187 Boy Names that Start with X (X Names for Boys)

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be a challenge, especially when looking for boy names that start with X. While X names can be unique and striking, narrowing down the many options may seem overwhelming. In this article, we will explore a diverse selection of baby boy names that begin with X, providing inspiration and guidance for expectant parents on their naming journey.

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Popular Boy Names that Start with X

When it comes to baby boy names that start with X, there’s a plethora of unique and interesting options to choose from. In this section, we will cover some popular and distinctive X names for your baby boy, which will surely make your little one stand out.

Boy Names that Start with X Pin

First and foremost, Xavier is a popular choice in the US, derived from the Basque name Xabier, meaning “new house.” It has been gaining popularity over the years and has a rich historical background. Another favorite is Xander, a modern name that shortens the classic Alexander and shares the same meaning, “defender of the people.”

For parents who are looking for something even more unique, Xavi might be an attractive choice. Short for Xavier, this name is popular in Spanish-speaking countries and has a trendy, minimalistic feel. Additionally, Xan is another abbreviated version of Alexander with Greek origins that parents might consider.

Here’s a table with some other popular baby boy names that start with X:

Name Origin Meaning
Xeno Greek “Foreigner, Stranger”
Xenos Greek “Foreigner, Guest”
Alex Greek “Defender of the People”
Xavion American, Modern Combination of Xavier and Sion
Xylo Greek “Wood, Forest”

For parents with an interest in historical names, Xerxes is a strong option. This name, with Persian origins, belonged to a powerful king of ancient Persia and carries with it a sense of authority and reverence. Other interesting historical names include Xenos, a Greek name meaning “foreigner, guest,” and Xian, a Chinese name with meanings like “worthy” or “virtuous”.

If you want to push the envelope further with uncommon baby boy names, you may want to consider these options:

  • Xai: A short, simple name with an exotic appeal.
  • Xylon: A Greek name meaning “wood” or “forest.”
  • Xzander: A modern and edgy variation of the name Xander.

No matter which baby boy name you choose, starting with X is a surefire way to make a memorable statement and imbue your little one’s name with uniqueness and individuality.

Cultural Origins of Boy Names that Start with X

The cultural origins of boy names that start with “X” are diverse and fascinating, covering various regions and languages such as Greek, Chinese, Basque, Arabic, Hungarian, Persian, and Hebrew.

In Greek culture, popular X names include Xander, which is a short form of Alexander, and Xanthe, meaning “golden.” These names not only sound unique but also connect your child to a rich historical heritage.

Chinese families tend to choose names like Xiang, meaning “auspicious” or “lucky,” and Xin, which means “new” or “true.” These names carry with them a sense of respect for cultural values and traditions.

From the Basque region, we have the name Xavier, which means “new house,” and is sometimes seen in its Catalan form, Xavi. The Basque culture cherishes originality, and these names offer an intriguing choice for modern parents.

Arabic X names are often influenced by religious traditions. One example is Xayr, which means “good” or “happiness.” Choosing an Arabic X-name can create a connection to the rich linguistic history of the Arabic language.

In Hungarian culture, the name Xavér is a variant of Xavier and is equally meaningful, representing the blending of European and Asian influences in Hungarian culture.

Coming from Persian origins, names like Xerxes, which means “hero among heroes,” embody the grandiosity and power of Persian history. Similarly, Hebrew X names like Ximun, a variant of Simeon, connect your child to a time-honored lineage.

Here are a few examples of X names from each cultural origin in a table format:

Culture Names Meanings
Greek Xander, Xanthe Defending men, Golden
Chinese Xiang, Xin Auspicious, New
Basque Xavier, Xavi New house
Arabic Xayr Good, Happiness
Hungarian Xavér New house
Persian Xerxes Hero among heroes
Hebrew Ximun Variant of Simeon

Boy Names that Start with X with Meanings

Xanthus: This unique name has Greek origins and means “yellow” or “golden-haired.” It is a distinctive choice for parents who want a name with a bright and vibrant meaning.

Xola: With African roots, Xola means “stay in peace” or “stay with peace.” It represents harmony, quietness, and an overall sense of peacefulness, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate tranquility.

Xanti: This name comes from the Basque region in Spain and is a diminutive form of Xabier, which originates from the name Xavier. It translates to “new house” or “bright,” signifying new beginnings and brilliance.

Xiomar: A name with Germanic origins, Xiomar means “famous in battle.” It carries an air of strength, courage, and success, making it perfect for parents seeking a powerful name for their baby boy.

Xabi: Also stemming from the Basque region, Xabi is a short form of Xabier and shares the same meaning, “new house” or “bright.”

Here is a table of some boy names starting with X, their origins, and meanings:

Name Origin Meaning
Xanthus Greek Yellow, Golden-haired
Xola African Stay in peace
Xanti Basque New house, Bright
Xiomar Germanic Famous in battle
Xabi Basque New house, Bright

Rare and Unique Boy Names that Start with X

In this section, we present a curated list of rare and unique boy names starting with the letter ‘X’ that you might find interesting. These names come from various origins and have different meanings, making them a perfect choice for parents looking for something distinct for their newborn.

Xion – Originating from ancient Greek mythology, Xion is a smooth and stylish name for a boy. It has a rare and mysterious feel to it, perfect for parents seeking a name that stands out.

Xayden – Xayden is a modern American name that combines the popular ‘ayden’ ending with the unique letter ‘X’. This name is trendy and has an energetic vibe, suitable for parents who want a distinctive choice for their son.

Xadrian – Xadrian is an intriguing combination of the initial ‘X’ with the classic name Adrian. It is an unconventional choice, merging traditional and modern elements to create a strong, yet rare name with a global appeal.

Xamir – Xamir is an exotic and attractive name with Arabic roots. It has a melodic sound that is both elegant and captivating, making it an appealing option for parents who want an original and uncommon name for their boy.

Xyler – Xyler is a future-forward name that is inspired by the popular names Tyler and Skyler but starts with an ‘X’ for added distinction. It has a contemporary feel that will undoubtedly make heads turn.

Xzavien – Xzavien is a variation of the traditional name Xavier, adding a twist with the ‘z’ in the middle. The name has a touch of sophistication and an air of mystique, making it an attractive alternative for parents searching for a standout ‘X’ name.

Xylus – Xylus is a beautiful and harmonious name with Greek origins. Its warm sound and distinctive character make it a remarkable choice for those who value rarity in their son’s name.

Xaviel – Xaviel is an uncommon and striking name that takes inspiration from the popular name Xavier. The added ‘l’ softens the sound, resulting in a refined and elegant choice for a boy’s name.

Xayn – Inspired by the popular name Zayn, Xayn is a contemporary and fashionable choice for parents wanting an ‘X’ name. Its cool and stylish sound is sure to make a lasting impression.

To summarize, here are the unique boy names starting with ‘X’ mentioned above:

Name Origin Description
Xion Greek Smooth, mysterious
Xayden American Trendy, energetic
Xadrian Mixed Unconventional, global appeal
Xamir Arabic Melodic, captivating
Xyler Modern Contemporary, standout
Xzavien Variation Sophisticated, mystique
Xylus Greek Harmonious, warm
Xaviel Inspired Refined, elegant
Xayn Contemporary Cool, stylish

X Boy Names Derived from Alexander

Alexander is a popular name for baby boys, with strong roots in Greek and Latin origins. It means “defender of men” and has many variants which start with the letter X. In this section, we’ll explore some of these X-starting derivatives of Alexander. We’ll try to cover most of the following entities where it is relevant: Xavien, Xayvion, Xavior, Xyon, Xaiver, Xaidyn, Xylan, Xzayvion, Xzayvier, Xaden, Xael, Xzavior, Xyan, and Xaviar.

Xavien and Xayvion are similar in sound and both carry the essence of the original name Alexander. These names maintain a modern flair while still paying homage to their historical roots. Xavien is also very close in pronunciation to Xaiver or Xaviar, which are alternative spellings of the popular name Xavier.

Xylon adds a unique twist to the original name with its Y, creating an uncommon name that still ties back to Alexander. Similarly, Xylan and Xyan bring a touch of distinction to the name while still maintaining a connection to the original.

Names like Xaidyn, Xaden, and Xael are derived from the “Aiden” and “Caden” family of names, yet they still contain the X element which makes them feel more unique. Additionally, these names evoke the strength and defender aspect of Alexander.

Names with double consonants like Xzayvion and Xzayvier take on a trendier and more contemporary feel. Variants like Xzavior and Xzavian mix traditional elements of Alexander with modern sounds, creating a unique and appealing option for parents searching for a fresh take on the classic name.

Lastly, Xavior and Xyon represent strong, simple variants that still honor the original meaning and roots of Alexander. They offer a more streamlined option for parents who are looking for a name that stands out from the crowd while maintaining the essence of Alexander.

Overall, these X-starting derivatives of Alexander provide parents with plenty of options to choose from when searching for the perfect name for their baby boy. Whether they are looking for a modern twist, a unique flair, or a strong connection to the original name Alexander, one of these X-starting options is sure to fit the bill.

X Boy Names: Recent Trends and Popularity

According to the Social Security Administration‘s most recent data, boy names starting with X have been gaining popularity among parents. In this article, we’ll explore some popular names and share useful parenting information to help you make an informed decision while choosing a name for your baby boy.

One noticeable trend in recent years is the surge in the use of names containing the letter “X,” either at the beginning or within the name itself. Popular names such as Xavier, Xander, Xavion, and Xia have captured parents’ attention due to their unique and strong sound.

Furthermore, the popularity of names with an “Xz-” prefix has grown as well. Some examples include Xzander, Xzavier, Xzavian, Xzavien, and Xzavion. These names are not only attention-grabbing but also carry an epic and distinct vibe.

When it comes to parenting information, it’s essential to consider the impact that a name could have on your child’s life. A unique and strong name like those starting with X can convey confidence, individuality, and self-assurance.

It is worth noting that popular X-ending names have also been on the rise. Names like Max, Alex, Felix, Rex, Jaxon, Axel, Paxton, Maximus, and Knox are increasingly making their way into the top baby names lists.

In summary, the current trends and popularity surrounding boy names starting with X showcase a growing desire among parents to choose unique and eye-catching names for their children. By considering the information and trends presented in this article, you can confidently select a name with an X that will suit your baby boy’s personality and resonate positively throughout his life.

Mythological and Historical X Boy Names

Xever is a unique baby boy name derived from the more traditional name Xavier. The name traces its roots to the Basque word “etxeberria,” which means “new house.” It has a historical significance, as Saint Francis Xavier was a prominent Jesuit missionary and a co-founder of the Jesuit order.

Xandros is an appealing variation of Alexander, a popular name with Greek origins. The name Alexander is derived from the Greek elements “alexein,” meaning “to defend,” and “aner,” meaning “man.” As Xandros, the name retains the strong and protective qualities associated with its origin.

Xenon is a rare name of Greek origin derived from the name Xenos, meaning “guest” or “stranger.” It has ancient Greek roots, but it may also be associated with the noble gas Xenon, which is used in lighting and other applications.

Xylas is an uncommon name of Greek origin, meaning “forest” or “woodland.” The name carries a strong connection with nature and its beauty, making it a suitable choice for parents seeking a distinctive name with a natural feel.

A few more notable X names include:

  • Xiang: A Chinese name meaning “auspicious” or “lucky.” Xiang is a popular name in China and carries a positive connotation.
  • Xanadu: Derived from the name of an ancient Mongolian city, Xanadu was popularized by Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem “Kubla Khan” and later the 1980 musical film of the same name. Its association with a mythical place of beauty and splendor makes it an intriguing option.
  • Xing: Another Chinese name, Xing means “star” or “celestial body.” With its connection to the heavens, the name Xing adds a cosmic element to a baby boy’s name.
  • Xaviell: A unique and modern-sounding variation of the name Xavier, Xaviell combines the strong, protective qualities of Xavier, with the added appeal of the letter “l” at the end.
  • Xabian: A distinctive and rare variation of the name Fabian, Xabian is of Latin origin and means “bean grower.” The name Fabian is derived from the Latin word “faba,” meaning “bean.”

In this section, we’ve covered several X names of mythological and historical origins. These names offer unique and interesting options for parents looking for boy names that start with X, providing strong connections with their roots and meanings.

List of Boy Names that Start with X

  1. Xabat
  2. Xabier
  3. Xachary
  4. Xade
  5. Xaden
  6. Xadiel
  7. Xadrian
  8. Xaeden
  9. Xael
  10. Xaevion
  11. Xafer
  12. Xaidan
  13. Xaiden
  14. Xaidyn
  15. Xaige
  16. Xailen
  17. Xaimer
  18. Xaine
  19. Xair
  20. Xaire
  21. Xaiver
  22. Xajion
  23. Xakai
  24. Xakary
  25. Xakim
  26. Xako
  27. Xakota
  28. Xakyn
  29. Xalbert
  30. Xalbador
  31. Xalbadori
  32. Xalbadoro
  33. Xalbadoros
  34. Xalbadoru
  35. Xalbadorus
  36. Xalbadorz
  37. Xalbadorzo
  38. Xalbadorzos
  39. Xalbadorzu
  40. Xalbadorzus
  41. Xalbadorzy
  42. Xalbadorzyk
  43. Xalbadorzyl
  44. Xalbadorzym
  45. Xalbadorzyn
  46. Xalbadorzyt
  47. Xalbadorzyx
  48. Xalbadorzyz
  49. Xalberto
  50. Xalbertus
  51. Xalbo
  52. Xalbon
  53. Xalbora
  54. Xalbori
  55. Xalboro
  56. Xalboros
  57. Xalboru
  58. Xalborus
  59. Xalborz
  60. Xalborzo
  61. Xalborzos
  62. Xalborzu
  63. Xalborzus
  64. Xalborzy
  65. Xalborzyk
  66. Xalborzyl
  67. Xalborzym
  68. Xalborzyn
  69. Xalborzyt
  70. Xalborzyx
  71. Xalvador
  72. Xam
  73. Xamir
  74. Xamuel
  75. Xan
  76. Xander
  77. Xandor
  78. Xandros
  79. Xane
  80. Xani
  81. Xanthe
  82. Xanthus
  83. Xanto
  84. Xanton
  85. Xanxus
  86. Xaolin
  87. Xaos
  88. Xarion
  89. Xarius
  90. Xarles
  91. Xarley
  92. Xarlie
  93. Xarlos
  94. Xarly
  95. Xarno
  96. Xaro
  97. Xarold
  98. Xaron
  99. Xartan
  100. Xarth
  101. Xarthan
  102. Xarther
  103. Xarthur
  104. Xarthurs
  105. Xartor
  106. Xartus
  107. Xarvey
  108. Xarvis
  109. Xasen
  110. Xash
  111. Xashawn
  112. Xashon
  113. Xashy
  114. Xasi
  115. Xasir
  116. Xasmin
  117. Xaspar
  118. Xaspen
  119. Xaspin
  120. Xasyn
  121. Xathaniel
  122. Xathon
  123. Xathor
  124. Xathus
  125. Xav
  126. Xavarian
  127. Xave
  128. Xaveon
  129. Xavi
  130. Xavian
  131. Xavie
  132. Xaviel
  133. Xavien
  134. Xavior
  135. Xavion
  136. Xavious
  137. Xavis
  138. Xavon
  139. Xavonte
  140. Xavy
  141. Xavyer
  142. Xawier
  143. Xay
  144. Xayden
  145. Xaylen
  146. Xayn
  147. Xayne
  148. Xayvian
  149. Xayvier
  150. Xayvion
  151. Xayvon
  152. Xaziel
  153. Xazier
  154. Xed
  155. Xedric
  156. Xee
  157. Xeen
  158. Xefan
  159. Xegor
  160. Xehan
  161. Xehanort
  162. Xei
  163. Xeik
  164. Xeimy
  165. Xein
  166. Xeinis
  167. Xeion
  168. Xeith
  169. Xekiel
  170. Xel
  171. Xelar
  172. Xelio
  173. Xell
  174. Xello
  175. Xelo
  176. Xelos
  177. Xelph
  178. Xem
  179. Xemion
  180. Xemis
  181. Xena
  182. Xenia
  183. Xenith
  184. Xenix
  185. Xenno
  186. Xeno
  187. Xenon

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some unique boy names starting with X?

Some unique boy names beginning with the letter X include Xanthippos, meaning ‘yellow horse,’ and Xbalanque, a name with Mayan origins meaning ‘jaguar,’ ‘sun,’ or ‘deer.’

Which boy names beginning with X have Spanish origins?

Boy names beginning with X that have Spanish origins include Xaviar, Xavion, and Xavier. Xaviar and Xavier both mean ‘bright’ or ‘new house,’ while Xavion is a unique variation of Xavier.

What are some cool and edgy boy names starting with X?

Cool and edgy boy names that start with X are Xander, Xylon, Xan, and Xzander. These names are unique and strong, making them suitable for parents who want to give their baby boy a standout moniker.

What are popular gender-neutral names beginning with X?

Popular gender-neutral names beginning with X include Xavery, Xayden, and Xion. These names can be used for both boys and girls, giving parents more flexibility when choosing names for their child.

What are some baby boy names starting with X and their meanings?

Here are a few baby boy names that start with X along with their meanings:

  • Xander: a variation of Alexander, meaning ‘defender of the people’
  • Xavion: meaning ‘fighter’
  • Xiomar: meaning ‘famous in battle’
  • Xylon: meaning ‘wood’ or ‘forest’

Are there any Mexican boy names starting with X?


Yes, there are Mexican boy names starting with X, such as Xiomar, which means ‘famous in battle.’ Additionally, there may be other names with Mexican heritage that start with X, but they could be less common.

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