BRB Meaning: What Does BRB Mean?

What does BRB mean? What does the abbreviation “BRB” stand for? This article will provide a clear definition of this internet slang word with interesting text conversation examples.

Key Takeaways

  • BRB is a commonly used acronym meaning “be right back” in online communication
  • It indicates a short, temporary absence during an ongoing chat or conversation
  • BRB is part of an ever-expanding list of acronyms and abbreviations used in digital communication to promote efficiency and save time.

BRB Meaning

What Does BRB Mean?

BRB is an abbreviation for “Be Right Back”.

It means I’ll be right back. It is used when chatting with someone and you need to end the chat temporarily to attend to something else. So, you’ll just say BRB. It saves time and also saves the effort of typing the message in full.

It originated from the days of text messages where every message is limited to a certain number of characters including space. People generally learned how to shorten words to make the best use of their character cap.

Who can use it?

Anyone can use it informally when chatting with family, friends and colleagues. Of course, it is mostly used by millennials. However, it is not appropriate to use it in an official/formal setting.

Origin of BRB

BRB is an abbreviation that stands for “be right back.” It emerged in the context of online messaging and chatting when people needed to indicate that they would be stepping away from their devices temporarily. This initialism became popular with the growth of internet chat rooms and instant messaging services in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The widespread adoption of BRB can be attributed to its convenience and universality. It conveys the user’s intention to return shortly and serves as a courteous message to others engaged in the conversation. Additionally, it signals that the absence will be brief, often for a quick activity such as going to the bathroom or answering the door.

Although the exact origin of BRB remains uncertain, it is likely that it emerged organically within various online communities. As with many internet slang terms, the use of abbreviations like BRB evolved in response to the rapid and interactive nature of online communication. Users needed concise ways to express their intentions and status, and BRB filled this role effectively.

Today, BRB continues to be a widely recognized and used initialism in various online platforms. It can be found in text messages, chat rooms, social media, and even in casual online gaming lobbies. Despite its informal nature, the abbreviation remains a valuable tool for quickly conveying information in an efficient and easily understood manner.

Related Terms to BRB

BRB Acronym and Abbreviation

BRB is an acronym in colloquial online communication, meaning “be right back.” It is commonly used in messaging and chatting when someone needs to temporarily leave their device for a short time. The term often signifies a brief activity, such as a bathroom break or answering the door.

  • Internet slang: In online conversations, BRB is typically classified within the broader category of internet slang, which comprises numerous abbreviations and acronyms. These terms were birthed in the digital age and continue to evolve with modern communication.Some related entities to BRB in communication include:
    • G2G or GTG: Meaning “got to go,” used when one needs to leave the conversation.
    • LOL: “Laugh(ing) out loud,” used to express amusement at a given statement or situation.

    These terms, among others, contribute to a shorthand language used in online messaging and social media.

Internet Slang

As internet chatting progressed, various abbreviations and acronyms have emerged to simplify and expedite communication. As mentioned earlier, BRB is one example of such a term, as it conveys intention or context succinctly.

While BRB is a prominent example, other internet slang terms should also be noted:

  • TTYL: “Talk to you later,” used when concluding a conversation.
  • IMO: “In my opinion,” used when sharing personal thoughts or viewpoints.
  • IDK: “I don’t know,” used when unsure about a topic or question.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, these terms contribute to making online communication more efficient and less time-consuming.

BRB Examples

Examples of BRB in Texting and Social Posts


BRB is a quick and convenient way to inform someone you will be away from your device for a moment. It is commonly used in texting, where brevity is important. Here are a couple of examples in texting:

  1. Person A: Are you coming to the party tonight?
  2. Person B: Yes! BRB, someone’s calling me.

In this case, Person B lets Person A know that they will be right back, suggesting a brief interruption in the text conversation.

Social Posts

BRB can also be used in social media posts to inform followers that the user is stepping away for a moment or taking a short break. This is particularly relevant during live streaming sessions or real-time conversations on platforms like Twitter. Some examples can be:

  • Streamer: BRB, need to fix my camera settings. Stay tuned!
  • Twitter User: Had a great time at the concert, but BRB – battery’s running low!

The use of BRB in these contexts illustrates the versatility of this internet slang, showing that it can be utilized effectively across conversations, texting, and social posts.

Conversation Examples

This is a conversation between Sally and John.

  • Sally: How are you today?
  • John: Superfine and you?
  • Sally: Cool
  • John: How are you enjoying your new home?
  • John: Oh my mom needs my attention, BRB
  • Sally: Ok

More about BRB Terminology

Other Meanings

  • Benefits Review Board
  • Big Red Button
  • Bath Room Break
  • Believe Really Believe
  • Be Ready B***h
  • Buckling Restrained Brace
  • Butts Remember Bouncing
  • Buns Running Backwards
  • Busy Rescuing Batman
  • Birmingham Royal Ballet

Other Ways to Say BRB

“Be Right Back” Synonyms List

  • I’ll be right back.
  • Be back soon.
  • I ‘ll be back in a minute.
  • I’ll be back as soon as possible.
  • I’ll be back in a flash.
  • I’ll be right there.
  • I’ll return immediately.
  • I’ll be back any minute.
  • I’ll get back soon.
  • I’ll come back right away.

Synonyms for “Be Right Back” with Examples

I’ll be right back

  • I’m going to get some water. I’ll be right back.

Be back soon

  • I figure the manager will be back soon.

I’ll be back in a minute

  • Keep talking amongst yourselves, I’ll be back in a minute.

I’ll be back in a flash

  • Just wait here. I’ll be back in a flash.

I’ll be right there

  • I’ll be right there.

I’ll return immediately

  • If there’s an emergency, I’ll return immediately.

I’ll be back any minute

  • Your husband said you’d be back any minute.

I’ll get back soon

  • And I promise I’ll get back up soon.

I’ll come back right away

  • I am sorry, I didn’t come back right away because the phone rang.

BRB Meaning Infographic

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