183 Boy Names that Start with Z (Z Names for Boys)

In this article, we will explore a variety of baby boy names that start with Z, from well-known classics to lesser-known gems. We will delve into their meanings, origins, and popularity to provide a comprehensive guide for expectant parents on their naming journey. With numerous examples, lists, and tables, this article aims to serve as a valuable resource for parents searching for the ideal “Z” name for their son.

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Popular Boy Names that Start with Z

Boy Names that Start with Z

Zachary is a classic and popular name derived from Zechariah, meaning “Yahweh remembers.” This name has been consistently popular for boys over the years, offering both a sense of strength and tradition.

Zayn is a stylish and modern name with Arabic origins. It means “beauty” or “grace,” and has gained popularity partly due to the fame of singer Zayn Malik. It’s a fashionable choice for those looking for a contemporary-sounding name with a touch of sophistication.

Zander is a popular and trendy name, which is actually a variant of Alexander. The name has Greek roots, meaning “defender” or “protector of the people.” Zander is a strong and dynamic choice for parents seeking a slightly unique spin on a classic name.

Zaiden has been rising in popularity over recent years. It’s an inventive name with a modern feel. Though it has no definitive meaning due to its more recent creation, Zaiden’s sleek sound and unique spelling make it an attractive choice for those looking for something distinct and contemporary.

Name Origin Meaning
Zachary Hebrew Yahweh remembers
Zander Greek Defender or protector of people
Zaiden Inventive No definitive meaning
Zayn Arabic Beauty, grace

Some other popular Z names for boys include Zakai, Zavier, Zakaria, and Zac. These names offer a range of choices for parents seeking names with varied origins, meanings, and styles. They range from being strong and regal like Zavier to more modern and innovative like Zakai.

Name Origin Meaning
Zakai Hebrew Pure, innocent
Zavier Latin Bright, splendid
Zakaria Arabic God has remembered
Zac Hebrew Short form of Zachary

Additionally, names like Zayden, Zane, Zain, Zeke, Zechariah, Zeus, Zayan, and Zade have also gained popularity among parents looking for unique and stylish boy names starting with the letter Z.

Name Origin Meaning
Zayden American Modern invented name
Zane English God is gracious
Zain Arabic Grace
Zeke Hebrew Strength, power
Zechariah Hebrew God has remembered
Zeus Greek King of gods, God of the sky and thunder
Zayan Arabic Beautiful
Zade Inventive Modern invented name with no definitive meaning

Z Boy Names: Cultural Inspirations and Origins

In this section, we’ll explore the cultural inspirations and origins of some popular baby boy names starting with the letter Z. We’ll cover Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek names, providing examples and meanings behind each name.

Arabic Boy Names that Start with Z

Arabic baby boy names that start with Z have unique and strong meanings. Here are some examples:

Name Meaning
Zahir Prominent, visible
Zak Pure, chaste
Zahi Brilliant, glowing
Zaka Intelligent, wise
Zakar Mindful, aware
Zaid Abundance, growth
Zayd Growth, progress

These names are often inspired by qualities that parents hope to see in their children, such as growth and intelligence.

Hebrew Boy Names that Start with Z

Hebrew names starting with Z are primarily rooted in religious contexts and carry a deep sense of history. Here are some examples:

Name Meaning
Zachariah God remembers
Zion Spiritual place, Israel
Zayne God is gracious

These names can connect the baby to their religious heritage, making them an excellent choice for parents interested in traditional names.

Greek Boy Names that Start with Z

Greek names starting with Z often have a strong, noble meaning. Here are some examples:

Name Meaning
Zen Little ruler, leader
Zakari God remembers
Ari Brave, strong

Greek names reflect the rich history and mythology of ancient Greece, adding a sense of wisdom and power to these baby boy names.

List of Boy Names that Start with Z

  1. Zach
  2. Zachariah
  3. Zachary
  4. Zack
  5. Zackary
  6. Zaden
  7. Zadok
  8. Zaeem
  9. Zafar
  10. Zahir
  11. Zahran
  12. Zaid
  13. Zaiden
  14. Zain
  15. Zainal
  16. Zaire
  17. Zak
  18. Zakari
  19. Zakaria
  20. Zakary
  21. Zaki
  22. Zakiyah
  23. Zakri
  24. Zale
  25. Zalman
  26. Zalomon
  27. Zamaar
  28. Zamar
  29. Zameer
  30. Zamiel
  31. Zamil
  32. Zander
  33. Zandros
  34. Zane
  35. Zaniel
  36. Zanis
  37. Zanthe
  38. Zarek
  39. Zariel
  40. Zarius
  41. Zarni
  42. Zarrin
  43. Zary
  44. Zavier
  45. Zavion
  46. Zayd
  47. Zayden
  48. Zayn
  49. Zayne
  50. Zeb
  51. Zebedee
  52. Zebulon
  53. Zechariah
  54. Zed
  55. Zedekiah
  56. Zef
  57. Zeff
  58. Zehavi
  59. Zeik
  60. Zeki
  61. Zelig
  62. Zell
  63. Zemar
  64. Zen
  65. Zenas
  66. Zenith
  67. Zeno
  68. Zenon
  69. Zephyr
  70. Zepplin
  71. Zerach
  72. Zerick
  73. Zeroun
  74. Zeshan
  75. Zeth
  76. Zev
  77. Zevi
  78. Zeyad
  79. Zhen
  80. Zhivko
  81. Zhong
  82. Zhongjie
  83. Zhonglin
  84. Zhongyu
  85. Zhou
  86. Zhu
  87. Ziad
  88. Zidan
  89. Zidane
  90. Zihao
  91. Zikomo
  92. Zikra
  93. Zilong
  94. Zimran
  95. Zin
  96. Zion
  97. Zipporah
  98. Zishan
  99. Ziv
  100. Ziya
  101. Zlatan
  102. Zohar
  103. Zoltan
  104. Zoran
  105. Zorion
  106. Zosimo
  107. Zsolt
  108. Zuberi
  109. Zubin
  110. Zuhair
  111. Zuhayr
  112. Zuriel
  113. Zvi
  114. Zvonimir
  115. Zvulun
  116. Zyaire
  117. Zygmunt
  118. Zylan
  119. Zylar
  120. Zylon
  121. Zylophon
  122. Zymir
  123. Zyon
  124. Zyree
  125. Zyron
  126. Zysk
  127. Zytavious
  128. Zyvion
  129. Zytler
  130. Zytavion
  131. Zyvaire
  132. Zyvionte
  133. Zyvionce
  134. Zyvionne
  135. Zyvionze
  136. Zyvionlee
  137. Zyvionelle
  138. Zyvionde
  139. Zyvionell
  140. Zyviondell
  141. Zyviondelle
  142. Zyvionn
  143. Zyviono
  144. Zyvionoe
  145. Zyvionol
  146. Zyviontol
  147. Zyviontoll
  148. Zyviontelle
  149. Zabdi
  150. Zabdiel
  151. Zabel
  152. Zabian
  153. Zabriel
  154. Zaccai
  155. Zaccheus
  156. Zacchaeus
  157. Zacharee
  158. Zacharey
  159. Zacharius
  160. Zachery
  161. Zachriel
  162. Zackariya
  163. Zackarye
  164. Zackie
  165. Zackry
  166. Zaeden
  167. Zael
  168. Zaevion
  169. Zafeer
  170. Zafir
  171. Zafiro
  172. Zafirullah
  173. Zagan
  174. Zagros
  175. Zahairi
  176. Zahar
  177. Zahari
  178. Zahavian
  179. Zahed
  180. Zahen
  181. Zaher
  182. Zahian
  183. Zahirullah

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular biblical Z names for boys?

Zachariah and Zephaniah are two popular biblical names for boys. Both names have Hebrew origins and are mentioned in the Old Testament.

  • Zachariah: Meaning “Yahweh remembers,” Zachariah was a prophet in the Bible.
  • Zephaniah: Derived from the Hebrew name Tzefanyah, meaning “Yahweh has hidden,” Zephaniah was also a biblical prophet.

Can you suggest some exotic boy names beginning with Z?

Here are some exotic boy names that start with the letter Z:

  • Zaahir: Arabic name meaning “bright” or “shining”
  • Zoltan: Hungarian name meaning “ruler” or “king”
  • Zeno: Greek name meaning “gift of Zeus”
  • Zander: A shorter variant of Alexander, meaning “defender of the people.”

Which badass Z names are suitable for boys?

Some badass names starting with Z that might be appealing for boys include:

  • Zane: An English name meaning “God is gracious”
  • Zeke: A short form of Ezekiel, meaning “God strengthens”
  • Zephyr: A Greek name meaning “west wind”
  • Zorro: Spanish for “fox” and a heroic character in literature and film

What are some unique African-American boy names starting with Z?

Some unique African-American boy names starting with Z are:

  • Zaire: A name of African origin, referencing the former name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Zamir: Hebrew origin, meaning “singer” or “nightingale”
  • Zuri: A Swahili name, meaning “beautiful”
  • Zyaire: A modern, invented name with African-American usage

Which Z names for boys are popular in Muslim culture?

  • Zain: A popular Muslim name, meaning “beauty” or “grace”
  • Zayd: Arabic origin, meaning “to prosper” or “to grow”
  • Ziya: A Muslim name with Arabic roots, meaning “light” or “splendor”
  • Zubair: An Arabic name, meaning “strong” or “firm”

What are some rare four-letter boy names beginning with Z?

Rare four-letter boy names that start with Z include:

  • Zack: Short form of Zachary, meaning “God has remembered”
  • Zale: A Greek name meaning “sea strength”
  • Zeth: A variation of the name Seth, meaning “appointed” or “placed”
  • Zody: A rare and modern name with no specific meaning or origin

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