250 Boy Names that Start with P (Popular P Names for Boys)

In this article, we’re delving into the world of boy names that start with P, offering various options for parents looking to make their decision. From timeless classics like Patrick, Paul, and Peter, to modern and trendy choices such as Paxton, Parker, and Phoenix, the letter “P” provides a diverse range of names suitable for any taste. 

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Popular Boy Names that Start with P

One of the key aspects when choosing a name for your baby boy is ensuring that it is both unique and meaningful. In this section, we will explore some popular boy names that start with the letter P, covering a variety of origins and meanings.

Boy Names that Start with P

Patrick, a name of Latin origin, means “nobleman.” It is a classic and strong name that has been a popular choice for many years. Other variations of Patrick include Patricio, Patton, and Pierre.

Paul, another name with Latin origins, means “small” or “humble.” This name has a long history, with famous figures like the Apostle Paul from the Bible. Alternative forms of Paul are Paulo, Paolo, and Paz.

Peter is a name of Greek origin that means “rock.” This name has carried its popularity through the ages and is still a common choice for boys today. Related names are Petro and Pearson.

Philip is a classic name that traces its roots back to Greek origin, meaning “lover of horses.” Similar names include Phillip, Pierson, and Pierre (which is also a variant of Patrick).

Pablo, a Spanish variation of Paul, is a popular name in many cultures. This name, much like its root name, exudes a sense of humility and strength.

Some trendy and modern P names are Paxton, Parker, Phoenix, and Preston. These names have gained popularity in recent years due to their unique sounds and meanings:

  • Paxton: English origin, meaning “peace town”
  • Parker: English origin, meaning “keeper of the park”
  • Phoenix: Greek origin, meaning “dark red” or “reborn”
  • Preston: English origin, meaning “priest’s town”

Other notable P names include Pedro, Pierce, Perry, Presley, Porter, Princeton, Palmer, Payton, Phineas, and Perseus. These names come from a mix of backgrounds and meanings, providing diverse options for parents looking to choose a P name for their baby boy.

If you’re looking to explore even more unique and diverse P names, consider the following:

  • Penn (English origin, meaning “enclosure”)
  • Paris (Greek origin, meaning “lover”)
  • Poseidon (Greek origin, after the Greek god of the sea)
  • Pancho (Spanish origin, diminutive of Francisco)
  • Peregrine (Latin origin, meaning “wanderer”)
  • Paxon (English origin, meaning “Poecc’s settlement”)
  • Paden (Scottish origin, meaning “royal” or “nobleman”)
  • Prescott (English origin, meaning “priest’s cottage”)

These popular P names offer a unique blend of classic, modern, and diverse options for choosing the perfect name for your baby boy.

Unique P Boy Names

In this section, we will explore a variety of unique and interesting boy names starting with the letter P. From traditional to modern, these names provide a diverse range of options for parents looking to give their child a distinctive P name.

Starting with some classic names, we have Paul, Pete, and Phil. Paul, of Latin origin, means “small” or “humble”. Pete, short for Peter, has a Greek origin meaning “rock” or “stone”. Phil, short for Philip, is derived from the Greek word meaning “lover of horses”.

For those looking for more modern or unconventional names, consider names like Peyton, Prince, and Pace. Peyton, with Irish roots, is a unisex name meaning “fighting man’s estate”. Prince has an obvious regal origin, and Pace means “peace” in English.

If you’re interested in names with a unique flair, here are some interesting options:

Name Origin Meaning
Parth Indian “Arjuna”, a hero in Hindu mythology
Pavel Slavic “Small”, a variant of Paul
Piero Italian “Rock”, a variant of Peter
Pharaoh Egyptian “Great house”, a title for Egyptian rulers
Pinchas Hebrew “Oracle”, a name from the Old Testament

When it comes to names with more cultural or international flair, consider the following:

Name Origin Meaning
Pana Native American “Deer”
Perez Spanish “Son of Pedro”
Peer Dutch “Rock”, a variant of Peter
Piet Dutch “Rock”, another variant of Peter

For parents interested in names inspired by literature or popular culture, consider:

Name Origin Inspiration
Pippin English Character from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels
Potter English Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

Finally, some unique P names with interesting meanings or origins:

Name Origin Meaning
Pascal French “Easter child”, referring to the holiday
Percival Arthurian Knight in the legend of King Arthur
Percy English Possibly derived from Perseus, a Greek hero
Pelli Welsh Welsh variant of the name Peter

We hope you find this list of P names for boys helpful and inspiring in your search for the perfect name. Remember to consider the name’s meaning, origin, and how it fits with your family’s traditions or preferences. Happy naming!

Classic Boy Names That Start With P

Paul is a popular and timeless name of Latin origin, meaning “small” or “humble.” This classic name has been used by various saints, popes, and monarchs. Peter, also of biblical significance, is a name with Greek origin that means “rock” or “stone.” Both of these names have been essential choices for centuries and continue to hold their charm.

Philip is another classic name dating to ancient Greece. It means “lover of horses,” implying strength, courage, and prestige. Over the centuries, it has been a name chosen by royalty, notably British kings and princes. Patrick, a popular Irish name, means “nobleman” and is often associated with St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland.

Looking for a more modern twist on classic boy names starting with “P”? Here’s a list of contemporary options:

Name Origin Meaning
Paxton English “peace town”
Parker English “park keeper”
Phoenix Greek “mythical bird”
Preston English “priest’s town”
Pedro Spanish “rock” or “stone”

Adding French flair to your list of names, Pascal is a name of French and Latin origin that means “relating to Easter.” It pays homage to both its religious heritage and French history. Another elegant name of French origin is Pierce, which means “rock.” It’s been a popular choice among Hollywood celebrities.

For a more unique name starting with “P,” consider Perry, an English name meaning “pear tree.” The name carries a mix of class and modernity. And lastly, Presley, an English-origin name, means “priest’s meadow.” It has grown in popularity in recent years, largely due to its association with the iconic Elvis Presley.

Modern Boy Names That Start With P

In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of modern and unique baby boy names starting with the letter P. These names are often both stylish and meaningful, offering parents a wide range of options to choose from. Here, we will discuss some popular and rare P boy names like Pax, Phillip, Palmer, Payton, Phineas, Perseus, Penn, and Patton.

Pax, a Latin-origin name meaning ‘peace,’ has gained popularity due to its strong and simple appeal. This name offers a sense of tranquility, making it a great choice for modern parents. Another name, Phillip, carries the Greek meaning ‘lover of horses,’ suggesting a sense of strength and loyalty to its bearer.

Palmer and Payton are two distinct names with a similar charm. Palmer, derived from Old English, signifies ‘pilgrim,’ whereas Payton is an English-origin name meaning ‘fighter’s estate.’ Both names provide modern-sounding options with a touch of traditional flair.

For parents seeking a more whimsical P name, Phineas is an excellent choice. With Hebrew origins, this name means ‘oracle’ and sparks imagination as it is linked to the adventurous character in literature.

Next up, Perseus stands out as a strong name from Greek mythology. Known as the legendary hero and demi-god who slayed the Gorgon Medusa, Perseus is a bold and powerful choice for modern parents.

If you’re looking for a more concise P name, Penn is a great option. With its unique spelling and sleek sound, this name means ‘enclosure’ in Old English. Additionally, Patton shares a powerful meaning, ‘fighter’s town,’ befitting any child destined for greatness.

The following table summarizes these modern P boy names and their meanings:

Name Origin Meaning
Pax Latin Peace
Phillip Greek Lover of horses
Palmer Old English Pilgrim
Payton English Fighter’s estate
Phineas Hebrew Oracle
Perseus Greek Mythological hero
Penn Old English Enclosure
Patton English Fighter’s town

International P Boy Names

The world is full of diverse and beautiful names for boys that start with the letter P. In this section, we will explore international names and their origins, focusing on the following names: Piers, Paulo, Paolo, Paris, Patricio, Pietro, Pol, Piero, and Pharaoh.

Piers is an English name derived from the Greek name Peter, which means “rock.” Piers has a timeless appeal and is popular in European countries like the UK. On the other hand, Paulo and Paolo are variations of the name Paul, which originates from the Latin word “paulus,” meaning “small” or “humble.” Paulo is popular in Portuguese-speaking countries like Brazil, while Paolo is more common in Italy.

Paris, a unisex name, is not only the capital of France but also a name of Greek origin. In Greek mythology, Paris was a Trojan prince who played a crucial role in the Trojan War. It’s an elegant and romantic name option for boys. Patricio is another name with a regal air, as it means “nobleman” in Latin. It’s a popular choice in Spanish-speaking countries and is the Spanish equivalent of the name Patrick.

Pietro is an Italian variation of Peter, meaning “rock.” It is a strong and classic name with a distinct Italian flair. In Poland, the name Pol, derived from the Greek name Apollo or the Latin name Paul, has gained popularity in recent years. Pol is short, simple, and has a modern feel.

Piero is a variant of Pietro, also of Italian origin and meaning “rock.” It’s a less common but equally stylish option for those interested in Italian names. Lastly, Pharaoh is an intriguing name inspired by the ancient rulers of Egypt. This distinctive name carries authority and strength.

In the table below, we have put together a list of international P boy names, along with their meanings and origins for easy reference:

Name Origin Meaning
Piers English Rock
Paulo Portuguese Small, Humble
Paolo Italian Small, Humble
Paris Greek Trojan Prince
Patricio Spanish Nobleman
Pietro Italian Rock
Pol Polish Apollo or Small, Humble
Piero Italian Rock
Pharaoh Egyptian Ruler in Ancient Egypt

Considering these international P boy names provides an opportunity to honor a specific culture, create a unique identity, or simply give your child an appealing name with history and meaning.

Short P Boy Names

Picking a short boy name that starts with P can be a great choice for parents who want something easy to pronounce and remember. Short names are often charming and can give your child a strong sense of identity. In this section, we’ll explore some short P boy names that you might consider for your baby.

Starting off with Paz, this name has a calm and peaceful meaning as it translates to “peace” in Spanish. It’s gender-neutral and works perfectly for those looking for a serene name with a touch of cultural flair.

Pat is a classic short name that is commonly used as a nickname for Patrick. However, it can also stand on its own as a solid choice. If you’re looking for a name that is friendly and familiar, Pat might be an ideal option.

Continuing with the list, Pei is an interesting name that has its origins in Chinese culture, where it means “radiance” or “splendor.” This unique name not only adds an exotic touch but also carries a positive connotation.

Here’s a quick table summarizing some other short P boy names:

Name Origin Meaning
Paz Spanish Peace
Pat English Noble
Pei Chinese Radiance
Par Persian Sparkle
Pol Catalan Small

Par is a fascinating short name with a Persian origin, meaning “sparkle.” It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a name with a slightly luxurious and bright feel.

Last but not least, there’s Pol, a Catalan name that translates to “small” in English. Although it’s popular in Catalonia, Pol is relatively uncommon elsewhere, making it a distinctive and endearing choice for your baby boy.

Top 100 P Boy Names

When it comes to choosing a name for your baby boy, names that start with the letter P offer a wide range of options. From classic to modern, this list of Top 100 P Boy Names covers a variety of unique and popular choices. Based on recent data from the Social Security Administration, you’ll find names that suit every style and personality.

Names like Patrick and Paul have long been popular and traditional choices. Patrick, derived from the Latin name “Patricius,” means “nobleman” in Latin. On the other hand, Paul is a timeless name with biblical origins, translating to “humble” or “small” in Latin.

For parents interested in more unique names with international flair, Peter, Philip, and Pablo are excellent options. Peter, also with biblical roots, means “rock” in Greek, while Philip, a name with a royal touch, stands for “lover of horses.” Pablo, the Spanish variant of Paul, adds a distinctive and exotic touch to a traditional name.

Recent trends show an increase in popularity for names such as Paxton, Parker, Phoenix, and Preston. Paxton, an English name meaning “peace town,” stands out for its contemporary feel. Parker, both trendy and unisex, originated from an occupational surname in England and means “keeper of the park.” Similarly, Preston is an English name meaning “priest’s town.”

Phoenix, a mythical and bold choice, alludes to the legendary bird symbolizing resurrection and immortality. With its captivating and powerful connotation, Phoenix adds an element of mystique to the list of P boy names.

Here are some other popular P names to consider:

Name Origin Meaning
Pierce English Rock, form of Peter
Porter English Gatekeeper
Presley English Priest’s meadow
Princeton English Town of scholars

To help you explore even more P names, we’ve compiled a list of names at different levels of popularity, providing you with a comprehensive resource for finding that perfect name for your baby boy. Remember, the key is to choose a name that resonates with you and your family while representing your values, culture, and personal style. Happy naming!

Choosing the Perfect P Names for Baby Boys

When it comes to choosing a unique and meaningful name for your baby boy, names starting with the letter P offer a variety of options for parents to consider. In this article, we will explore some popular and lesser-known P names for baby boys, taking into account their meanings, origins, and current popularity.

Popular baby boy names starting with P include traditional favorites like Patrick and Paul, as well as modern choices like Paxton and Peyton. For parents looking for something a little more unique, there are options like Phineas, Peregrine, or Prescott. Considering the meaning behind a name can also be a helpful factor in choosing the right P name for your baby boy.

Some popular P names and their meanings include:

  • Parker: Keeper of the park
  • Patrick: Nobleman
  • Paul: Small or humble
  • Paxton: Peace town
  • Peyton: Fighting man’s estate

It is important to keep in mind the popularity of a name when making your choice. Some parents may want to select a more unusual P name to make their child stand out, while others may prefer something more familiar and easy to pronounce. According to recent data from the Social Security Administration, the top five baby boy names that start with P are:

  1. Parker
  2. Patrick
  3. Paul
  4. Paxton
  5. Peyton

During pregnancy, parents may find it useful to create a list of their favorite P names and discuss them together. Factors such as honoring a family member, cultural or religious significance, or the way a name sounds with the child’s last name may all influence the final decision. Engaging in parenting communities or online forums can provide additional ideas and support throughout the process of choosing the perfect P name for your baby boy.

Remember, the key to choosing the perfect P name is to find one that is meaningful to you and your family, and reflects the unique qualities you hope to instill in your child as they grow and develop.

List of Boy Names that Start with P

  1. Pablo
  2. Pace
  3. Pacer
  4. Packard
  5. Paco
  6. Paden
  7. Padgett
  8. Padraic
  9. Padraig
  10. Page
  11. Paige
  12. Paisley
  13. Pako
  14. Pal
  15. Paladin
  16. Palash
  17. Palermo
  18. Pali
  19. Pallav
  20. Palmer
  21. Palomo
  22. Pamphilos
  23. Pan
  24. Panagiotis
  25. Pancho
  26. Pandelis
  27. Pandu
  28. Panfilo
  29. Pang
  30. Panos
  31. Pantaleon
  32. Pantera
  33. Pantelis
  34. Panther
  35. Paolino
  36. Paolo
  37. Papa
  38. Papillon
  39. Papu
  40. Parag
  41. Param
  42. Paramjit
  43. Paranjay
  44. Paras
  45. Pardeep
  46. Pardhu
  47. Pardon
  48. Pareek
  49. Pari
  50. Paris
  51. Parish
  52. Park
  53. Parker
  54. Parkin
  55. Parkins
  56. Parley
  57. Parmenides
  58. Parminder
  59. Parnell
  60. Parrish
  61. Parry
  62. Parsa
  63. Parson
  64. Parsons
  65. Partap
  66. Parth
  67. Partha
  68. Parthasarathy
  69. Parvez
  70. Pascal
  71. Paschal
  72. Pascual
  73. Pasha
  74. Pasquale
  75. Passmore
  76. Pat
  77. Patch
  78. Pate
  79. Patel
  80. Paterson
  81. Patience
  82. Patric
  83. Patrice
  84. Patrick
  85. Patrik
  86. Patrizio
  87. Patsy
  88. Patten
  89. Patterson
  90. Pattie
  91. Patton
  92. Patxi
  93. Paul
  94. Pauley
  95. Paulie
  96. Paulino
  97. Paulo
  98. Pavel
  99. Pav
  100. Pavan
  101. Pave
  102. Pavelle
  103. Pavlos
  104. Pawel
  105. Pax
  106. Paxton
  107. Payden
  108. Payton
  109. Paz
  110. Pearce
  111. Pearl
  112. Pearson
  113. Pebbles
  114. Pedram
  115. Pedro
  116. Peejay
  117. Peer
  118. Peers
  119. Pegleg
  120. Pelagios
  121. Pelham
  122. Pelle
  123. Pellinore
  124. Pelton
  125. Pemba
  126. Pembrook
  127. Pena
  128. Penley
  129. Penn
  130. Pennington
  131. Penny
  132. Penrose
  133. Pentti
  134. Pep
  135. Pepe
  136. Peppi
  137. Peppy
  138. Percival
  139. Percy
  140. Peregrine
  141. Peretz
  142. Perez
  143. Pericles
  144. Peridot
  145. Perkins
  146. Perley
  147. Pernell
  148. Perri
  149. Perrin
  150. Perry
  151. Pershing
  152. Perttu
  153. Peru
  154. Pervez
  155. Pete
  156. Peter
  157. Peterson
  158. Petr
  159. Petros
  160. Petter
  161. Pettigrew
  162. Peyton
  163. Phan
  164. Pharaoh
  165. Phelan
  166. Phelps
  167. Phil
  168. Philander
  169. Philbert
  170. Philibert
  171. Philip
  172. Philipp
  173. Philippe
  174. Phillip
  175. Philo
  176. Phineas
  177. Phoenix
  178. Phong
  179. Phu
  180. Phuc
  181. Phuoc
  182. Pia
  183. Piaras
  184. Pich
  185. Pickford
  186. Pierce
  187. Piero
  188. Pierre
  189. Pierson
  190. Piet
  191. Pietari
  192. Pietro
  193. Pike
  194. Pilar
  195. Pilgrim
  196. Pim
  197. Pinchas
  198. Pine
  199. Pink
  200. Pino
  201. Piotr
  202. Piper
  203. Piran
  204. Piri
  205. Pirro
  206. Pius
  207. Placido
  208. Plamen
  209. Plato
  210. Platon
  211. Pliny
  212. Pocholo
  213. Poe
  214. Pogue
  215. Poindexter
  216. Pol
  217. Polaris
  218. Pollock
  219. Polo
  220. Pompey
  221. Ponce
  222. Pontius
  223. Pope
  224. Porfirio
  225. Porter
  226. Poseidon
  227. Poul
  228. Powell
  229. Prabhakar
  230. Pradeep
  231. Pradyumna
  232. Prahlad
  233. Prajesh
  234. Prakash
  235. Pramod
  236. Pranav
  237. Pranay
  238. Praneet
  239. Pranit
  240. Prasad
  241. Prasanna
  242. Pratap
  243. Prateek
  244. Pratham
  245. Praveen
  246. Pravin
  247. Praxton
  248. Prentice
  249. Prescott
  250. Preston

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some unique boy names beginning with P?

Here are a few unique boy names that start with the letter ‘P’:

Name Origin Meaning
Palani Indian “Protector”
Phelan Irish “Wolf”
Piers English “Rock”
Powell Welsh “Son of Hywel”
Previn Indian “Love”

Can you suggest any uncommon P-starting boy names?

Below are some uncommon boy names starting with the letter ‘P’:

Name Origin Meaning
Pace English “From a Roman surname”
Phineas Hebrew “Oracle”
Prescott English “Priest’s dwelling”
Pax Latin “Peace”
Pierson English “Son of Peter”

What are some rare P-initial boy names?

If you’re looking for rare P-initial boy names, check these out:

Name Origin Meaning
Parvaiz Persian “Victorious”
Peregrine Latin “Traveler”
Pratt English “Clever”
Ptolemy Greek “Aggressive, warlike”
Pyramus Greek “Fire”

Which cute boy names start with the letter P?

Here’s a list of cute boy names that start with ‘P’:

Name Origin Meaning
Payne English “Rustic”
Percy English “Piercing eye”
Philo Greek “Loving”
Pike English “Spear”
Pippin English “Little horse”

Are there any biblical boy names that begin with P?

Yes, here are some biblical boy names starting with ‘P’:

Name Origin Meaning Reference
Paul Hebrew “Small” Apostle Paul
Peter Greek “Rock” Apostle Peter
Philip Greek “Horse lover” Apostle Philip
Philemon Greek “Loving” Book of Philemon
Phinehas Hebrew “Oracle” Son of Eleazar

What are some popular English boy names that start with P?

Here are some popular English boy names starting with ‘P’:

Name Origin Meaning
Parker English “Park keeper”
Percival French “Pierce valley”
Perry English “Pear tree”
Preston English “Priest’s town”
Patrick Latin “Noble” or “patrician”

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