168 Boy Names that Start with U (Unique U Names for Boys)

If you’re exploring boy names that start with U, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will dive into a variety of boy names beginning with “U,” providing a comprehensive list for you to choose from and make your little one stand out from the crowd.

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Boy Names That Start with U

U names for baby boys are relatively uncommon, but their unique nature can make them an appealing choice for parents seeking something distinctive. In this section, we will explore the popularity of various U names, offering examples of popular baby boy names that start with U, and discussing their meanings and origins.

Boy Names that Start with U

In recent years, some U names have gained modest popularity in the United States. For example, Uriah, meaning “Yahweh is my light,” ranked 696th in 2022, only slightly lower than its 2021 ranking. This name demonstrates the increasing interest in U names for baby boys, although they remain relatively rare compared to other letter categories.

A few other examples of popular U names for baby boys include:

  • Uilliam: An Irish twist on the classic name William, which means “resolute protector.”
  • Ulises: A variant of the name Ulysses, derived from the famous Greek hero Odysseus, known for his intelligence and resourcefulness.

Despite the limited number of popular U names for baby boys, there remains a wide variety of options available for parents searching for a unique name. To provide a more comprehensive perspective, the following table lists some examples of U names along with their meanings and origins:

Name Meaning Origin
Umar Long-lived, flourishing Arabic
Uden Little bear English
Upton From the high estate English
Ulysses Wounded in the thigh Greek
Ugo Intelligent, thoughtful Italian

Parents considering U names for their baby boys should be aware that while these names are less common, they often possess strong meanings and unique origins. By exploring the variety of U names available, parents can find an exceptional and meaningful name for their child.

Common U Names for Baby Boys

Umar and Umer

Umar is a popular Arabic boy name, derived from the root “A-M-R” which means “to live” or “to thrive.” Its variations include Umer and Omar. It is a common name among Muslims, as Umar ibn Al-Khattab was one of the most influential companions of the Prophet Muhammad. In contrast, Umer is a slightly less common variant, but still holds the same meaning and significance.

Some examples of boy names related to Umar and Umer are:

  • Umar – Arabic: Flourishing, long-lived
  • Umer – Variant of Umar
  • Umair – Arabic: Intelligent
Name Origin Meaning
Umar Arabic Flourishing, long-lived
Umer Arabic Variant of Umar
Umair Arabic Intelligent

Uriel and Uriah

Uriel and Uriah are both Hebrew-origin boy names with strong biblical ties. Uriel means “God is my light,” while Uriah (and its variant Uriyah) means “Yahweh is my light.” Both names have gained popularity in recent years, with Uriah ranking within the top 1000 names in the US.

Examples of Uriel and Uriah related names are:

  • Uriel – Hebrew: God is my light
  • Uriah – Hebrew: Yahweh is my light
  • Uriyah – Variant of Uriah
Name Origin Meaning
Uriel Hebrew God is my light
Uriah Hebrew Yahweh is my light
Uriyah Hebrew Variant of Uriah

Ulysses and Ulises

Ulysses is a Latin-origin boy name, a Latinized form of the Greek name Odysseus, who was the hero of Homer’s epic poem Odyssey. Ulises is its Spanish variant, and both names are strong and unique choices for baby boys. They carry the meaning “wounded” or “scarred” in reference to the stories of Odysseus.

Examples of Ulysses and Ulises related names are:

  • Ulysses – Latin: Wounded, scarred
  • Ulises – Spanish: Variant of Ulysses
Name Origin Meaning
Ulysses Latin Wounded, scarred
Ulises Spanish Variant of Ulysses

Ulrich and Ulric

Ulrich and Ulric are German-origin boy names that mean “powerful ruler” or “noble ruler.” Both names have a strong presence and carry an aura of leadership. Ulric is a more modern and simplified variant of Ulrich, while Ulrich maintains a more traditional European flair.

Examples of Ulrich and Ulric related names are:

  • Ulrich – German: Powerful, noble ruler
  • Ulric – German: Variant of Ulrich
Name Origin Meaning
Ulrich German Powerful, noble ruler
Ulric German Variant of Ulrich

Unique Boy Names that Start with U

Uston and Udo

Uston and Udo are great examples of unique baby boy names that start with the letter “U.” Uston, a rare name, can be a distinctive alternative to the more common name Ashton. Udo, a German name, has a strong and bold meaning, “wealthy or prosperous.”

Name Origin Meaning
Udo German Wealthy, Prosperous

Usama and Urbain

Another pair of unique names are Usama and Urbain. Usama, an Arabic name, means “lion” signifying bravery and strength. Additionally, Usama Bin Laden, the infamous terrorist, might be a strong association to consider. Urbain, a French variant of the name Urban, means “from the city” and can be a good option for parents looking for a stylish and sophisticated name.

Name Origin Meaning
Usama Arabic Lion
Urbain French From the city

Ulfr and Urban

Ulfr and Urban are two more intriguing names for baby boys starting with “U.” Ulfr, a Nordic name, means “wolf,” a powerful symbol of strength and tenacity. Urban, a Latin name, has a trendy, modern feel with its meaning “from the city.”

Name Origin Meaning
Ulfr Nordic Wolf
Urban Latin From the city

Urso and Usain

Finally, Urso and Usain are two captivating names for baby boys. Urso, derived from the Latin word “ursus,” means “bear,” symbolizing strength and courage. Usain, a variant of the Arabic name Husayn, gained popularity due to the Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt.

Name Origin Meaning
Urso Latin Bear
Usain Arabic

Here is a list of other unique U names, some mentioned inqueryParams:

Name Origin Meaning
Usman Arabic Companion, friend
Uthman Arabic Companion
Uzziel Hebrew God is my strength
Udayan Indian Rising
Udolf German Wealthy, Prosperous
Uzair Hebrew Helper
Unwin English Unfriendly, enemy
Utah Native American Top of the mountain

Cool Boy Names that Start with U

In this section, we will explore some unique and interesting baby boy names that begin with the letter “U.”

Uilliam and Utah

  • Uilliam: This Irish variation of the classic name William means “resolute protector,” and offers a unique twist to honor any Williams in your family, or perhaps a famous William that you admire.
  • Utah: This name is inspired by the state of Utah in the United States, and carries with it the natural beauty and vast landscapes of the region.

Ulugbek and Umberto

  • Ulugbek: Ulugbek is a name of Uzbek origin that means “great ruler.” It carries a strong and regal presence, making it a distinct choice for a baby boy.
  • Umberto: Of Italian origin, this name means “bright bear.” Umberto has a distinguished and charming quality to it that sets it apart from other names.

Umbert and Ulas

  • Umbert: Umbert is a variant of the name Umberto and shares the same meaning, “bright bear.” This name has a unique and sophisticated air to it, making it a great option for a baby boy.
  • Ulas: Ulas is a rare name of Turkish origin that means “fame” or “glory.” This name embodies a sense of greatness and prestige, making it a unique choice for your baby boy.

In addition to these highlighted names, here are some other unique boy names that start with “U”:

Name Origin Meaning
Usher English “doorkeeper”
Uday Indian “to rise”
Ugo Italian “mind, heart, spirit”
Urban Latin “city dweller”
Upton English “upper settlement”
Ullo Unknown  
Ubertlinde German “shining overlord”
Uton English “hill town”
Udo German “prosperous, fortunate”
Urbain French “city dweller”
Uta German “rich, wealthy”
Uther Welsh “terrible”
Ucci Unknown  
Kiran Unknown  
Urns Unknown  
Ulliam Unknown  
Ukiah Native American “deep valley”
Uluc Unknown  

U Boy Name Styles and Forms

U Nicknames for Boys

When it comes to the boy names that start with U, there are several nicknames that can be derived from longer names. Here are some examples:

Full Name Nickname
Ulysses Uly
Uriel Uri
Umar Umi

These nicknames make it easy for friends and family to call their loved ones by a shortened version of their full name.

Middle Names that Start with U

Choosing a middle name that goes well with a first name starting with U can be tricky. Here are some suggestions that complement the U-names well:

U-Name Middle Name
Ugo James
Upton William
Ukrit Alexander

Selecting a middle name that flows well with the first name can create a harmonious and stylish combination.

Gender-Neutral Names that Start with U

Finding gender-neutral names that start with U can be a bit of a challenge because U names are relatively rare. However, there are options available for those who prefer a unisex name:

  • Unique
  • Urban
  • Utah

These names can be used for both boys and girls without leaning too heavily towards masculine or feminine characteristics, making them ideal for parents looking to avoid strictly gendered naming conventions.

List of Boy Names that Start with U

  1. Uba
  2. Ubaldo
  3. Uberto
  4. Uday
  5. Udayan
  6. Udell
  7. Udi
  8. Udin
  9. Udo
  10. Udoka
  11. Udom
  12. Udson
  13. Uel
  14. Ugo
  15. Ugur
  16. Uilleam
  17. Uisdean
  18. Ujala
  19. Ujesh
  20. Ujjal
  21. Ujwal
  22. Ukiah
  23. Ukiyo
  24. Ulan
  25. Ulani
  26. Ulf
  27. Uli
  28. Ulises
  29. Ulisse
  30. Ulisses
  31. Ullas
  32. Ullin
  33. Ullo
  34. Ulric
  35. Ulrich
  36. Ulrick
  37. Ulrik
  38. Ulrikh
  39. Ulrikke
  40. Ulrikus
  41. Ulrichus
  42. Ultan
  43. Ulton
  44. Uly
  45. Ulyesses
  46. Ulysses
  47. Ulysseus
  48. Ulysse
  49. Ulysseys
  50. Uma
  51. Umair
  52. Umar
  53. Umberto
  54. Umesh
  55. Umi
  56. Umit
  57. Umran
  58. Unaiz
  59. Unai
  60. Unal
  61. Unas
  62. Unax
  63. Unay
  64. Undra
  65. Uner
  66. Unewa
  67. Unice
  68. Uniique
  69. Unique
  70. Unis
  71. Uniss
  72. Unite
  73. Unity
  74. Unk
  75. Unkas
  76. Unni
  77. Uno
  78. Unos
  79. Unrue
  80. Unwin
  81. Unwyn
  82. Upal
  83. Upamanyu
  84. Upendra
  85. Upesh
  86. Upkar
  87. Upton
  88. Upul
  89. Uqba
  90. Ur
  91. Ura
  92. Ural
  93. Uram
  94. Urban
  95. Urbano
  96. Urbanski
  97. Urd
  98. Uren
  99. Uri
  100. Uriah
  101. Urias
  102. Uribe
  103. Uriel
  104. Uriell
  105. Urien
  106. Urijah
  107. Urik
  108. Urin
  109. Urion
  110. Urko
  111. Urmas
  112. Urmet
  113. Urmo
  114. Urquhart
  115. Urri
  116. Urry
  117. Urs
  118. Ursel
  119. Ursin
  120. Ursinus
  121. Ursio
  122. Ursu
  123. Ursus
  124. Urtzi
  125. Urwin
  126. Urz
  127. Urza
  128. Usher
  129. Ushma
  130. Usiel
  131. Usman
  132. Ustin
  133. Uthman
  134. Utkarsh
  135. Uto
  136. Utpal
  137. Utz
  138. Utzi
  139. Uwe
  140. Uwem
  141. Uzair
  142. Uzi
  143. Uziel
  144. Uzma
  145. Uzoma
  146. Uzziel
  147. Uzziah
  148. Uzzie
  149. Uzzil
  150. Uzziey
  151. Uzzwal
  152. Uzzwell
  153. Uzziye
  154. Uzziyel
  155. Uzziyeh
  156. Uzziyil
  157. Uzziyo
  158. Uzziyon
  159. Uzziyot
  160. Uzziyov
  161. Uzziyow
  162. Uzziyu
  163. Uzziyus
  164. Uzzul
  165. Uzzulon
  166. Uzzulor
  167. Uzzulun
  168. Uzzulyn

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular boy names beginning with U?

Uriel, Uriah, and Urijah are some popular boy names that start with the letter U. These names rank in the US top 1000 list. You can find more popular U-starting boy names in the following table:

Name Origin Meaning
Uriel Hebrew “God is my light”
Uriah Hebrew “God is my light”
Urijah Hebrew “God is my light”

What are some unique U-starting boy names?

If you are looking for unique and unusual baby boy names beginning with the letter U, consider the following options:

Name Origin Meaning
Umberto Italian “Renowned warrior”
Ulysses Greek “To be angry”
Upton English “Upper town”

What are some Hindu boy names starting with U?

Here are a few Hindu boy names starting with the letter U along with their meanings:

Name Origin Meaning
Uday Hindu “To rise, dawn, sunrise”
Umesh Hindu “Lord Shiva, Lord of Uma”
Utkarsh Hindu “An elevated person, progress”

What are some unisex names beginning with U?

Unisex names that start with U are more uncommon, but there are a few options:

Name Origin Meaning
Unni Norse “Modest, mild”
Uzair Arabic “Helper, supporter”

What are some rare boy names starting with U?

If you’re looking for rare boy names starting with U, here are some options to consider:

Name Origin Meaning
Urvil Indian “Ocean”
Uzziel Hebrew “God is my strength”

Are there any boy names starting with U that mean wolf?

Yes, there is a name starting with U that means wolf:

Name Origin Meaning
Udolph German “Noble wolf”

Remember to choose the name that resonates with you and goes well with your family’s values and preferences.

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