336 Boy Names that Start with T (Trendy T Boy Names)

In this article, we will explore various boy names that start with T, drawing inspiration from different countries, traditions, and name origins. We will also dive into their meanings and the context behind these names, providing you with the information you need to choose the best name for your baby boy.

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Boy Names That Start with T

T names for baby boys are uniquely captivating and offer a variety of options to choose from. In this section, we’ll explore some popular, unique, and international boy names that start with T.

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Popular T Names for Boys

Names such as Thomas, Tucker, and Tristan have gained popularity as classic T names for boys. These names strike a balance between timeless appeal and modernity, making them excellent choices for parents looking for versatile options.

Name Origin
Thomas Greek
Tucker English
Tristan Celtic
Tate English
Theodore Greek
Theo Greek
Tyler English
Timothy Greek
Tobias Greek
Tanner English
Tatum English
Taylor English

Unique T Names for Boys

For parents seeking unique names, consider options such as Tre, Tal, Thorin, and Tiberius. These uncommon and distinctive names are sure to make your child stand out.

Name Origin
Tre English
Tal Hebrew
Thorin Norse
Tiberius Latin

International T Names for Boys

Incorporating international names is an excellent way to bring cultural richness to your child’s identity. Notable international T names include Thiago (Portuguese), Theodor (German), Taj (Persian), Torin (Irish), and Tadeo (Spanish).

Name Origin
Thiago Portuguese
Theodor German
Taj Persian
Torin Irish
Tadeo Spanish

Additionally, here’s a list of T names that cover a diverse range of tones and styles:

  • Tadhg
  • Tam
  • Ted
  • Thaddeus
  • Trent
  • Tobin
  • Tom
  • Tommy
  • Toni
  • Tony
  • Trent
  • Trey
  • Tripp
  • Troy
  • Tyson

With this comprehensive list of T names for boys, finding the perfect name for your baby boy should be a breeze.

Unique Boy Names that Start with T

If you’re searching for unique boy names that start with the letter T, you’ve come to the right place. In this section, we’ll explore some interesting and lesser-known options for names beginning with the letter T, providing you with a diverse list to choose from.

Tzvi is a distinctive name with Hebrew origins and has the meaning “deer” or “gazelle.” Though uncommon in many parts of the world, Tzvi has gained popularity in Jewish communities and stands out as a unique choice for a baby boy.

Terrell is another interesting choice for parents looking for uncommon T names. With African-American and French origins, Terrell means “stubborn” or “puller.” This name offers a modern and distinct sound, making it a perfect choice for parents who desire something unique.

Name Origin Meaning
Tahj African Short for Tahjimal
Talon Old French Large claw of a bird
Tariq Arabic Morning star
Teagan Irish Attractive; poet

Apart from Tzvi, Terrell, and Tahj, there are many other names beginning with T that offer a unique character, cultural background, and meaning. By exploring the names in the table above, and those from various origins and languages, you can find the perfect name that resonates with your personal preferences and family heritage.

Popular Boy Names in T

The letter ‘T’ offers a variety of boy names with different origins and meanings, providing parents with many options to find the perfect name for their little one. In this section, we will explore some popular ‘T’ names for baby boys, including those in the top 100 list, as well as some unique options that may appeal to you.

Theodore, a name originating from Greek and meaning “gift of God,” ranks as one of the top ‘T’ names for baby boys. The name has been used by several saints, two popes, and even an American president, Theodore Roosevelt. Another top ‘T’ name from the Greek origin is Thomas, which means “twin.”

Name Meaning
Theodore Gift of God
Thomas Twin

There are also several popular ‘T’ names for boys with different cultural backgrounds, such as Tyson, which means “son of a German,” Tomas, a Spanish version of Thomas, and Tenzin, a Tibetan name meaning “holder of teachings.”

Name Meaning
Tyson Son of a German
Tomas Twin (Spanish)
Tenzin Holder of teachings

If you’re looking for unique ‘T’ names, some options include Thatcher, which means “roof thatcher,” Turner, a name of English origin meaning “woodworker,” and Tiago, a Portuguese variant of James meaning “supplanter.”

Name Meaning
Thatcher Roof Thatcher
Turner Woodworker
Tiago Supplanter

For parents who prefer trendy names, Taylen, Tylan, and Tayden are modern options that have gained popularity recently.

Name Origin
Taylen Modern
Tylan Modern
Tayden Modern

Other ‘T’ names with storied history or unique meanings include Tyrone, Tariq, Tyree, Teagan, Townes, Tyrell, Trevon, Tyce, Tamir, Treyson, Thompson, Theron, and more. These names showcase the diversity and depth of ‘T’ names for baby boys.

T Boy Names: Trends and Considerations

When it comes to naming a baby boy with a name that starts with “T,” there are many aspects to consider. Parenting trends, popularity, and potential meanings behind the names are all important factors. In this section, we will discuss some key considerations for selecting a “T” name for your baby boy.

Parenting Trends

Modern parenting trends focus on giving children unique and meaningful names. Many parents choose names that reflect their beliefs, values, or heritage. As a result, creative names like Trig and Tristen have gained popularity. These names demonstrate individuality while also carrying the essence of classic “T” names.

Popular Baby Boy Names with T

Here are some popular baby boy names that start with “T” in a table format:

Name Popularity Meaning
Tanner #358 Leather tanner
Tate #305 Cheerful
Thiago #141 To follow or supplanter
Titus Not ranked Unknown

Meaning and Cultural Significance

Names like Trig and Tristen carry distinct meanings and cultural backgrounds. Trig, for instance, is derived from Old Norse and translates to “true, trustworthy.” On the other hand, Tristen is a variant of the name Tristan, which means “sorrowful” or “full of sorrow” in Old French.

Closing Thoughts

Selecting a baby boy name that starts with “T” can be an exciting journey for parents-to-be. With so many choices available, considering factors such as parenting trends, popularity, and potential name meanings can help parents make the best decision possible for their child.

List of Boy Names that Start with T

  1. Tad
  2. Tadeo
  3. Tadhg
  4. Tae
  5. Taegan
  6. Taelor
  7. Taft
  8. Tag
  9. Taggart
  10. Tahj
  11. Tai
  12. Taichi
  13. Taiga
  14. Taimur
  15. Taino
  16. Taisei
  17. Taishi
  18. Tait
  19. Taite
  20. Taiwo
  21. Taj
  22. Taji
  23. Tajuan
  24. Takashi
  25. Takeo
  26. Takoda
  27. Takumi
  28. Tal
  29. Tala
  30. Talan
  31. Talen
  32. Talha
  33. Talib
  34. Talin
  35. Talis
  36. Talmadge
  37. Talon
  38. Tam
  39. Tamir
  40. Tammuz
  41. Tamon
  42. Tan
  43. Tane
  44. Taneesh
  45. Taneli
  46. Tani
  47. Tanish
  48. Tanner
  49. Tansen
  50. Tanton
  51. Tarek
  52. Tarik
  53. Tariq
  54. Tarquin
  55. Tarrance
  56. Tarrant
  57. Tarrence
  58. Taryn
  59. Taseen
  60. Tashaun
  61. Tashawn
  62. Tashon
  63. Tasman
  64. Tate
  65. Taten
  66. Tatsuya
  67. Tatum
  68. Taurin
  69. Tavares
  70. Tavaris
  71. Taven
  72. Tavian
  73. Tavien
  74. Tavin
  75. Tavion
  76. Tavish
  77. Tavon
  78. Tavoris
  79. Tavyn
  80. Tawfiq
  81. Tawheed
  82. Tawhid
  83. Tawny
  84. Tawson
  85. Taw
  86. Tawsif
  87. Tay
  88. Tayden
  89. Taye
  90. Taylan
  91. Taylen
  92. Taylor
  93. Tayo
  94. Tayron
  95. Taysen
  96. Tayshaun
  97. Tayshawn
  98. Taysir
  99. Tayson
  100. Taz
  101. Tazio
  102. Teagan
  103. Teague
  104. Teal
  105. Teegan
  106. Teigen
  107. Tejas
  108. Tejay
  109. Tek
  110. Tekoa
  111. Tel
  112. Telford
  113. Tell
  114. Teller
  115. Telly
  116. Temiloluwa
  117. Temitayo
  118. Tempest
  119. Temple
  120. Temujin
  121. Tench
  122. Tennyson
  123. Teo
  124. Teodoro
  125. Teofilo
  126. Teon
  127. Tequan
  128. Teran
  129. Terance
  130. Terek
  131. Terell
  132. Terence
  133. Terick
  134. Tero
  135. Terran
  136. Terrel
  137. Terrell
  138. Terrence
  139. Terrenz
  140. Terrick
  141. Terrill
  142. Terrin
  143. Terrion
  144. Terris
  145. Terron
  146. Terry
  147. Teryl
  148. Teshaun
  149. Teshawn
  150. Teshon
  151. Teslin
  152. Tetsu
  153. Tev
  154. Tevin
  155. Tevion
  156. Tevis
  157. Tevon
  158. Tewodros
  159. Thabang
  160. Thacher
  161. Thad
  162. Thadeus
  163. Thaddeus
  164. Thaddeusz
  165. Thadius
  166. Thain
  167. Thales
  168. Thane
  169. Thang
  170. Thanh
  171. Tharon
  172. Thatcher
  173. Thayer
  174. Theis
  175. Thelonious
  176. Theo
  177. Theobald
  178. Theodis
  179. Theodore
  180. Theodoros
  181. Theophilus
  182. Theron
  183. Therron
  184. Thibault
  185. Thien
  186. Thierry
  187. Thinh
  188. Thobias
  189. Thoedore
  190. Thoma
  191. Thomas
  192. Thompson
  193. Thoms
  194. Thor
  195. Thoran
  196. Thoren
  197. Thorin
  198. Thorndike
  199. Thornton
  200. Thorp
  201. Thorpe
  202. Thorsen
  203. Thorson
  204. Thos
  205. Thurl
  206. Thurlow
  207. Thurman
  208. Thurmond
  209. Thurston
  210. Thuy
  211. Thy
  212. Thyago
  213. Thys
  214. Tiaan
  215. Tiam
  216. Tiberius
  217. Tibor
  218. Tice
  219. Tidus
  220. Tiernan
  221. Ties
  222. Tiger
  223. Tigran
  224. Tihomir
  225. Tilden
  226. Tiler
  227. Tilman
  228. Tilo
  229. Tim
  230. Timaeus
  231. Timarion
  232. Timbaland
  233. Timber
  234. Timmy
  235. Timofey
  236. Timothy
  237. Timoteo
  238. Timoteus
  239. Timur
  240. Tinashe
  241. Tino
  242. Tinsley
  243. Tintin
  244. Tion
  245. Tione
  246. Tionne
  247. Tip
  248. Tipton
  249. Tirrell
  250. Tirth
  251. Tito
  252. Titus
  253. Tivon
  254. Tiyon
  255. Tjay
  256. Tobe
  257. Tobechukwu
  258. Toben
  259. Tobey
  260. Tobias
  261. Tobin
  262. Tobit
  263. Tobiya
  264. Todor
  265. Tola
  266. Tol
  267. Tolan
  268. Toland
  269. Tolbert
  270. Toler
  271. Toli
  272. Tollie
  273. Tolly
  274. Tom
  275. Tomas
  276. Tomasz
  277. Tome
  278. Tomer
  279. Tomi
  280. Tommie
  281. Tommy
  282. Tonatiuh
  283. Toney
  284. Toni
  285. Tonio
  286. Tonny
  287. Tony
  288. Tonyo
  289. Tora
  290. Toran
  291. Toren
  292. Torey
  293. Tori
  294. Torian
  295. Toriano
  296. Toribio
  297. Torin
  298. Torion
  299. Torrance
  300. Torre
  301. Torrence
  302. Torrey
  303. Torrian
  304. Torrie
  305. Torrin
  306. Torris
  307. Torry
  308. Tory
  309. Toryn
  310. Tosan
  311. Toshiro
  312. Tovia
  313. Toviya
  314. Towa
  315. Trace
  316. Tracey
  317. Traci
  318. Tracie
  319. Traco
  320. Trae
  321. Trai
  322. Traian
  323. Traiden
  324. Trajan
  325. Tramaine
  326. Tramel
  327. Tramell
  328. Tramond
  329. Tramonte
  330. Tran
  331. Trapper
  332. Trasean
  333. Trashaun
  334. Trashawn
  335. Trask
  336. Travell

Frequently Asked Questions

What are popular boy names beginning with T?

Theodore, Thomas, Theo, Thiago, and Tyler are some popular boy names that start with T. These names have been quite popular in recent years and have diverse origins and meanings.

What are some unique T-starting boy names?

Some unique boy names starting with T include Tatum (meaning ‘Tata’s homestead’), Taffy (meaning ‘beloved’ or ‘uncle’), and Taylor (meaning ‘tailor’). These names have a distinctive sound and might be appealing to parents looking for something a bit less common.

What are some 5-letter boys names starting with T?

Here are a few 5-letter boy names starting with T:

  1. Titus
  2. Tripp
  3. Truitt
  4. Tayte
  5. Tavis

These names are not as common as some other T-starting names, which could make them great options for parents seeking something unique.

What are some rare T-starting boy names?

Rare T-starting boy names can include:

  1. Turlough
  2. Thorvald
  3. Thrain
  4. Tauriel
  5. Taddeo

These names may have historical or cultural significance, but they are not as widely used, making them unique options for those seeking something different.

What are some T letter Hindu names for a boy?

Here is a list of some T letter Hindu names for a boy:

  1. Tanmay
  2. Tejas
  3. Trilok
  4. Tarak
  5. Tushar

These names have beautiful and spiritual meanings, reflecting their roots in Hindu culture.

What are some uncommon boy names that begin with T?

Uncommon boy names beginning with T might include:

  1. Tobin
  2. Teague
  3. Tarquin
  4. Thane
  5. Torsten

These lesser-known names have varied origins, adding an interesting aspect to their uncommon nature.

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