500+ Cool Boy Names from A-Z | Popular Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Boy Names in English! In this article, we are going to look at some common boy names for babies, all of which have featured in the top 1000 most popular boy names in recent years. We are also going to look at the meaning behind these names and where they came from in the first place.

Selecting the perfect name for your baby boy is an important decision that many new parents spend months debating. With thousands of names to choose from, the process can be both exciting and overwhelming. In recent years, there has been a surge in popularity for strong, unique and meaningful names that reflect today’s diverse and evolving global culture.

Boy Names

Popular Boy Names of 2023

Top Boy Names

In 2023, some of the top boy names gaining popularity include Liam, Noah, Oliver, Elijah, James, William, Benjamin, Lucas, Henry, Alexander, and Mason. These names have maintained their position in the list for a few years now, and they appeal to a wide range of parents due to their timeless, classic sound.

Top baby boy names in the United States in 2023 include traditionally popular choices like Liam, Noah, and Oliver, as well as unique and modern names such as Royal and Soren. Many parents are also leaning towards names with deeper meanings and significance, such as Theodore, meaning ‘divine gift,’ or Atticus, a name that brings to mind courage and justice. Moreover, international influences and vintage charm also play a significant role in inspiring name choices for baby boys.

Trending Names for Boys

Trending names in 2023 include some unique and modern choices, such as:

  • Amiri
  • Eliam
  • Colter
  • Ozzy
  • Loyal
  • Khai
  • Evander
  • Camilo
  • Mac
  • Jiraiya

These names are gaining traction amongst parents who seek unconventional and distinctive names for their baby boys. They represent a departure from traditional names, showcasing a mix of diverse cultural backgrounds and unique meanings.

Gender-Neutral Boy Names

Gender-neutral names continue to rise in popularity, as more parents opt for names that can be used for both boys and girls. Some popular gender-neutral names in 2023 are:

  • Onyx
  • Banks
  • Gian
  • Wylder
  • Elio
  • Kylian
  • Cillian
  • Bridger
  • Zyair
  • Koen

These names offer parents the flexibility to use them regardless of their child’s gender and encourage an open-minded approach to traditional gender roles.

Popular baby names data is derived from sources like Nameberry and BabyCenter, which provide real-time data based on the preferences of their visitors. As trends and preferences evolve, these sources refresh their lists to accurately reflect the contemporary choices that resonate with prospective parents. Keep in mind that popularity may vary regionally, and this list is just a glimpse of the overarching trends in 2023.

Unique Boy Names

Exclusive Lists

In the realm of baby boy names, there has been a surge in unique and distinctive selections that are not only strong but also stand out from the crowd. Many parents now opt for less common names to provide their children with a particular sense of identity. Some popular and unique baby boy names from exclusive lists include:

  • Royal
  • Soren
  • Theodore
  • Silas
  • Cassius
  • Arlo
  • Caspian
  • Otto
  • Cyrus

These names not only possess strength in their sound but also hold significant meanings sourced from various origins.

Letter-Based Names for Baby Boys

As parents seek unique baby boy names to set their child apart, many have turned to letter-based naming options. By focusing on specific initial letters, parents have found some exceptional and noteworthy names for their little ones. The following unique boy names by letter can serve as a starting point:

  • A: Atticus, August, Atlas, Arlo
  • C: Cassius, Caspian, Cyrus
  • F: Felix, Finn
  • H: Hugo
  • J: Jude
  • M: Milo
  • O: Oliver, Oscar, Otto
  • S: Silas, Soren
  • T: Theodore

Selecting an initial letter or several letters for a baby boy’s name might help parents narrow down their search and discover that exceptional and unique name they are seeking.

In summary, unique boy names are becoming more prevalent among parents who desire to give their child a distinct and memorable identity. By exploring exclusive lists and focusing on letter-based naming options, parents can find a remarkable and unique baby boy name that will truly stand out.

Timeless and Traditional Names for Boys

Timeless and traditional names are a popular choice for parents who want a name that has history and meaning. These names can range from popular picks, such as Theodore and Milo, to more unique choices like Cassius and Atlas. These names often convey a sense of strength, intelligence, or charm. In some cases, they may be biblical names that have endured for centuries, such as Ezra and Asher.

Theodore, derived from Greek roots, means “gift of God.” This classic name has stood the test of time, with its popular shortened versions like Theo and Teddy. Milo is a name with Germanic origins that means “merciful.” It has been used throughout history, including by Roman emperors and European aristocracy.

Cassius, a strong and unique choice, may be linked to the Latin word “cassis,” meaning “vain.” This name has a rich history, notably shared by the Roman general who played a significant role in the assassination of Julius Caesar. Atlas, on the other hand, has Greek origins, relating to the Titan who bore the weight of the world on his shoulders in mythology. The name continues to symbolize strength and determination.

Ezra, a biblical name with Hebrew roots, translates to “help” or “assistance.” This name has been steadily growing in popularity in recent years, combining a historical connection with a modern appeal. Asher, another biblical choice, is derived from Hebrew origins and means “happy” or “blessed.” It carries great tradition and has consistently been seen as a positive and attractive name choice.

In summary, timeless and traditional names offer a variety of options for parents looking to give their baby boy a meaningful and enduring name. Choices such as Theodore, Milo, Cassius, Atlas, Ezra, and Asher provide both historical significance and a touch of modern appeal. Selecting such a name can create a strong foundation for a child’s identity, instilling a sense of pride in their heritage and personal history.

Boy Name Meanings and Origins

When choosing a boy’s name, understanding its meaning and origin can play a significant role in the decision-making process. Name meanings often have historical, cultural, or religious significance, while origins can help trace a name’s roots to a specific language, region, or culture.

For example, Aaron, a popular boy’s name, has a meaning of “mountain of strength” and Hebrew origins. On the other hand, the name Aapeli, of Finnish origin, means “breathing.” Many names also have a connection to mythology or religion, such as Apollo, which is derived from the Greek god of music, poetry, and the sun.

Here are some popular boy names and their meanings:

  • Alexander: Defender of the people (Greek origin)
  • Benjamin: Son of the right hand (Hebrew origin)
  • Charles: Free man (German origin)
  • Daniel: God is my judge (Hebrew origin)
  • Ethan: Strong, firm (Hebrew origin)
  • Jack: God is gracious (English origin)
  • Liam: Strong-willed warrior (Irish origin)
  • Noah: Rest, comfort (Hebrew origin)

In addition to meanings, choosing a name based on its origin can give a sense of connection to a family’s heritage or ancestral roots. Here’s a list of some boy names from different cultures and languages:

  • Italian: Giovanni (God is gracious), Francesco (Frenchman)
  • Irish: Aidan (little fire), Connor (lover of hounds)
  • Spanish: Mateo (gift of God), Alejandro (defender of the people)
  • Hindu: Arjun (bright, shining), Ravi (sun)
  • Chinese: Liang (bright, clear), Jun (talented, handsome)

For parents interested in names with a divine connection, the following list provides a few examples of boy names associated with gods or religious figures:

  • Zeus: Greek god of the sky and thunder
  • Odin: Norse god of war, wisdom, and poetry
  • Indra: Hindu god of rain and thunderstorms
  • Shiva: Hindu god of destruction and transformation
  • Moses: Biblical prophet and leader who received the Ten Commandments

In conclusion, understanding the meanings and origins of boy names can help parents make an informed decision when choosing a unique, meaningful, and culturally significant name for their child. Considering the wide range of available options, there’s sure to be a perfect name for every family’s preferences and values.

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Tips for Choosing a Boy Name

Considering Last Names

When choosing a name for your baby boy, it is important to consider how the first name will pair with the last name. The flow and sound of the full name should be pleasing to the ears. Parents should think about how the name sounds when spoken aloud and whether it is easy to pronounce. Some suggestions for combining first and last names include:

  • Avoid pairing names with the same number of syllables: John Smith versus Jackson Smith
  • Consider alliteration: Peter Parker or Samuel Sullivan
  • Avoid rhyming names: Owen Bowen or Tate Slater

Selecting a Middle Name

Selecting a middle name for your baby boy can strengthen his identity and create a full and meaningful name. A middle name can be an opportunity to:

  • Honor a family member or ancestor: The middle name can be the grandfather or father’s first name or a family surname.
  • Choose a secondary name that parents love: If parents are torn between two first names, using one as a middle name can be a great compromise.
  • Create a strong combination: Some parents may want to choose a middle name with a strong sound that complements the first name (e.g., Alexander James or Benjamin Thomas).

Importance of Name Meaning

The meaning behind a name can have personal significance for both the parents and the child. Parents should research the origin and meaning of potential names, as it may influence their decision. Some parents may prefer names with positive attributes, such as strength or wisdom, while others might choose names connected to nature or their heritage. Remember:

  • Research and explore name origins: Names can have different meanings in various cultures and languages.
  • Consider positive attributes: Names like Theodore (gift of God), William (strong-willed warrior), or Oliver (olive tree) offer positive meanings.
  • Reflect on personal interests or values: Parents can select names that hold special significance for them, such as names inspired by destinations, literature, or history.

By following these guidelines, parents can make an informed decision about their baby boy’s name, providing their child with a name that holds both personal meaning and a connection to their family.

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Most Loved Boy Names

When looking for a beloved boy name, it’s essential to consider the popularity and significance associated with each name. In this section, we will explore a few of the most loved boy names in recent years, providing insight into their unique cultural origins and meanings. Many parents searching for the perfect moniker for their little one are drawn to these captivating names from various ethnicities and time periods.

Some of the top ranking boy names in the United States in recent years include:

  • Liam
  • Noah
  • Oliver
  • Elijah
  • James

These names often hold meanings that make them even more attractive to prospective parents. For example, Liam is an Irish name meaning “strong-willed warrior,” while Oliver has Latin roots and signifies “olive tree” – symbolizing peace and fruitfulness.

Meanwhile, parents looking for names with a specific cultural background might be drawn to the following popular names:

Indian Baby Boy Names:

  • Kabir
  • Ishaan
  • Jai
  • Dhruv

Italian Baby Boy Names:

  • Luka
  • Giovanni
  • Enzo
  • Matteo

Each of these names has a unique origin story and meaning, often tied to their respective cultures. For instance, Kabir, an Indian name, means “great,” and Dhruv is derived from a Hindu mythological character, signifying “constant” or “steadfast.”

In recent trends, some unique and strong names are also capturing parents’ hearts. Here is a list of such notable names:

  • Royal
  • Soren
  • Theodore
  • Atticus
  • Silas

These modern names, like Theodore, which has Greek origins and means “gift of God,” provide both an elegant flair and a timeless appeal to new parents.

No matter what a parent’s preferences may be, popular names with powerful meanings often rise to the top in the search for the most loved boy names. While personal preferences may vary, these names continue to resonate with parents looking to bestow a special and meaningful name upon their son.

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Choosing the Right Name for a Baby Boy

There comes a time in our lives when we decide to have children, and what a wonderful time this can be. But with having children comes a lot of pressure and one of the most pressuring things is choosing a name for your new baby. There are many different things to consider when choosing a name for a child such as geographical choices, is the area where you live known for a particular style of name, for example? Another big thing when choosing a baby name is how the name is spelt some names have various different spellings, let’s take the name Sebastien for an example. The name can be spelt with accents over the first e, it can be spelt with an ending of -ien, -ian or-ion. Choosing a more common spelling can make life easier for your child in the future.

Many people will opt for a name solely based on its meaning. All names have an origin and a meaning behind them and there are many website, books and articles which focus on the meaning of various different names. For some people, a name meaning can represent who a person is or who they are to become as an adult and this can be a very important factor for parents when deciding what to call their child.

There are many attractive names for boys and choosing one can be a daunting task but once the meaning of the names is revealed, it suddenly becomes much more clear. A name can mean a lot of different things from a religious meaning to a job description from times gone by, but it is important to choose a name for your son which will make him proud for many years to come.

Popular and Trendy Boy Names for Babies with Meaning

Let’s now look into some of the most popular baby names for boys and what their meaning is.

  • Liam– this Irish name means strong warrior and is a derivative of the name William.
  • Noah– this name comes from Hebrew and refers to a rest or repose.
  • William– originally from France, the name means will or protection.
  • James– this name comes from the Hebrew for the name Jacob and refers to a man who is a follower.
  • Logan– this Scottish name refers to a place but can also mean hollow.
  • Ben– the name Ben comes from Hebrew and simply means son.
  • Mason– meaning a man who is a stone worker, this name comes from old Welsh.
  • Elijah– the name means God is Yahweh and comes from Hebrew.
  • Oliver– an English name which comes from the name of the olive tree.
  • Lucas– this name finds origin in many languages and refers to a place in Italy called Lucania.
  • Michael– a name which means he who is like God and comes from Hebrew.
  • Alexander– this Greek name means the defender of people.
  • Ethan– a Hebrew name which means strong and one who lives long.
  • Daniel– this name means judge in Hebrew.
  • Matthew– a Hebrew name which means God’s gift.
  • Henry– this English name means ruler or powerful.
  • Joseph– a Latin name meaning he who will add.
  • Samuel– another Hebrew name which means the name of God.
  • David– this name means beloved and comes from Hebrew.
  • Carter– an English name which comes from a job of someone who transported produce.
  • Jayden– this Hebrew name means one who is thankful.
  • Owen– the name means young warrior and comes from Welsh.
  • Dylan– this Welsh name means the son of the seas.
  • Luke– a Greek name with the meaning of light giver.
  • Gabriel– a Hebrew name which means God is my strength.
  • Anthony– this English name means someone who is highly worthy of praise.
  • Isaac– this name comes from Latin and means the one who laughs.
  • Jack– an English name which means God is grace.
  • Julian– this name derives from both Latin and English and means one who is youthful.
  • Levi– a Hebrew name which can mean attached or joined.
  • Christopher– this Greek name means the one who bears Christ.
  • Joshua– the name means God is my salvation and comes from Hebrew.
  • Andrew– a Greek name which means manly.
  • Ryan– this English name means little king.
  • Jaxon– a derivative of the name Jackson, from English, which means God is gracious.
  • Nathan– this name from Hebrew means giver.
  • Aaron– this name means exalted and comes from Hebrew.
  • Isaiah– a Hebrew name which means God is salvation.
  • Thomas– this name comes from the Aramaic language and means twin.
  • Charles– originating from France, this royal name for kings came from the area known as Charlemagne.
  • Caleb– the Hebrew name which means faithful.
  • Christian– a Latin name which comes from the name Christianus which means a Christian person.
  • Hunter– this English name refers to a person who hunts.
  • Jonathan– a name of Hebrew descent which means God gives.
  • Connor– an Irish name which refers to the lover of the wolves.
  • Paul– a Roman name which means humble.
  • Asher– an old Hebrew name which means happy.
  • Cameron– a name from Scotland which comes from the surname Cameron and means crooked.
  • Leo– a Latin name which carries the meaning of lion.
  • Jeremiah– this Hebrew name means raised by God.
  • Robert– a name of Germanic origin, which means famous one.
  • Nicholas– the name means victory of the people and comes from ancient Greek.
  • Ezra– this biblical name features as one of the books of the bible and has since become a popular given name.
  • Jordan– the name comes from Hebrew and refers to the chief of the river.
  • Austin– this English name means magnificent.
  • Adam– the name simply means man and comes from a Hebrew origin.
  • Evan– a Welsh name which is derived from the name John and means God is gracious

Popular and Trendy Boy Names List

Popular Boy Names ListPin

  • Daniel
  • Joseph
  • David
  • John
  • Nicholas
  • Kevin
  • Justin
  • Austin
  • Jason
  • Luis
  • Bentley
  • Sean
  • Richard
  • Robert
  • Noah
  • Gary
  • Jose
  • Ian
  • Adam
  • Stephen
  • Ralph
  • Patrick
  • Russell
  • Edwin
  • Frank
  • Kyle
  • Oscar
  • Chase
  • Bobby
  • Warren
  • Pedro
  • Mario
  • Leo
  • Isaac
  • Harry
  • Andy
  • Tristan
  • Hayden
  • Cory
  • Vernon
  • Ken
  • Lance
  • Erik
  • Eduardo
  • Sam
  • Lucas
  • Owen
  • Colin
  • Cole
  • Dean
  • Wade
  • Dave
  • Seth
  • Ivan
  • Riley
  • Gilbert
  • Jorge
  • Dan
  • Brian
  • Roberto
  • Ramon
  • Miles
  • Liam
  • Nathaniel
  • Ethan
  • Lewis
  • Milton
  • Claude
  • Joshua
  • Glen
  • Harvey
  • Blake
  • Antonio
  • Connor
  • Julian
  • Aidan
  • Harold
  • Conner
  • Peter
  • Hunter
  • Eli
  • Alberto
  • Carlos
  • Shane
  • Aaron
  • Marlin
  • Paul
  • Ricardo
  • Hector
  • Alexis
  • Adrian
  • Kingston
  • Douglas
  • Gerald
  • Joey
  • Johnny
  • Charlie
  • Scott
  • Martin
  • Tristin
  • Troy
  • Tommy
  • Rick
  • Victor
  • Jessie
  • Neil
  • Ted
  • Nick
  • Wiley
  • Morris
  • Clark
  • Stuart
  • Orlando
  • Keith
  • Marion
  • Marshall
  • Noel
  • Everett
  • Romeo
  • Sebastian
  • Stefan
  • Robin
  • Clarence
  • Sandy
  • Ernest
  • Samuel
  • Benjamin
  • Luka
  • Fred
  • Albert
  • Greyson
  • Terry
  • Cedric
  • Joe
  • Paul
  • George
  • Bruce
  • Christopher
  • Mark
  • Ron
  • Craig
  • Philip
  • Jimmy
  • Arthur
  • Jaime
  • Perry
  • Harold
  • Jerry
  • Shawn
  • Walter

Boy Names from A to Z with Meanings

Boy Names that Start with A

  1. Adam – “earth”
  2. Aidan – “fiery one”
  3. Alexander – “defender of the people”
  4. Andrew – “manly”
  5. Anthony – “priceless one”
  6. Archer – “bowman”
  7. Asher – “happy, blessed”
  8. Ashton – “ash tree town”
  9. Atticus – “man of Attica”
  10. Austin – “great, magnificent”
  11. Axl – “father of peace”
  12. Ayden – “fiery one”
  13. Aaron – “mountain of strength”

Boy Names that Start with B

  1. Benjamin – “son of the right hand”
  2. Bradley – “broad meadow”
  3. Brian – “strong, virtuous”
  4. Brody – “ditch”
  5. Bryce – “speckled”
  6. Byron – “from the barns”
  7. Bailey – “bailiff, steward”
  8. Barrett – “brave as a bear”
  9. Beau – “handsome”
  10. Bennett – “blessed”
  11. Blakeley – “dark meadow”
  12. Brendan – “prince”
  13. Bruce – “dweller of the woods”
  14. Bruno – “brown-haired”
  15. Bryan – “strong, virtuous”

Boy Names that Start with C

  1. Caleb – “faithful, devotion”
  2. Cameron – “crooked nose”
  3. Carter – “transporter of goods by cart”
  4. Charles – “free man”
  5. Christopher – “bearer of Christ”
  6. Clayton – “town built on clay”
  7. Cody – “helpful”
  8. Cole – “victory of the people”
  9. Colin – “young creature”
  10. Connor – “lover of hounds”
  11. Cooper – “barrel maker”
  12. Corey – “dwellers in or near a hollow”
  13. Craig – “rocky hill”
  14. Curtis – “courteous, polite”
  15. Cyrus – “sun, lord”

Boy Names that Start with D

  1. Daniel – “God is my judge”
  2. David – “beloved”
  3. Derek – “ruler of the people”
  4. Donovan – “dark-haired chieftain”
  5. Dylan – “son of the sea”
  6. Damien – “to tame, to subdue”
  7. Dalton – “town in the valley”
  8. Dean – “from the valley”
  9. Declan – “full of goodness”
  10. Demetrius – “follower of Demeter”
  11. Dennis – “follower of Dionysius”
  12. Desmond – “gracious defender”
  13. Devin – “poet”
  14. Dexter – “skilled, right-handed”
  15. Dominic – “belonging to the Lord”

Boy Names that Start with E

  1. Ethan – “strong, firm”
  2. Elijah – “my God is Yahweh”
  3. Evan – “God is gracious”
  4. Everett – “brave as a wild boar”
  5. Emery – “ruler of work”
  6. Ellis – “benevolent”
  7. Eric – “ruler, leader”
  8. Edward – “wealthy guardian”
  9. Edmund – “protector of wealth”
  10. Ewan – “born of the yew tree”
  11. Eli – “ascension, uplifted”
  12. Enrique – “ruler of the house”
  13. Elio – “sun, light”
  14. Emilio – “flattering, charming”

Boy Names that Start with F

  1. Finn – “fair, white, clear”
  2. Felix – “fortunate, happy”
  3. Frank – “free man”
  4. Forrest – “woodsman”
  5. Frederick – “peaceful ruler”
  6. Finnegan – “fair, white, clear”
  7. Ford – “river crossing”
  8. Flynn – “son of the red-haired one”
  9. Fabian – “bean grower”
  10. Farley – “meadow of the sheep”
  11. Fraser – “strawberry bearer”
  12. Ferdinand – “adventurous, daring journey”
  13. Fabio – “bean grower”
  14. Foster – “one who takes care of”

Boy Names that Start with G

  1. Gabriel – “God is my strength”
  2. Gavin – “white hawk”
  3. George – “farmer, earth-worker”
  4. Gideon – “hewer, warrior”
  5. Gilbert – “bright pledge”
  6. Graham – “gravelly homestead”
  7. Grant – “great, large”
  8. Grayson – “son of the steward”
  9. Gregory – “watchful, alert”
  10. Griffin – “strong lord”
  11. Gunnar – “bold warrior”
  12. Guy – “guide, leader”
  13. Gustav – “staff of the gods”
  14. Gus – “great, magnificent”
  15. Gage – “oath, pledge”

Boy Names that Start with H

  1. Henry – “ruler of the household”
  2. Harrison – “son of Harry”
  3. Hudson – “son of Hudd”
  4. Hugh – “mind, intellect”
  5. Hector – “steadfast”
  6. Harley – “hare’s meadow”
  7. Heath – “heathland dweller”
  8. Holden – “hollow in the valley”
  9. Howard – “brave heart, high watchman”
  10. Horatio – “timekeeper”
  11. Hunter – “one who hunts”
  12. Harvey – “battle worthy”
  13. Harry – “ruler of the household”
  14. Hayden – “fire”
  15. Hamish – “supplanter”

Boy Names that Start with I

  1. Ian – “God is gracious”
  2. Isaac – “he will laugh”
  3. Ivan – “God is gracious”
  4. Isaiah – “God is salvation”
  5. Idris – “fiery leader”
  6. Ignatius – “fiery one”
  7. Iker – “visit, the one who visits”
  8. Immanuel – “God is with us”
  9. Inigo – “fiery”
  10. Ira – “watchful”
  11. Irving – “green river, fresh water”

Boy Names that Start with J

  1. Jack – “God is gracious”
  2. James – “supplanter”
  3. Jacob – “holder of the heel”
  4. Jace – “the lord is salvation”
  5. Jason – “to heal”
  6. Jasper – “bringer of treasure”
  7. Julian – “youthful, downy”
  8. Joel – “God is willing”
  9. Jonah – “dove”
  10. Jordan – “to flow down”
  11. Jude – “praised”
  12. Justin – “just, righteous”
  13. Joseph – “he will add”
  14. John – “God is gracious”
  15. Jeffrey – “divinely peaceful”

Boy Names that Start with K

  1. Kai – “sea”
  2. Kaleb – “faithful, dog-like”
  3. Kamden – “winding valley”
  4. Kameron – “crooked nose”
  5. Karl – “man”
  6. Karson – “son of Carl”
  7. Karter – “driver of carts”
  8. Keith – “woodland, forest”
  9. Kendrick – “champion, leader”
  10. Kenji – “intelligent second son”
  11. Kenneth – “handsome”
  12. Kevin – “gentle birth”
  13. Killian – “bright-headed”
  14. Kingston – “king’s town”
  15. Koda – “friend”

Boy Names that Start with L

  1. Liam – “strong-willed warrior”
  2. Lucas – “bringer of light”
  3. Logan – “small hollow”
  4. Levi – “joined, attached”
  5. Leo – “lion”
  6. Louis – “famous warrior”
  7. Landon – “long hill”
  8. Lincoln – “settlement by the pool”
  9. Lawrence – “laurel-crowned”
  10. Lionel – “young lion”
  11. Lyle – “from the island”
  12. Lance – “land”
  13. Lee – “meadow”
  14. Leroy – “the king”
  15. Lennox – “elm grove”

Boy Names that Start with M

  1. Mason – “worker in stone”
  2. Matthew – “gift of God”
  3. Max – “greatest”
  4. Miles – “soldier, merciful”
  5. Mitchell – “who is like God”
  6. Morgan – “sea circle”
  7. Moses – “delivered from the water”
  8. Muhammad – “praiseworthy”
  9. Myron – “myrrh, sweet oil”
  10. Malachi – “my messenger”
  11. Marco – “warlike”
  12. Marlon – “little hawk”
  13. Martin – “warrior of Mars”
  14. Maverick – “independent, non-conformist”
  15. Micah – “who is like God”

Boy Names that Start with N

  1. Nathan – “gift from God”
  2. Noah – “rest, comfort”
  3. Nolan – “champion”
  4. Neil – “champion”
  5. Nicholas – “victory of the people”
  6. Niles – “son of Neil”
  7. Neville – “new town”
  8. Norman – “man from the north”
  9. Norris – “northerner”
  10. Noel – “Christmas”
  11. Nate – “gift from God”
  12. Naveen – “new”
  13. Nyle – “island”

Boy Names that Start with O

  1. Odin – “inspiration, rage, frenzy”
  2. Oliver – “olive tree”
  3. Omar – “long-lived, flourishing”
  4. Onyx – “gemstone”
  5. Orlando – “famous throughout the land”
  6. Oscar – “God spear, deer lover”
  7. Osiris – “powerful, mighty”
  8. Otto – “wealthy”
  9. Owen – “youthful warrior”
  10. Ozias – “strength from God”
  11. Obed – “servant”
  12. Odell – “wealthy”
  13. Octavius – “eighth”
  14. Ollie – “olive tree”
  15. Orville – “golden city”

Boy Names that Start with P

  1. Paul – “small”
  2. Patrick – “nobleman”
  3. Peter – “rock”
  4. Phoenix – “dark red”
  5. Preston – “priest’s estate”
  6. Pierce – “rock”
  7. Phillip – “lover of horses”
  8. Porter – “gatekeeper”
  9. Pablo – “small”
  10. Paxton – “peaceful town”
  11. Payton – “village warrior”
  12. Perry – “pear tree”
  13. Princeton – “principal town”
  14. Piers – “rock”
  15. Price – “son of the ardent one”

Boy Names that Start with Q

  1. Quaid – “leader, clever”
  2. Quan – “spring, clear water”
  3. Quentin – “fifth”
  4. Quincy – “estate of the fifth son”
  5. Quillan – “cub”
  6. Quimby – “woman’s estate”
  7. Quinn – “descendent of Conn”
  8. Quinlan – “slender, graceful”
  9. Quinton – “fifth”
  10. Quirino – “spearman”
  11. Quiron – “wise”

Boy Names that Start with R

  1. Ryan – “little king”
  2. Rowan – “little red one”
  3. Roman – “a citizen of Rome”
  4. Riley – “courageous”
  5. Reid – “red-haired”
  6. Rhett – “enthusiastic”
  7. Ryder – “cavalryman”
  8. Raymond – “wise protector”
  9. Ronald – “ruler’s counselor”
  10. Russell – “red-haired”
  11. Robert – “bright fame”
  12. Richard – “brave ruler”
  13. Royce – “son of the king”
  14. Roger – “famous spearman”
  15. Randall – “wolf shield”

Boy Names that Start with S

  1. Samuel – “asked of God”
  2. Sebastian – “venerable”
  3. Sawyer – “woodcutter”
  4. Scott – “from Scotland”
  5. Sean – “God is gracious”
  6. Silas – “of the forest”
  7. Simon – “God has heard”
  8. Spencer – “steward, dispenser of provisions”
  9. Stanley – “stone clearing”
  10. Stephen – “crown, wreath”
  11. Sterling – “genuine, high-quality”
  12. Sullivan – “dark-eyed one”
  13. Sven – “youth”
  14. Syed – “fortunate, happy”
  15. Sylvester – “of the forest, woods”

Boy Names that Start with T

  1. Theodore – “gift of God”
  2. Thomas – “twin”
  3. Timothy – “honoring God”
  4. Tristan – “sorrowful”
  5. Troy – “foot soldier”
  6. Tyler – “maker or layer of tiles”
  7. Tanner – “leather worker”
  8. Tate – “cheerful”
  9. Taylor – “tailor”
  10. Terrence – “tender, gracious”
  11. Thaddeus – “courageous heart”
  12. Theophilus – “lover of God”
  13. Thor – “thunder”
  14. Titus – “honorable”
  15. Tobias – “God is good”

Boy Names that Start with U

  1. Uriel – “God is my light”
  2. Ulysses – “wrathful”
  3. Ulric – “power of the wolf”
  4. Upton – “upper town”
  5. Ugo – “mind, heart, spirit”
  6. Uriah – “God is my light”
  7. Urban – “from the city”
  8. Usher – “doorkeeper”
  9. Usman – “trustworthy, faithful”
  10. Uzziel – “strength of God”

Boy Names that Start with V

  1. Vincent – “conquering”
  2. Victor – “winner, conqueror”
  3. Vaughn – “small”
  4. Valentin – “strong, healthy”
  5. Vance – “marshland”
  6. Vito – “life-giving”
  7. Vernon – “alder tree grove”
  8. Vaughn – “little”
  9. Virgil – “staff bearer”
  10. Vance – “lives by a marsh”

Boy Names that Start with W

  1. William – “resolute protector”
  2. Wyatt – “brave in war”
  3. Wesley – “western meadow”
  4. Walter – “ruler of the army”
  5. Wade – “to go, to advance”
  6. Warren – “enclosed or protected place”
  7. Wayne – “wagon maker”
  8. Winston – “joy stone”
  9. Wilson – “son of Will”
  10. Walker – “a person who walks or hikes”

Boy Names that Start with X

  1. Xavier – “new house”
  2. Xander – “defender of the people”
  3. Xavi – “bright, splendid”
  4. Xerxes – “ruler over heroes”
  5. Xylon – “from the forest”
  6. Xenon – “stranger, foreigner”
  7. Xeno – “stranger, guest”
  8. Xabier – “new house”
  9. Xavius – “bright, splendid”

Boy Names that Start with Y

  1. Yahir – “to enlighten”
  2. Yosef – “God will add”
  3. Yandel – “to pray”
  4. Yahir – “to illuminate”
  5. Yael – “mountain goat”
  6. Yale – “fertile upland”
  7. Yancey – “Englishman”
  8. Yates – “gates”
  9. Yestin – “fair, just”
  10. Yitzhak – “laughter”

Boy Names that Start with Z

  1. Zachary – “remembered by God”
  2. Zane – “God is gracious”
  3. Zander – “defender of the people”
  4. Zavier – “new house”
  5. Zebulon – “dwelling of honor”
  6. Zeno – “gift of Zeus”
  7. Zeke – “God strengthens”
  8. Zephyr – “west wind”
  9. Zoltan – “sultan”
  10. Zuriel – “my rock is God”

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Boy Names: 250 Most Popular Baby Boy Names with MeaningPin

Boy Names: 250 Most Popular Baby Boy Names with Meaning Pin Boy Names: 250 Most Popular Baby Boy Names with Meaning Pin



Baby Boy Names with Pronunciation

Learn popular names for boys in English with pronunciation video lesson.

FAQs on Boy Names

What are some of the most popular baby boy names in the U.S.?

According to recent data, some of the top baby boy names in the U.S. include Liam, Noah, Oliver, Elijah, and James. Liam has held the number one spot since 2017, while Noah, Oliver, and Elijah have also remained in the top five positions for the past few years.

What factors should I consider when choosing a boy’s name?

When selecting a boy’s name, it’s essential to consider various factors:

  • Meaning: Research the name’s meaning to ensure it aligns with the values and qualities you appreciate.
  • Pronunciation: Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and spell to minimize confusion and mispronunciations.
  • Cultural or familial significance: Your heritage or family traditions may play a significant role in choosing a name. This can create a sense of continuity and pride within your family.
  • Popularity: Gauge how popular the name is to decide if you want to follow trends or select a more unique option.

Do popular boy names change over time?

Yes, popular boy names change over time. While some names remain popular for multiple years, trends and cultural shifts often introduce new names or cause a decline in a once-popular name’s usage. For historical data on name popularity, you can search the Social Security Administration’s database, which contains over 100 years’ worth of baby name data.

Can I use a traditionally female name for my baby boy?

It’s certainly possible to choose a traditionally female name for your baby boy. As society becomes more progressive, gender-neutral names or names that buck traditional gender norms are gaining popularity. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but consider how this decision might affect your child’s experiences and interactions with others.


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