160 Cool Boy Names that Start with W

In this article, we’ll provide various lists and tables that highlight some of the top baby boy names that start with W, along with their meanings and origins. We’ll also discuss some intriguing naming trends related to W names, which could inspire your own decision as you search for the perfect name for your little one. As you read through, you’ll find numerous examples to help you better understand the variety and depth of this fascinating group of names.

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Top 40 Boy Names That Start with W

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy is an important decision. In this section, we will provide you with a list of the top 40 boy names that start with the letter W. These names are based on the most recent data from the Social Security Administration and are presented in a variety of formats to make it easy and enjoyable for you to browse and find the perfect name for your little one.

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The top 10 baby boy names that start with W are as follows:

  1. William
  2. Wyatt
  3. Weston
  4. Wesley
  5. Walker
  6. Waylon
  7. Walter
  8. Warren
  9. Wade
  10. Wilmer

Let’s explore more names in groups of 10, showcasing their diversity, origins, and meanings to inspire your choices:

Names 11-20:

  • Wallace: Scottish, meaning “foreigner” or “stranger”
  • Watson: English, meaning “son of Walter”
  • Wael: Arabic, meaning “seeking shelter”
  • Wycliffe: English, meaning “white cliff”
  • Woodson: English, meaning “son of the woods”
  • Wycombe: Old English, meaning “dweller in the valley”
  • Willard: English, meaning “strong-willed”
  • Whitton: Old English, meaning “white settlement”
  • Wellington: English, meaning “rich man’s settlement”
  • Wheeler: English, meaning “wheel maker”

Names 21-30:

  • Wright: English, meaning “craftsman” or “worker”
  • Walton: English, meaning “settlement with a wall”
  • Wendell: German, meaning “wanderer”
  • Warrick: English, meaning “strong leader”
  • Wilford: Old English, meaning “desire peace”
  • Wilder: English, meaning “wild animal hunter”
  • Wystan: Old English, meaning “battle stone”
  • Wagner: German, meaning “wagon maker”
  • Winthrop: Old English, meaning “friend’s village”
  • Whitaker: Old English, meaning “white field”

Names 31-40:

  • Wilhelm: German, meaning “resolute protection”
  • Windsor: English, meaning “wind hill”
  • Worley: Old English, meaning “forest clearing”
  • Weldon: Old English, meaning “hill with a spring”
  • Whitfield: Old English, meaning “white plain”
  • Waleed: Arabic, meaning “newborn”
  • Willem: Dutch, meaning “determined protector”
  • Woodrow: Old English, meaning “row of houses by the wood”
  • Westbrook: Old English, meaning “stream by the west”
  • Wilbert: Old English, meaning “bright will”

As you continue to explore different names that start with W, consider their meanings, cultural backgrounds, and how they resonate with your family’s values and traditions. With so many wonderful names to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your baby boy.

Classic Boy Names That Start with W

William, a powerful and timeless name, has its origins in the Old Germanic name “Wilhelm,” meaning “resolute protector.” This classic name has been popular throughout history and across countries, making it truly a timeless choice for any baby boy.

Walter, another classic and strong name, comes from the Old High German “Walthari,” which means “ruler of the army.” Like William, it has stood the test of time and comes with several variations, including Walton and Warwick. Walter brings to mind the classic literary figure, Sir Walter Scott, who contributed greatly to literature and historical novels.

Wayne is an old-fashioned name with an Anglo-Saxon origin. It means “wagon or cart driver” and has been used for generations. The name conjures images of strength and steadfastness, making it a great option for families looking for a classic name with a strong presence.

Warren, a somewhat less common name, comes from the Old French “garenne,” meaning “an enclosed area of land for breeding game.” It has been used in various forms since medieval times and even influenced the name of the popular American brand, “Warren Buffett.”

Some other classic W names that have been popular through the ages are:

  • Wilhelm: Old High German, meaning “strong-willed, resolute”
  • Wilfred: Old English, meaning “desiring peace”
  • Woodrow: Old English, meaning “row of houses by a wood”
  • Wilson: Old English, meaning “son of Will” or “son of William”
  • Wesley: Old English, meaning “west meadow”
Name Origin Meaning
William Old Germanic Resolute Protector
Walter Old High German Ruler of the Army
Wayne Anglo-Saxon Wagon driver
Warren Old French Enclosed area of land for breeding game
Wilhelm Old High German Strong-willed, resolute
Wilfred Old English Desiring peace
Woodrow Old English Row of houses by a wood
Wilson Old English Son of Will or Son of William
Wesley Old English West meadow
Walton Old Germanic Meaning “walled town” or “town with a wall”
Warwick Old English “Dwellings by the weir” or “weir village”
Willard Old Germanic Resolute guardian

Nature-Inspired Boy Names That Start with W

Nature-inspired boy names are gaining popularity as parents look for unique and meaningful names for their little ones. Boy names starting with the letter W are no exception, and there are plenty of nature-inspired options in this category. In this section, we’ll explore some of these names, their meanings, and origins, to help you decide if they might be the right choice for your child.

Willow is a beautiful name inspired by the willow tree, known for its grace and flexibility. It originates from the Old English word “welig” and has a gentle, calming vibe to it. This name is suitable for parents who love the beauty and tranquility of nature.

Wren is an appealing name, taken from the tiny, energetic bird found in many parts of the world. Wren is a gender-neutral option that exudes a sense of playfulness and curiosity.

Woodson is a name derived from the English word “wood” and the suffix “-son,” meaning “son of the woods.” This strong and grounded name would be a great choice for those seeking a connection to the forests.

Wolfe is a simple yet powerful name inspired by the majestic creature found in various parts of the world, and it reflects strength, loyalty, and courage. This name might be the ideal pick for parents who appreciate the qualities of wolves.

Wolfgang is a unique, distinctive name that combines the strength of “Wolfe” with the musical connotation of “gang,” which means “path” or “journey” in German. It’s an excellent name for parents who are admirers of the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or want a name that symbolizes artistic strength and the journey of life.

Name Meaning Origin
Willow Willow tree Old English
Wren Small bird Unknown
Woodson Son of the woods English
Wolfe Wolf-like Old German
Wolfgang Traveling wolf or journeying wolf German

Finally, Winter is a surprisingly versatile name representing the cold season and signals a time of reflection and renewal. Winter evokes feelings of crisp air, snow-capped mountains, and cozying up by a warm fire. It’s a name that captures the beauty and serenity of the winter season.

Uncommon Boy Names That Start with W

Many of the names that start with W are unique and possess both charm and character. In this section, we will explore some of those uncommon boy names that begin with the letter W. Although there are quite a few options to choose from, we have narrowed down a few, which you may find appealing.

Wyatt has its roots in the English language, and it means “brave in war.” The name is gaining popularity in recent years, but still remains relatively uncommon compared to many other popular baby boy names.

Winston is another distinctive name with origins in English and is often associated with the famous British leader, Winston Churchill. This name means “joyful stone” and is not very common, making it a standout choice for those seeking something unique.

Wade is another name that’s not widely used, meaning “crossing” or “ford.” Despite its simplicity, it has a strong appeal and is a great option for parents looking for something distinct.

The name Wild is both audacious and, as you’d expect, evokes a sense of adventure. Similarly, Wilder is an unusual boy name that, as the name implies, means “one who lives in the wild.”

Further options include names such as Wallace, meaning “foreigner” or “stranger”; Weston, which means “from the western town”; Wright, meaning “worker”; and Woods, a natural and uncommon choice with a strong connection to nature.

Additionally, consider these names for a more unique flavor:

  • Wilton: meaning “from the farm by the spring”
  • Wellington: meaning “from the wealthy estate”
  • Warner: meaning “defender” or “guardian”

Contemporary Boy Names That Start with W

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in unique and contemporary baby boy names that start with W. This section will feature some popular and trending W names, such as Waylon, Walker, Wesson, Wylder, Wiley, and Wes—with more examples of modern W names arranged in tables for easy reference.

Waylon and Walker have gained popularity as boy names in part due to their association with country music legends Waylon Jennings and the film “Walker, Texas Ranger.” Both names have strong, masculine, and bold connotations.

Wesson and Wylder are relatively newer names on the scene, expressing a sense of adventure and strength. Wesson, drawing from the famous firearm brand Smith & Wesson, has a modern, edgy feel. On the other hand, Wylder, a variant of the name Wilder, evokes images of nature and untamed landscapes.

Wiley and Wes are popular W names that have a more classic and timeless appeal. Wiley, of English origin, means crafty or cunning, while Wes is a shorter version of the name Wesley, which has an English background and means “western meadow.”

Another set of modern W names includes Wayde, Wynston, and Waleed. Wayde, a variant of the name Wade, has an English origin and means “able to go.” Wynston, a creative take on the name Winston, offers a fresh approach to the classic name. Lastly, Waleed, of Arabic origin, means “newborn” and is a popular name in Arabic communities.

Below is a table showcasing more contemporary W names for boys:

W Names Origin Meaning
Waylon English Land by the road
Walker English Occupational name for a fuller
Wesson English Son of Wes
Wylder English Wild animal
Wiley English Crafty, Cunning
Wes English Western meadow
Wayde English Able to go
Wynston English Joyful stone
Waleed Arabic Newborn

Unique Boy Names That Start with W

When choosing a unique baby boy name starting with “W,” you have plenty of intriguing and meaningful options. In this section, we will explore a variety of names beginning with “W” and their origins, including Will, Walt, Wilde, and more. Remember, a name can hold special importance for your child throughout their life, so let’s dive into these unique choices.

Will is a shortened version of the popular name William, which originates from the Germanic name Willahelm. It means “will helmet” and has a strong, protective connotation. Likewise, Walt is another diminutive form of a classic name – Walter, derived from the Old High German Walthari, meaning “ruler of the army”. Both names have significant histories and evoke confidence and leadership.

Venturing into more uncommon territory, Wilde is a name with roots in Old English, meaning “wild” or “untamed”. It may also remind people of the famous Irish playwright and poet, Oscar Wilde. Similarly, Wy is an unconventional choice, possibly inspired by the state abbreviation for Wyoming. This short and sweet name offers an air of adventure and connection to the American West.

Names with deeper meanings can add an extra layer of significance. For example, Wisdom embodies the pursuit of knowledge and good judgment. Another possibility is Worth, a virtue name that encourages self-esteem and dignity.

Exploring names with international flair can also lead to unique options. Wael is of Arabic origin and signifies “help-seeker” or “refuge”. Alternatively, Wendel is of German origin and means “wanderer” or “seeker”. Finally, the Chinese name Wei – pronounced “way”—means “great” or “valuable.” Each of these names reflects a distinct cultural background.

Name Origin Meaning
Will Germanic Will Helmet
Walt Old High German Ruler of the Army
Wilde Old English Wild, Untamed
Wy American Inspired by Wyoming
Wisdom English Knowledge, Good Judgment
Worth English Value, Dignity
Wael Arabic Help-Seeker, Refuge
Wendel German Wanderer, Seeker
Wei Chinese Great, Valuable

Nicknames and Variations of Boy Names That Start with W

When searching for the perfect name for your baby boy, you may want to consider nicknames and variations of popular names that start with W. In this section, we will explore several names and their corresponding nicknames, while also highlighting some less common variations for a unique twist.

William is a classic and timeless name, often shortened to nicknames like Willie or Willy. If you’re looking for a less conventional nickname, options like Liam or Bill may be more fitting. In terms of variations, Wilhelm is a Germanic form of William, while Guillaume is the French equivalent.

Another popular name is Walter, with nicknames such as Wally or Walt often used as playful or casual alternatives. There are also names like Gualtiero in Italian and Valter in Portuguese, which are variations of Walter with unique foreign language flair.

For a more modern name, consider Wrigley, which has a sporty connection due to its association with the famous baseball stadium. Since Wrigley doesn’t have a common nickname, you may opt to create one based on your child’s personality or other characteristics.

Walton is another name gaining popularity, with the potential for nicknames like Walt or Ton. As a unique variation, you might consider Welton, which has a similar sound but adds a level of distinction.

In addition to the names mentioned above, here are some other W names with nicknames and variations:

Name Nicknames Variations
Waylon Way, Lenny Waylin, Waylen
Winston Win, Wynn Winstin
Wendell Wen, Dell Wendall, Wendel
Westley Wes, West Wesley
Wilfred Will, Freddie Wilfrid, Wilf

List of Boy Names that Start with W

  1. Wade
  2. Wael
  3. Wain
  4. Waite
  5. Wake
  6. Walden
  7. Walker
  8. Wallace
  9. Wallis
  10. Walter
  11. Walton
  12. Wane
  13. Ward
  14. Ware
  15. Warner
  16. Warren
  17. Warrick
  18. Warwick
  19. Wash
  20. Washington
  21. Waverley
  22. Wayde
  23. Wayland
  24. Waylon
  25. Wayne
  26. Webb
  27. Webster
  28. Weiland
  29. Welby
  30. Weldon
  31. Welford
  32. Welland
  33. Weller
  34. Wellington
  35. Wells
  36. Welsh
  37. Wendall
  38. Wendell
  39. Werner
  40. Wes
  41. Wesley
  42. West
  43. Westen
  44. Westin
  45. Weston
  46. Weyland
  47. Wharton
  48. Wheeler
  49. Whistler
  50. Whit
  51. Whitaker
  52. White
  53. Whitefield
  54. Whitehead
  55. Whitfield
  56. Whitley
  57. Whitman
  58. Whitney
  59. Wick
  60. Wicker
  61. Wickham
  62. Wickliffe
  63. Wilber
  64. Wilbert
  65. Wilbur
  66. Wilburn
  67. Wiley
  68. Wilford
  69. Wilfred
  70. Wilhelm
  71. Wilkie
  72. Will
  73. Willard
  74. Willem
  75. William
  76. Williams
  77. Williamson
  78. Willie
  79. Willis
  80. Willoughby
  81. Willow
  82. Wills
  83. Willy
  84. Wilmer
  85. Wilson
  86. Wilton
  87. Wim
  88. Win
  89. Windell
  90. Windsor
  91. Winfield
  92. Wing
  93. Winslow
  94. Winston
  95. Winter
  96. Winton
  97. Wiremu
  98. Wisam
  99. Wissam
  100. Witt
  101. Wm
  102. Wolf
  103. Wolfe
  104. Wolff
  105. Wol
  106. Wole
  107. Wolee
  108. Wolela
  109. Wolex
  110. Wolexzy
  111. Woley
  112. Woli
  113. Wolly
  114. Wolski
  115. Wolt
  116. Won
  117. Wong
  118. Woo
  119. Wood
  120. Woodie
  121. Woodrow
  122. Woods
  123. Woody
  124. Woong
  125. Woonie
  126. Wooten
  127. Worden
  128. Workman
  129. Worth
  130. Worthington
  131. Wray
  132. Wright
  133. Wrigley
  134. Wyatt
  135. Wyeth
  136. Wylie
  137. Wyman
  138. Wyn
  139. Wyndham
  140. Wynne
  141. Wynston
  142. Wynton
  143. Wysocki
  144. Wystan
  145. Wythe
  146. Wyton
  147. Wytze
  148. Wytzke
  149. Wytzko
  150. Wyvern
  151. Wytzeke
  152. Wytske
  153. Wytsko
  154. Wytse
  155. Wytskeke
  156. Wytskoke
  157. Wytseke
  158. Wytseko
  159. Wytsekeke
  160. Wytsekoke


In this article, we have explored a variety of boy names that start with the letter W. From timeless classics like William and Wyatt to unique and modern choices like Wilder and Winter, there is certainly a name for every parent and child with diverse preferences.

Some popular boy names we’ve covered are:

  • Waylon
  • Wesley
  • Walker
  • Weston
  • Walter

In addition to these well-known options, we have also introduced some lesser-known names for those looking for a more distinctive moniker for their little one:

  • Whitt
  • Wael
  • Winnie
  • Westin
  • Wilson

Keep in mind that these suggestions do not cover the entire range of W names available. Each name is unique and has its own interesting story, origin, and meaning, and we encourage further exploration on individual names of interest.

We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights and ideas when choosing the perfect name for your baby boy. Names beginning with the letter W hold powerful meanings and convey elements of strength, wisdom, and protection. Regardless of your choice, selecting the right name is an important step in welcoming your child and creating a strong foundation for their future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular boy names starting with W?

William, Wyatt, and Waylon are a few popular boy names starting with W. Here’s a short list:

Name Name Name Name
William Wyatt Waylon Wesley
Walker Weston Walter Warren

What unique W names can you suggest for boys?

If you are looking for unique boy names beginning with W, consider Wilder, Wells, or Whitt. Here are some more unique suggestions:

Name Name Name Name
Whitby Waseem Wilmer Welles

Can you recommend some rare W names for boys?

For rare W names for boys, consider Wael, Wolfram, or Westley. Here’s a list of rare names:

Name Name Name Name
Walden Weylin Woodrow Westley
Warrick Wilford Wolfram Wilfredo

What are some old-fashioned boy names that begin with W?

Some old-fashioned boy names starting with W include Winston, Wilbur, and Willis. Here are a few more examples:

Name Name Name Name
Winston Wilbur Willis Wallace
Wendell Wilbert Wayland Weldon

What are some culturally diverse boy names that start with W?

Culturally diverse names starting with W include Wei, Wasim, and Wanjiru. Here are several more options:

Name Name Name Name
Wasim Wei Wanjiru Wenceslao
Wawrzyniec Wilton Wulfstan Welvin

What are some classic boy names beginning with W?

Classic boy names that begin with W include Willis, Wyatt, and Waylon. Here’s a short list of classic names:

Name Name Name Name
Willis Wyatt Waylon Walton
Wesley Wilkus Whitman Wiley

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