144 Boy Names that Start with Y (Y Names for Boys)

Last Updated on November 7, 2023

This article delves into the realm of popular, unique boy names that start with Y. With the most recent data from the Social Security Administration and other sources, we’ll present curated lists and tables filled with names that have interesting meanings and origins.

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Popular Boy Names that Start with Y

Y names for boys are gaining popularity, as they offer a unique and diverse selection of baby boy names. In this section, we will explore some popular Y names, ranging from classic to contemporary. These names are versatile and suitable for modern parents who seek a stand-out name for their baby boy.

Boy Names that Start with Y Pin

Yusuf is a common boy name that starts with Y, and it has Arabic origins. It is the Arabic form of the name Joseph and bears the meaning “God increases.” This name is popular among Muslim families, as Yusuf is a revered figure in Islamic tradition.

Yahir is another boy name that starts with Y. It has Hebrew origins and means “God will enlighten.” This name is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to its strong meaning and easy pronunciation.

Yahya is a boy’s name with Arabic origins, meaning “God is gracious.” It is the Arabic equivalent of the name John, and it has a rich history in Islamic tradition. Yahya is also gaining popularity in non-Muslim communities as an alternative to more common names like John or Jonathan.

Yash is a popular Indian name that means “success” or “glory.” This name is beloved for its beautiful meaning and easy pronunciation, making it perfect for modern families who want a name with both cultural significance and international appeal.

Other baby boy names starting with Y include Yael, Yan, Yar, Yas, and Yosef. More unique names, such as Yuri, Yiannis, Yves, and Yanni, also offer intriguing options for parents seeking a special name for their baby boy. Some additional notable baby boy names beginning with Y include Yasin, Yamin, and Yuvraj.

Here is a list of some popular Y names for boys:

  • Yusuf
  • Yahir
  • Yahya
  • Yash
  • Yan
  • Yar
  • Yas
  • Yosef
  • Yael
  • Yasin

Rare and Unusual Boy Names Starting with Y

If you’re searching for a rare and unique name for your baby boy that starts with the letter ‘Y,’ you’re in the right place. In this section, we’ll explore some distinctive names for your little one, all beginning with the letter ‘Y.’ These names come from different origins and cultures, translating to various meanings.

Yad, for example, is a short and sweet baby boy name. It has Indian roots and signifies friendship and unity. Yann, on the other hand, is a variant of the name John, meaning ‘God is gracious.’ It is popular in French-speaking regions and gives off a chic and sophisticated vibe.

Names that have a historical touch include Yaqub, the Islamic version of Jacob, meaning ‘he who follows on another’s heels.’ Yaseen is an adorable Arabic name, often associated with one of the chapters in the Quran. Yuvraj, an Indian origin name, translates to ‘prince’ or ‘heir to the throne.’

Here is a list of some rare and appealing baby boy names that start with the letter ‘Y’:

  • Yale: It is an old English name meaning ‘corner of the land,’ and also a famous American university.
  • Yaakov: A variant of Jacob, meaning ‘he who follows on another’s heels.’
  • Yadiel: Hebrew origin, which signifies ‘God’s friend.’
  • Yoel: It means ‘Jehovah is the Lord’ and is a variation of Joel, a name from Hebrew origin.
  • Yair: A beautiful name of Hebrew origin, signifying ‘the Lord will illuminate.’
  • Yazan: An Arabic name, which means ‘to determine.’
  • Yohan: It is a variation of John, meaning ‘God is gracious.’
  • Yasser: With Arabic origin, this name means ‘a person with great ease and wealth.’
  • Yonah: It is a Hebrew name, signifying ‘a dove.’

Other unique baby boy names that start with the letter ‘Y’ include:

  • Yunus: A variation of Jonah, meaning ‘dove.’
  • Yaro: A Slavic origin name meaning ‘spring.’
  • Yared: An Ethiopian name that translates to ‘he came down.’
  • Yona: A Hebrew origin name, meaning ‘dove.’

International Boy Names Starting with Y

In this section, we will explore boy names from around the world that start with the letter Y. There is a remarkable variety of names and meanings across different cultures, featuring unique pronunciations and origins. Let’s dive in.

Yao is a name with African roots and is commonly used in West African countries. This name is particularly popular in Ghana, where it represents the potential for a boy to become prosperous and successful. Yadi, on the other hand, is an unusual option with Middle Eastern origins, and it translates to “friend.”

Several international boy names that start with Y make it to the top 100 baby name lists. Some popular ones include Yasir, a name with Arabic origins that means “wealthy,” and Yanis, a Greek name with ties to the god of beginnings, Janus. Yuvan is an Indian name, meaning “strong,” and Yasha, a Russian and Hebrew name that translates to “protector.”

Additionally, there are some unique Y names that are connected to geographical regions. York is of English origin and means “from the yew tree estate.” Yarrow is another English name, deriving from both a flowering plant and a place in Scotland.

For those looking for spiritual names, Yitzchok and Yakov are Hebrew names that relate to biblical figures. Yerik, with Kazakh origins, translates to “kind” or “gentle,” while Yuvaan, an Indian name, represents youth and growth.

Other noteworthy Y names originate from various places across the globe. Yariel and Yandel are both names with Latin roots, while Yisrael has Hebrew origins, meaning “wrestled with God.” Yuvin, Yasiel, and Yadiens are names with unique and distinct sounds, perfect for parents seeking unusual options.

Finally, some Y names are inspired by sports and pop culture. Yahia and Yadier are associated with famous athletes, whereas Yug and Yulian, both from Slavic origins, have unique, modern vibes. Yossi is a popular Israeli nickname, while Yeray and Yamir are exotic options tied to Spanish culture.

Religious and Spiritual Boy Names Starting with Y

The letter “Y” offers a unique selection of boy names with religious and spiritual undertones. Many of these names have their origin in various religious texts and carry significant spiritual meanings. In this section, we will introduce a variety of religious and spiritual boy names that start with the letter “Y.”

One notable example is Yeiden, a name of Hebrew origin that signifies “God is my judge.” Another meaningful name is Yeshaya, which means “God is salvation” in Hebrew. This name is related to biblical characters and the prophetic books in the Old Testament. Yoshua is a variant of Joshua, signifying “God is my salvation” or “God saves.” It has strong biblical roots as well. Yohannes is an Ethiopian form of John, meaning “God is gracious.” Similarly, Yonathan is a derivative of Jonathan, which translates to “God has given” in Hebrew.

Some more examples of Y names with spiritual undertones include:

  • Yechezkel: Meaning “God strengthens” in Hebrew.
  • Yoan: A variant of John, with the same meaning “God is gracious.”
  • Yamil: An Arabic name, meaning “handsome” or “beautiful.”
  • Yaman: Meaning “right hand” or “blessed” in Arabic.

Many names that start with Y have a unique global appeal and can be seen in various cultures. Some such names are:

  • Yaniel: Of Hebrew origin, related to the name Daniel, meaning “God is my judge.”
  • Yannick: A French form of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  • Yehudah: A variant of Judah, meaning “praised” in Hebrew.
  • Yurem: A rare name often associated with spirituality and peace.
  • Yareth: Meaning “brightness” or “radiance.”

Additionally, there are names that have distinct cultural origins while still maintaining a spiritual vibe:

  • Yonis: A variant of Jonah, meaning “dove” in Hebrew.
  • Yafet: A form of Japheth, which means “wide-spreading” or “abundance.”
  • Yaco: A Spanish abbreviation of Jacob, meaning “to supplant.”
  • Yasen: A Slavic name referring to the ash tree, symbolizing protection and connection to nature.
  • Yaron: A Hebrew name, meaning “to sing” or “shout for joy.”

Lastly, there are a few names with spiritual undertones and interesting international origins:

  • Yago: A variation of James, meaning “supplanter” or “to seize by the heel.”
  • Yaroslav: A Slavic name, meaning “fame and glory.”
  • Yovan: A Serbian form of John, meaning “God is gracious.”

Overall, this list showcases the diversity and depth of spiritual and religious boy names that start with Y.

List of Boy Names that Start with Y

  1. Yadi
  2. Yadiel
  3. Yadriel
  4. Yael
  5. Yago
  6. Yahia
  7. Yahir
  8. Yahya
  9. Yair
  10. Yajaira
  11. Yakir
  12. Yakov
  13. Yakub
  14. Yalda
  15. Yale
  16. Yaman
  17. Yamil
  18. Yamin
  19. Yan
  20. Yanai
  21. Yandel
  22. Yandelis
  23. Yandell
  24. Yanez
  25. Yani
  26. Yann
  27. Yannic
  28. Yannick
  29. Yannicka
  30. Yannik
  31. Yannis
  32. Yaqoob
  33. Yaqub
  34. Yar
  35. Yarborough
  36. Yarden
  37. Yardley
  38. Yared
  39. Yareli
  40. Yarely
  41. Yari
  42. Yaritza
  43. Yaro
  44. Yaroslav
  45. Yaseen
  46. Yaser
  47. Yash
  48. Yashar
  49. Yashika
  50. Yashveer
  51. Yasi
  52. Yasien
  53. Yasin
  54. Yasintha
  55. Yasir
  56. Yasser
  57. Yassine
  58. Yatharth
  59. Yavuz
  60. Yaw
  61. Yaxkin
  62. Yaya
  63. Yazeed
  64. Yazid
  65. Yechiel
  66. Yedidya
  67. Yefim
  68. Yefrem
  69. Yegor
  70. Yehiel
  71. Yehoshua
  72. Yehuda
  73. Yehudah
  74. Yehudi
  75. Yekusiel
  76. Yen
  77. Yenifer
  78. Yerachmiel
  79. Yeray
  80. Yeremiah
  81. Yerik
  82. Yero
  83. Yeshua
  84. Yevgeniy
  85. Ygor
  86. Yidel
  87. Yigit
  88. Yoan
  89. Yoav
  90. Yohan
  91. Yohann
  92. Yonah
  93. Yonis
  94. Yonit
  95. Yony
  96. Yordan
  97. Yori
  98. Yorick
  99. York
  100. Yosef
  101. Yosif
  102. Yosuke
  103. Yotam
  104. Youcef
  105. Younes
  106. Younis
  107. Yousaf
  108. Youssef
  109. Yovanny
  110. Ysidro
  111. Ysmael
  112. Ysrael
  113. Yuba
  114. Yudiel
  115. Yul
  116. Yule
  117. Yulian
  118. Yuma
  119. Yumna
  120. Yuna
  121. Yunis
  122. Yura
  123. Yuri
  124. Yurik
  125. Yusif
  126. Yussef
  127. Yussuf
  128. Yuta
  129. Yuto
  130. Yuvan
  131. Yvan
  132. Yve
  133. Yves
  134. Yvo
  135. Yvon
  136. Yvonne
  137. Yvonnie
  138. Yzabella
  139. Yzabelle
  140. Yzmael
  141. Yzrael
  142. Yzraelle
  143. Yzrah
  144. Yzzy

Parenting and Choosing Y Names for Baby Boys

Choosing a name for your baby boy is an important decision during pregnancy. It can be exciting yet overwhelming, considering the numerous options available. Parents often look for a name that reflects their cultural heritage, has a significant meaning, or pays homage to an admired figure.

During your pregnancy, it’s a great idea to research and become familiar with names and their meanings. One unique approach is focusing on baby boy names starting with the letter “Y”. This letter is often associated with Yahweh, the Hebrew name for God, and can provide a strong spiritual foundation for your child’s name.

There is no shortage of “Y” names to choose from, and they vary in origin, meaning, and popularity. For example:

Name Origin Meaning
Yahir Spanish Derived from a Mexican singer
Yale Welsh Fertile land
Yuvan Sanskrit Youthful, Lord Shiva, Young, Healthy, The Moon

When selecting a name starting with “Y”, keep in mind the parenting information you’ve gathered throughout your pregnancy. Consider aspects like your child’s possible nickname, how the name sounds with your family name, and how it will age as your child grows.

As you contemplate the perfect name for your baby boy, remember that the most important thing is choosing a name that resonates with you as parents. So, take advantage of parenting resources, discuss with family and friends, and don’t be afraid to explore uncommon options to find a name that connects with your heart and reflects the love and care you have for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular Y names for boys?

Some popular baby boy names that start with the letter Y include:

  • Youssef
  • Yosef
  • Yahir
  • Yehuda
  • Yahya
  • Yosef
  • Yishai
  • Yael

Are there any unique Y-starting names from the Bible?

Yes, there are a few unique, Y-starting names from the Bible:

  • Yeshua (Jesus)
  • Yair (He shines)
  • Yalel (praises)
  • Yehuda (to praise, to thank)

What are some Spanish boy names beginning with Y?

Several Spanish baby boy names that begin with Y include:

  • Yago (Jacob)
  • Yeray (ray of light)
  • Yandel (a combination of the names Yader and Jandel)
  • Yaniel (a variation of the name Daniel)

Can you recommend American-origin boy names starting with Y?

Some American-origin boy names that start with Y are:

  • Yale (an old English name meaning “from the corner or hillside”)
  • Yance (a variation of the name Jan, meaning “God is gracious”)
  • Yonathan (an alternate spelling of the name Jonathan, meaning “God has given”)
  • Yardley (an English name meaning “from the enclosed meadow”)

Are there any commonly used African-American boy names that start with Y?

African-American baby boy names that start with Y include:

  • Yohance (African, meaning “God is gracious”)
  • Ysaac (Swahili, a variation of the name Isaac)
  • Yves (French, meaning “yew wood”)
  • Yaphet (African, derived from the name Japhet, meaning “God will enlarge”)

What are the most unusual boy names starting with the letter Y?

Here are some of the most unusual and unique baby boy names that begin with the letter Y:

  • Yarden
  • Yorick
  • Yukon
  • Yuto
  • Yuri
  • Yuma
  • Yeshaya
  • Yazen

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