227 Boy Names that Start with V (Cool V Names for Boys)

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be an exciting yet daunting task. If you’re searching for unique and meaningful options, boy names that start with V offer a wide variety of choices that are both distinctive and memorable. In this article, we will explore a diverse selection of baby boy names starting with the letter V, compiling lists and tables to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

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Boy Names that Start with V

The letter V is not as commonly used for boy names as some other letters, which makes these names stand out and gives a distinctive touch to your child’s identity. Some popular baby boy names that start with V include:

Boy Names that Start with V

  • Vincent, a name of Latin origin meaning “conquering”.
  • Vivian, derived from the Latin name Vivianus, which means “alive, lively”.
  • Victor, a strong name that signifies “conqueror” or “winner”.

These names are popular choices for parents who want strong, unique names for their baby boys that will also give them a sense of individuality. Here are some more baby boy names starting with V:

Name Origin Meaning
Valentino Italian “strong, healthy, brave”
Vincenzo Italian “conqueror, victor, from Vincent”
Vicente Spanish “conquering, victorious”
Valery French “strong, healthy, brave”
Vance Middle English “from the marshland, bog”
Vaughn Welsh “small, little, junior, from the name Fychan”

Apart from these names, there are several other options that you can consider while looking for boy names starting with V. Some lesser-known but equally captivating names are:

  • Viaan: Hindu origin, meaning “full of life and energy”
  • Van: A short form of several names like Ivan and Vander, meaning “god’s gift” or “of the family”
  • Varun: Hindu origin, meaning “the God of water”

With a variety of baby boy names to choose from, the letter V provides a plethora of options that cater to various cultures, origins, and meanings. Selecting a name for your baby boy that starts with V can give him a unique and memorable identity while still carrying sentiments of strength, victory, and life.

Popular Boy Names Starting with V

The letter ‘V’ offers a variety of unique and powerful names for baby boys. These names often come with a rich history and strong meanings, making them an excellent choice for parents who want to give their child a distinctive identity. In this section, we will explore some popular and diverse boy names that start with ‘V’, ‘Vi’, ‘Vic’, ‘Vin’, and ‘Va’.

V Names

Name Origin Meaning
Varun Hindu Mythology Lord of the waters
Viaan Indian Full of life
Vangelis Greek Good tidings, messenger

Vi Names

Name Origin Meaning
Victor Latin Conqueror, winner
Vincent Latin Conquering
Vijay Sanskrit Victory
Vikram Sanskrit Valor, Prowess

Vin Names

Name Origin Meaning
Vincent Latin Conquering
Vincenzo Italian Conqueror
Vinay Hindi Good manners, humility

Vic Names

Name Origin Meaning
Victor Latin Conqueror, winner
Vick English Victory, conqueror

Va Names

Name Origin Meaning
Vale Latin Valley
Van Dutch From
Vance English Thresher in a barn

Boy Names that Begin with ‘V’ in the UK

In the United Kingdom, baby boy names that start with the letter ‘V’ offer a unique charm and blend of cultural influences that arise from its diverse historical background. The names featured in this section carry an air of confidence and sophistication, while maintaining a neutral and understandable tone for your readers.

Popular V names in the UK:

  • Victor: a classic name that means ‘conqueror’ or ‘winner.’
  • Vincent: a timeless choice, meaning ‘to conquer’ or ‘prevailing.’
  • Vaughn: a Welsh origin name meaning ‘small’ or ‘little.’
  • Vernon: an English name with a connotation of ‘place of alders.’
  • Valentino: an Italian variant of Valentine, meaning ‘strong’ or ‘healthy.’

To further explore the letter ‘V,’ here’s a list of names that are popular, unique, or bear a connection to the UK’s rich cultural heritage:

Name Origin Meaning
Vale English ‘Lives in the valley’ or ‘valley’
Vance English ‘From the marsh’ or ‘marsh dweller’
Vladimir Slavic ‘To rule with greatness’ or ‘famous’
Vito Italian ‘Life’ or ‘life-giving’
Vivian Latin ‘Alive’ or ‘full of life’
Virgil Roman ‘Staff bearer’ or ‘vibrant energy’
Valor Latin ‘Courage’ or ‘bravery’

Unique and Unusual Boy Names that Start with V

When it comes to naming your baby boy, choosing a unique name that starts with the letter V can be a perfect way to give your child an identity that stands out while remaining both meaningful and beautiful. In this section, we have gathered a collection of distinctive and rare boy names starting with V for your consideration.

Viggo is a Scandinavian name with Danish and Norwegian origins that has gained popularity due to its strong character and association with the actor Viggo Mortensen. This name conveys qualities of bravery, leadership, and determination.

Valor is a Latin-derived name that evokes qualities of courage, boldness, and determination. This rare and powerful name is an excellent choice for parents who want their child to be a symbol of strength and perseverance when faced with challenges.

Name Origin Meaning
Viggo Scandinavian War, Fight
Valor Latin Courage

Another unique and rarely used name is Virgil. With its Roman roots and poetic connotations, Virgil has a strong historical and artistic background. This name is also associated with great intellect, depth, and creativity.

Vito is a vibrant Italian name that means “life.” This appealing and energetic name has a positive connotation and can be an excellent choice for parents seeking a name with a lively and optimistic feel.

Name Origin Meaning
Virgil Roman Staff-bearer
Vito Italian Life

Here are some more unique names that you can consider for your baby boy:

  • Vance: Originating from England, this name is related to “advancement” and signifies a person moving forward.
  • Vaughn: A Welsh name that represents nobility and the color gold, evoking a sense of richness and power.
  • Veer: With Indian roots, this name emphasizes values of courage and bravery.

Unisex Names with V

Unisex names that start with the letter V have gained popularity in recent years. These names offer a fresh, unique, and modern touch to your baby’s name. The list below showcases some popular unisex names starting with V:

Names Nature-Inspired Modern

In this section, we will discuss some of these unisex names and their origins, meanings, and attributes. These names cover a range of themes and styles, ensuring there will be something for everyone’s taste.

Vale, a name with roots in Latin and English, means “valley.” This name carries a tranquil, nature-inspired vibe, making it an appealing choice for parents seeking a more serene and peaceful name. Vanya, on the other hand, comes from Russian and Slavic roots, meaning “God is gracious.” This name, with its spiritual connotations, adds depth and character to your baby’s name.

For those seeking more modern and edgy names, Valo is a unique and rare choice originating from the Finnish language, meaning “light.” Another modern, gender-neutral option is Van, which is of Dutch origin, meaning “from.” The name Van implies a strong and independent personality.

Names like Vida and Vega have connections to nature and the cosmos. Vida, which means “life” in Spanish, conveys vibrancy and positivity. Vega, a name of Arabic origin, represents a prominent star in the constellation Lyra. This celestial name is perfect for parents looking for something sophisticated and out-of-the-ordinary.

Famous Names that Start with V

Victor has a strong presence in history and pop culture. Derived from the Latin term for “conqueror”, this name has been held by notable figures such as Victor Hugo, the French writer famous for works like Les Misérables, and Victor Fleming, the director behind classic films like The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind.

Valentin is another popular choice that evokes romantic charm. Inspired by Saint Valentine, this name gained prominence across Europe. Well-known bearers include Valentin Serov, a Russian painter, and Valentin Glushko, a pioneering Soviet rocket engineer.

Victor Valentin
Victor Hugo Valentin Serov
Victor Fleming Valentin Glushko

The name Van has a more modern and artistic appeal. It can be found among creatives such as Van Morrison, an influential Irish musician, and Van Jones, an American political commentator.

Valen, Val, Vale, and Vance are all unique variations that offer distinct styles and personalities. These names may not have as many famous bearers, but their rarity adds an element of intrigue and individuality.

Finally, Vincent is a classic choice with a timeless quality. Derived from the Latin term for “conquering,” Vincent has plenty of notable examples such as Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch post-Impressionist painter, and Vincent Price, the legendary American actor known for his distinctive voice.

Van Vincent
Van Morrison Vincent van Gogh
Van Jones Vincent Price

List of Boy Names that Start with V

  1. Vaclav
  2. Vaden
  3. Vadim
  4. Vail
  5. Val
  6. Valdemar
  7. Valentin
  8. Valerian
  9. Valery
  10. Vance
  11. Vander
  12. Vandy
  13. Vanek
  14. Vanir
  15. Vann
  16. Vanya
  17. Varian
  18. Varick
  19. Varun
  20. Vasco
  21. Vasil
  22. Vassar
  23. Vasily
  24. Vaughn
  25. Vayden
  26. Vayl
  27. Ved
  28. Vedad
  29. Vedran
  30. Veer
  31. Vega
  32. Velimir
  33. Venancio
  34. Vencel
  35. Veniamin
  36. Venicio
  37. Venkat
  38. Ventura
  39. Venus
  40. Verdi
  41. Vergil
  42. Verle
  43. Verlin
  44. Vermont
  45. Vern
  46. Vernal
  47. Vernell
  48. Vernon
  49. Veron
  50. Veronico
  51. Verrell
  52. Vesper
  53. Vester
  54. Veto
  55. Vian
  56. Vibe
  57. Vic
  58. Vick
  59. Victor
  60. Vid
  61. Vidal
  62. Vidar
  63. Videl
  64. Vidur
  65. Viggo
  66. Vigo
  67. Vikas
  68. Vikram
  69. Viliam
  70. Viljar
  71. Viljo
  72. Villem
  73. Vilo
  74. Vin
  75. Vince
  76. Vincent
  77. Vincenzo
  78. Vinh
  79. Vinnie
  80. Vinson
  81. Vint
  82. Vinton
  83. Vinyard
  84. Viorel
  85. Vipin
  86. Viren
  87. Virgil
  88. Virgilio
  89. Vitor
  90. Vittorio
  91. Vivaan
  92. Vivek
  93. Vivian
  94. Vlada
  95. Vladan
  96. Vladimir
  97. Vladislav
  98. Vlastimil
  99. Vojin
  100. Volker
  101. Vollie
  102. Volney
  103. Voltaire
  104. Vonn
  105. Vontrell
  106. Vova
  107. Vsevolod
  108. Vuk
  109. Vulcan
  110. Vyas
  111. Vyom
  112. Vytas
  113. Vahe
  114. Valdemir
  115. Valentino
  116. Valerio
  117. Valiant
  118. Valko
  119. Valon
  120. Valter
  121. Valtteri
  122. Van
  123. Vancey
  124. Vandal
  125. Vanderlei
  126. Vandiver
  127. Vanirson
  128. Vannoy
  129. Vanyaan
  130. Varden
  131. Vardon
  132. Varen
  133. Varey
  134. Varianth
  135. Varicka
  136. Varion
  137. Varish
  138. Varland
  139. Varley
  140. Varma
  141. Varnell
  142. Varney
  143. Varon
  144. Varrick
  145. Vars
  146. Varsenik
  147. Vartan
  148. Vartanyan
  149. Varunesh
  150. Vasant
  151. Vasanth
  152. Vascoo
  153. Vasiliy
  154. Vasind
  155. Vasish
  156. Vasit
  157. Vassilios
  158. Vassily
  159. Vasya
  160. Vaughnie
  161. Vaugn
  162. Vaylen
  163. Vayu
  164. Vazken
  165. Vazrik
  166. Vedant
  167. Vedat
  168. Vedder
  169. Vedesh
  170. Vedh
  171. Vedik
  172. Vedranth
  173. Vedrick
  174. Veed
  175. Veeraj
  176. Veeram
  177. Veerapandian
  178. Veerendra
  179. Veeresh
  180. Veeriah
  181. Veerinder
  182. Veerle
  183. Vegaan
  184. Vehan
  185. Veikko
  186. Veit
  187. Velton
  188. Vencenzo
  189. Vencent
  190. Venerando
  191. Veniamine
  192. Venkatesh
  193. Venkatraman
  194. Venson
  195. Venustiano
  196. Verdon
  197. Vergne
  198. Verlaine
  199. Verlindo
  200. Verlyn
  201. Vermonte
  202. Verner
  203. Vernis
  204. Vernor
  205. Veronel
  206. Vespera
  207. Vesterly
  208. Veston
  209. Vetoa
  210. Vettorio
  211. Vianey
  212. Vianney
  213. Vibeke
  214. Vicary
  215. Vickram
  216. Vicky
  217. Victoriano
  218. Victorin
  219. Victorino
  220. Vidarr
  221. Vidhyan
  222. Vidit
  223. Vidmantas
  224. Viduranga
  225. Vigil
  226. Vigilio
  227. Vignesh

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular V names for boys?

Some popular V names for boys include Vincent, Victor, Valentino, and Vincenzo. These names have been consistently popular over the years and can be found in the top names lists.

Which V-starting names have a unique touch?

Unique V names for boys with a different touch include Varun, Vihaan, and Viaan. These names are less common but offer a distinct charm.

What are some traditional Spanish boy names beginning with V?

Traditional Spanish boy names that start with V include Vicente, Valentin, and Vega. These names are rooted in Spanish culture and add a touch of tradition to your baby’s name.

What are some old-fashioned names for boys starting with V?

Old-fashioned V names for boys that have a classic feel are Virgil, Vernon, and Vaughn. These names have stood the test of time and can add a vintage touch to your baby’s name.

What are the meanings behind common V boy names?

Understanding the meanings behind common V names can provide valuable insight for parents-to-be. Some meanings of popular V names include:

  • Vincent: “conqueror” or “winner”
  • Victor: “victorious” or “champion”
  • Valentino: “strong” or “healthy”
  • Vincenzo: “to conquer” or “winner”

Are there any distinctive African-American boy names starting with V?

Though there may not be names that are exclusively African-American, there are names originating from African roots that start with V, such as:

  • Vashaun: derived from the Yoruba name “Fashanu,” meaning “fortunate”
  • Vontrell: a modern name combining elements from different names, such as “Von” and “-trel”

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