  60. Nawaf
  61. Nawal
  62. Nayan
  63. Nayef
  64. Nayel
  65. Nayson
  66. Nazar
  67. Nazario
  68. Nazim
  69. Nazir
  70. Nazmi
  71. Nealon
  72. Nealson
  73. Neander
  74. Nebojsa
  75. Necati
  76. Ned
  77. Nedim
  78. Neel
  79. Neelan
  80. Neely
  81. Neeraj
  82. Nehemiah
  83. Neilson
  84. Neithan
  85. Nekoda
  86. Nektarios
  87. Nello
  88. Nels
  89. Nelson
  90. Nemuel
  91. Neo
  92. Neomi
  93. Neptune
  94. Neriah
  95. Nerio
  96. Nereo
  97. Nermin
  98. Neron
  99. Nery
  100. Nesbit
  101. Nessim
  102. Nestor
  103. Netanel
  104. Nevan
  105. Nevil
  106. Neville
  107. Nevin
  108. Nevio
  109. Newell
  110. Newman
  111. Newton
  112. Neymar
  113. Nguyen
  114. Nial
  115. Nicanor
  116. Niccolo
  117. Nicholai
  118. Nicholas
  119. Nick
  120. Nicklaus
  121. Nickolas
  122. Nicos
  123. Nidal
  124. Niel
  125. Niels
  126. Nihad
  127. Nihal
  128. Nik
  129. Nikan
  130. Niki
  131. Nikita
  132. Nikko
  133. Niklas
  134. Niklaus
  135. Nikolai
  136. Nikolaj
  137. Nikolay
  138. Nikos
  139. Nil
  140. Nilson
  141. Nima
  142. Nimai
  143. Nimrod
  144. Niran
  145. Nirav
  146. Nirvan
  147. Nisar
  148. Nisan
  149. Nishan
  150. Nishant
  151. Nisim
  152. Nithin
  153. Nitin
  154. Niven
  155. Nizar
  156. Njal
  157. Noble
  158. Noe
  159. Noel
  160. Noll
  161. Nolon
  162. Noman
  163. Nomar
  164. Norbert
  165. Nord
  166. Norman
  167. Norris
  168. North
  169. Norton
  170. Norval
  171. Norvin
  172. Norwood
  173. Nova
  174. Novak
  175. Novio
  176. Nowell
  177. Noy
  178. Nuh
  179. Nuno
  180. Nur
  181. Nuri
  182. Nurul
  183. Nye
  184. Nygel
  185. Nykolas
  186. Nyron
  187. Nyshawn
  188. Nyson
  189. Nysir
  190. Nysirion
  191. Nyx
  192. Nyzeer
  193. Nyziah
  194. Nyzier
  195. Nyzir
  196. Nyzohn
  197. Nyzoir
  198. Nyzyr
  199. Naadir
  200. Naail
  201. Naair
  202. Naajid
  203. Naaman
  204. Naasir
  205. Nabhan
  206. Nabih
  207. Nabil
  208. Naboth
  209. Nace
  210. Nachman
  211. Naci
  212. Nacir
  213. Nacor
  214. Nadal
  215. Nadeem
  216. Nader
  217. Nadhim
  218. Nadim
  219. Nael
  220. Naftali
  221. Nagib
  222. Nagy
  223. Nahar
  224. Nahiem
  225. Nahil
  226. Nahim
  227. Nahmir
  228. Nahom
  229. Nahuel
  230. Nai
  231. Naif
  232. Nail
  233. Naim
  234. Nain
  235. Nainoa
  236. Nairn
  237. Naisir
  238. Naitik
  239. Najib
  240. Najir
  241. Najm
  242. Najwan
  243. Nakaia
  244. Nakaii
  245. Nakari
  246. Nakavion
  247. Nakeem
  248. Nakhi
  249. Nakia
  250. Nakoda
  251. Naksh
  252. Nakul
  253. Nalej
  254. Nallan
  255. Nalleli
  256. Naman
  257. Namari
  258. Namdi
  259. Nami
  260. Namik
  261. Namish
  262. Namit
  263. Nanayaw
  264. Nand
  265. Nandakishore
  266. Nandan
  267. Nandha
  268. Nandi
  269. Nandish
  270. Nandith
  271. Nandit
  272. Nandor
  273. Nandu
  274. Nanduvarma
  275. Nandy
  276. Nanen
  277. Nang
  278. Nani
  279. Nanik
  280. Nanish
  281. Nannar

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some unique boy names starting with N?

Some unique boy names starting with N include:

  • Nawel
  • Noam
  • Narain
  • Nacio
  • Nikander

These names aren’t seen as often and can make your child stand out.

What are some modern N names for boys?

Modern N names for boys that have been trending recently include:

  • Nolan
  • Nico
  • Niko
  • Nixon
  • Novah

These names have a contemporary feel that many parents are drawn to.

Are there any God names for boys starting with N?

For those looking for a more divine touch, there are God names for boys starting with N like:

  • Nebo (Babylonian God of wisdom and writing)
  • Njord (Norse God of the wind and sea)
  • Nereus (Greek sea God)

These names have a powerful and ancient significance.

What are some popular N names for boys?

Some popular N names for boys, according to available data, include:

  • Noah
  • Nathan
  • Nathaniel
  • Nicholas
  • Nicolas

These names have been popular choices for boys over the years.

What are some 7 letter boy names that start with N?

Here’s a list of 7 letter boy names starting with N:

  • Naphtali
  • Nashawn
  • Navarro
  • Norvell
  • Nyshaun

These names might be a great fit if you’re looking for a name with a specific number of letters.

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