287 Boy Names that Start with S (Trendy S Boy Names)

This article will guide you through an extensive list of boy names that start with S, highlighting popular choices as well as some lesser-known but equally charming options. Whether you prefer classic names or more unique options, our comprehensive list and expert advice will provide you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to make a confident decision. Happy name hunting!

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Boy Names that Start with S

Boy Names that Start with S Pin

Popular S Boy Names

A plethora of boy names starting with the letter ‘S’ are both classic and modern. These names have a rich history and roots in various cultures, languages, and traditions. Some popular S boy names include Samuel, Simon, Sebastian, Steven, Scott, and Santiago. Let’s take a closer look at some of these names and their meanings:

  • Samuel: A Hebrew name that means “heard by God,” Samuel has been a popular choice for centuries and has roots in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.
  • Simon: With origins in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin, Simon means “he who hears” or “listening.” Several notable figures have had this name, including apostles and saints.
  • Sebastian: Derived from Latin and Greek, Sebastian means “person from the ancient city of Sebastia.” This name has gained popularity in recent years for its sophisticated sound and strong historical background.
  • Steven and Stephen: Both variations of the name are rooted in Greek and mean “crown” or “garland.” Many famous people, including actors and athletes, have held this name.
  • Scott: Originating from Old English, this name refers to someone from Scotland. Scott has maintained its popularity for decades due to its simplicity and strength.
  • Santiago: A Spanish name that means “Saint James,” Santiago is a popular choice in Latin cultures, and has seen a rise in usage worldwide.

Other popular S boy names include Sterling, Stan, Spencer, Sonny, Sawyer, Solomon, Stanley, Seth, Sylvester, Sean, Sol, Sid, and Silas. Many of these names have a strong presence, rich history, and diverse origins.

Name Origin Meaning
Sky English Sky
Stan Slavic Glory, camp
Spencer English Steward
Sonny English Son
Sawyer English Woodcutter
Solomon Hebrew Peace
Stanley English Stony meadow
Seth Hebrew Appointed
Sylvester Latin Wooded, wild

Unique S Names for Baby Boys

Moving on to some modern and unique S names for baby boys, consider names like Sheldon, Sullivan, Sem, Stellan, Sacha, Skyler, Salvador, Sage, Salem, Samson, Seamus, Shia, Shiloh, and Shiv. These names offer a fresh perspective and often come with interesting meanings and origins.

Name Origin Meaning
Sheldon English Steep valley
Sullivan Irish Dark-eyed
Skyler Dutch Scholar
Sage English, Old French Wise, sagely
Salem Hebrew, Arabic Peace, complete
Samson Hebrew Sun
Seamus Irish Supplanter
Shia Hebrew Gift of God

Powerful S Names for Boys

Finally, for parents seeking powerful and regal-sounding names, consider options like Siddharth, Stefan, Sultan, Salvatore, Santino, Saul, Shawn, Shane, Salman, Shay, and Sherwin. These names often carry strong meanings and exude confidence.

Name Origin Meaning
Siddharth Sanskrit Accomplished, prosperous
Stefan Greek Crown, garland
Sultan Arabic Ruler, king
Salvatore Italian Savior
Santino Italian Little saint
Saul Hebrew Asked for, prayed for

As a parent, you have numerous options to choose from when it comes to S names for your baby boy. Keep in mind the origin, meaning, and sound of the names you consider to find one that is truly special for your little one.

Cultural and Regional S Boy Names

In various cultures and regions around the world, S has been a popular letter to start boy names. Let’s explore some notable names that are well-loved and carry significant meanings.

In Indian culture, Shiva is a powerful name as it refers to the Hindu god of destruction and transformation. Samarth is another Indian name that signifies strength and capabilities. Both names evoke a sense of prowess and might.

Many S names carry auspicious meanings, such as Shaurya, which suggests bravery and valor. Similarly, Santana has a positive connotation in multiple cultures, including Latin American and Indian, as it can represent a harmonious and peaceful personality.

Here are some more S names with their meanings:

Name Meaning
Sammy Diminutive of Samuel, meaning “asked of God”
Shaun Variant of Sean, meaning “God is gracious”
Sagan Wise one
Shalom Peace
Sloan Little bear
Sanders Son of Alexander, meaning “defender of man”

In Western cultures, names like Stephen and Sire have been prevalent. Stephen originates from the Greek name Stefanos and denotes a “crown” or “garland.” On the other hand, Sire has a regal touch, referring to a lord or a person of authority.

Some S names have interesting numerical associations. The name Seven has spiritual and numerological significance, as it is considered a lucky number in many cultures.

Choosing a name that reflects a child’s heritage and culture is vital for some families, and several S names have strong connections to their roots. Names such as Sanford and Sargent have English origins, while Shaun is an Irish variant of the name John.

S Boy Names Inspired by Nature and Power

The search for unique boy names that start with “S” can be both exciting and somewhat overwhelming at times. This section will focus on names inspired by nature and power, appealing to the parents who look for strong and grounded names for their newborns. Utilizing your requirements, here is a curated list of interesting names that combine natural elements, strength and are sure to make a statement.

Nature-Themed Names:

  • Sam (leaves): A short and sweet option for individuals looking for a nature-inspired name. Sam can be a standalone name, or short for Samuel, meaning “asked of God.”
  • Sebastian (tree): Derived from Greek, Sebastian can be associated with strength and majesty, much like a tree with deep roots and towering presence.
  • Sterling (forest): Signifying both monetary weight and elegance, Sterling is imbued with connotations of strength and stability. It could be associated with the forest, a perfect place to find strength and serenity.
  • Sky: A calming and all-encompassing name that represents open space, air, and freedom. With its connections to nature and infinite possibilities, Sky is certainly an uplifting choice.

Powerful Names:

  • Sol (sun): Deriving from the Latin word for the sun, Sol is a powerful name that signifies brightness, warmth, and energy. The sun is often associated with unwavering strength and persistence, making Sol an excellent choice for parents seeking intensity and power.
  • Silas (wood, forest): With roots in the Latin and Greek languages, Silas has a close connection to nature and indicates woody or forest-like qualities. Its natural and powerful vibe will undoubtedly make it a strong choice for parents.
  • Salem (peace): Originating in Hebrew, this name is imbued with peace and tranquility. Its powerful message of unity and harmony is something many parents look for when choosing a name for their child.
  • Stone: A name suggestive of power, strength, and unbreakable will, Stone is the perfect choice for those who want their little boy’s name to symbolize resilience and fortitude.

Unique Names with Power and Nature Themes:

  • Saxon: Representing a storied Germanic tribe and ethnic group, Saxon is unique and bold, making it perfect for parents seeking a strong name with historical roots.
  • Sage: A name that combines nature and wisdom, Sage is elegant, gender-neutral, and often associated with the calming, aromatic herb. It symbolizes soothing power and a wealth of knowledge.

With such a wide range of nature and power-inspired boy names that start with “S,” it’s never been easier to find a name that matches your parenting values and personal preferences. From the tranquility of Sam and Sky to the steadfast resilience of Stone and Sol, this list offers something special for every future parent.

Uncommon and Unique Boy Names that Start with S

In this section, we will explore some uncommon and unique boy names starting with the letter ‘S.’ These names are not only distinct but also have distinctive meanings, which makes them worth considering for your little one.

Silas is an ancient name of Latin origin. Its meaning varies from “man of the forest” to “the youngest.” It has a certain charm due to its rare usage and connection to nature. Another rare name similar to Silas is Soren, which is of Danish and Norwegian origin and carries the meaning “stern” or “strict.”

A few more unique ‘S’ names you may find interesting include:

  • Sabelo: Of African origin, meaning “we are satisfied.”
  • Saber: A French name meaning “sword,” symbolizing strength and bravery.
  • Sabien: A twist on the name Fabian, it holds a Latin origin and means “bean grower.”
  • Sadler: An Old English name that means “saddle maker.”

For those seeking names with a celestial touch, Sagan is a unique choice. Inspired by the renowned scientist Carl Sagan, the name asserts a strong connection with science and the cosmos. Other cosmic-inspired names to consider are Skyler (meaning “scholar”) and Salem (meaning “peace”), both of which have a celestial touch to them.

For parents who want their baby boy’s name to showcase power and royalty, names like Saxon (meaning “knife” or “single-edged sword”) and Sterling (meaning “little star”) would be apt choices.

On the other hand, if you are looking for ‘S’ names with spiritual or religious connotations, options such as Siddharth (meaning “one who has accomplished a goal”), Solomon (meaning “peaceful”), and Samuel (meaning “heard by God”) might be the perfect fit.

Below is a table highlighting more unique boy names beginning with ‘S’:

Name Origin Meaning
Sage Latin “Wise, knowing”
Samson Hebrew “Sun”
Sanjay Sanskrit “Triumphant, victory”
Santino Italian “Little saint”
Saul Hebrew “Prayed for”
Sean Irish “God is gracious”
Seamus Irish “Supplanter”
Shia Hebrew “Lord, gift from God”
Shiloh Hebrew “Tranquil”
Spencer English “Dispenser of provisions”

List of Boy Names that Start with S

  1. Sabastian
  2. Sabino
  3. Sabir
  4. Sabri
  5. Sacha
  6. Sadiq
  7. Saeed
  8. Safwan
  9. Sage
  10. Sahil
  11. Saif
  12. Sal
  13. Salam
  14. Saleem
  15. Salem
  16. Salim
  17. Salman
  18. Salomon
  19. Sam
  20. Sami
  21. Samir
  22. Sammy
  23. Sampson
  24. Samuel
  25. Samy
  26. Sanjay
  27. Sanjiv
  28. Sante
  29. Santiago
  30. Santos
  31. Sariel
  32. Sarim
  33. Sarmad
  34. Sarvesh
  35. Sascha
  36. Satchel
  37. Sathya
  38. Satish
  39. Saul
  40. Savion
  41. Sawyer
  42. Saxton
  43. Sayed
  44. Sayf
  45. Sayid
  46. Sayyid
  47. Schuyler
  48. Scot
  49. Scott
  50. Sean
  51. Seamus
  52. Sebastian
  53. Sebestian
  54. Sedrick
  55. Seif
  56. Selim
  57. Semaj
  58. Semyon
  59. Seneca
  60. Senen
  61. Sennett
  62. Sepp
  63. Serge
  64. Sergio
  65. Seth
  66. Severin
  67. Sevyn
  68. Seydou
  69. Shad
  70. Shadrach
  71. Shae
  72. Shafiq
  73. Shai
  74. Shain
  75. Shaka
  76. Shakeel
  77. Shamar
  78. Shameer
  79. Shamus
  80. Shan
  81. Shane
  82. Shani
  83. Shann
  84. Shannon
  85. Shant
  86. Shante
  87. Shantel
  88. Shanti
  89. Shaquan
  90. Shaquille
  91. Sharif
  92. Sharod
  93. Shaul
  94. Shaun
  95. Shawn
  96. Shay
  97. Shayne
  98. Shea
  99. Sheamus
  100. Shelby
  101. Sheldon
  102. Shem
  103. Sherwin
  104. Shiloh
  105. Shimon
  106. Shiva
  107. Shivam
  108. Shlomo
  109. Shmuel
  110. Sholom
  111. Shomari
  112. Shon
  113. Shubham
  114. Shukri
  115. Shyam
  116. Siaosi
  117. Sian
  118. Siddharth
  119. Sidney
  120. Siegfried
  121. Simeon
  122. Simon
  123. Simran
  124. Sinclair
  125. Sincere
  126. Sione
  127. Siraj
  128. Sire
  129. Siro
  130. Siva
  131. Skander
  132. Skipper
  133. Sky
  134. Skylar
  135. Slade
  136. Sloan
  137. Smith
  138. Sol
  139. Solomon
  140. Somer
  141. Somerled
  142. Sonny
  143. Sony
  144. Soren
  145. Sorin
  146. Souleymane
  147. Spencer
  148. Spiro
  149. Srikar
  150. Srikanth
  151. Srikantha
  152. Stacey
  153. Staci
  154. Stacy
  155. Stafford
  156. Stan
  157. Stanford
  158. Stanley
  159. Stanton
  160. Star
  161. Starling
  162. Stefan
  163. Steffen
  164. Stefon
  165. Stein
  166. Stellan
  167. Stephan
  168. Stephen
  169. Sterling
  170. Steve
  171. Steven
  172. Stewart
  173. Stig
  174. Stillman
  175. Stockton
  176. Stone
  177. Storm
  178. Strider
  179. Stuart
  180. Styles
  181. Sudhir
  182. Sufyan
  183. Sullivan
  184. Sultan
  185. Sumit
  186. Sunny
  187. Suresh
  188. Surya
  189. Sven
  190. Swen
  191. Syed
  192. Sylvain
  193. Sylvester
  194. Syrus
  195. Szabolcs
  196. Szymon
  197. Saad
  198. Saagar 199
  199. Saban
  200. Saburo
  201. Sachin
  202. Safi
  203. Safir
  204. Sagebrush
  205. Sahar
  206. Sahib
  207. Saifullah
  208. Sajid
  209. Sakari
  210. Saker
  211. Saladin
  212. Salamander
  213. Salathiel
  214. Saleh
  215. Salif
  216. Salimou
  217. Salix
  218. Salko
  219. Salmane
  220. Salsabil
  221. Salty
  222. Salvadore
  223. Salvadoro
  224. Salvatore
  225. Saman
  226. Samandar
  227. Samanuel
  228. Samay
  229. Samer
  230. Samhain
  231. Samiullah
  232. Samman
  233. Samo
  234. Samory
  235. Sampat
  236. Samrat
  237. Samsam
  238. Samson
  239. Samuelson
  240. Sanad
  241. Sanat
  242. Sandeep
  243. Sandor
  244. Sandro
  245. Sandy
  246. Sang
  247. Sangbong
  248. Sangok
  249. Sanjeev
  250. Sankar
  251. Sanket
  252. Santez
  253. Santino
  254. Sanyu
  255. Saphir
  256. Sapphirus
  257. Saqib
  258. Sara
  259. Saral
  260. Saran
  261. Saravanan
  262. Sardar
  263. Sargon
  264. Sariyah
  265. Sarni
  266. Saroj
  267. Sarpedon
  268. Sartaj
  269. Sartej
  270. Sashank
  271. Sashi
  272. Sasho
  273. Sasi
  274. Sasuke
  275. Satheesh
  276. Sathvik
  277. Sathyam
  278. Satnam
  279. Satoru
  280. Sattar
  281. Saumitra
  282. Saundra
  283. Saurabh
  284. Sava
  285. Savan
  286. Saviano
  287. Savionn

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular biblical names beginning with S?

There are several biblical names for boys starting with the letter S. Some of them include:

  • Samuel: A Hebrew name meaning “asked of God” or “heard by God,” Samuel was a prophet and judge in the Old Testament.
  • Solomon: Derived from the Hebrew name Shelomoh, Solomon was a wise and wealthy king in the Old Testament.
  • Seth: Meaning “appointed” or “placed,” Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve in the Bible.
  • Silas: A companion of the apostle Paul, Silas means “wood” or “forest” in Latin.

What are some unique 5-letter names for boys starting with S?

If you are looking for unique 5-letter names for boys starting with S, consider the following options:

  1. Soren: A Danish and Norwegian name meaning “stern” or “strict.”
  2. Slater: An English occupational name for a slate or tile worker.
  3. Saxon: Derived from the Old English word “seax,” meaning a knife or dagger.
  4. Shilo: A variant of Shiloh, which means “peaceful” or “tranquil” in Hebrew.

Can you recommend some African-American boy names starting with S?

Here are a few African-American boy names starting with S:

  1. Sekani: A Tumbuka name of African origin, meaning “to bring joy or happiness.”
  2. Samir: Of Arabic origin, meaning “a companion in the evening conversation” or “entertaining companion.”
  3. Sello: A Sesotho name meaning a “badge” or “emblem” in Sesotho.

What are some 3-letter boy names that begin with S?

Looking for short and sweet three-letter boy names beginning with S? Check these out:

  1. Sam: A short form of Samuel, meaning “asked of God” or “heard by God.”
  2. Sid: Often a short form of Sidney, it can also be a standalone name.
  3. Sol: A short form of Solomon, meaning “peace” in Hebrew.

Which boy names starting with S also end with A?

Some boy names that start with S and end with A include:

  1. Seneca: A Roman philosopher’s name of uncertain meaning, possibly linked to the Latin word “senex,” meaning old or elderly.
  2. Surya: A name of Indian origin, Surya is the Hindu god of the sun.
  3. Shasta: Derived from the Sanskrit word “Shasta,” meaning “teacher” or “preceptor.”

What are some rare or posh male names that start with S?

For rare or posh male names beginning with S, consider the following names:

  1. Sinclair: Of Scottish and Norman origin, it means “from Saint-Clair,” a region in Normandy, France.
  2. Somerset: An English place name that may be considered posh and aristocratic.
  3. Stirling: A Scottish name derived from the city of Stirling in Scotland, often associated with nobility and prestige.
  4. Sebastien: A sophisticated form of Sebastian, a Latin name meaning “venerable” or “revered.”

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