BRB Meaning: What Does BRB Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What does BRB mean? What does the abbreviation “BRB” stand for? This article will provide a clear definition of this internet slang word with interesting text conversation examples.

BRB Meaning

What Does BRB Mean?

BRB is an abbreviation for “Be Right Back”.

It means I’ll be right back. It is used when chatting with someone and you need to end the chat temporarily to attend to something else. So, you’ll just say BRB. It saves time and also saves the effort of typing the message in full.

It originated from the days of text messages where every message is limited to a certain number of characters including space. People generally learned how to shorten words to make the best use of their character cap.

Who can use it?

Anyone can use it informally when chatting with family, friends and colleagues. Of course, it is mostly used by millennials. However, it is not appropriate to use it in an official/formal setting.

Similar internet slang terms

A similar internet slang to BRB is “TTYL” and it means Talk To You Later. When someone says TTYL, the person is saying he’ll talk to you later. It is a way to end a conversation momentarily or finally. Both TTYL and BRB are used to end conversations.

Conversation Examples

This is a conversation between Sally and John.

  • Sally: How are you today?
  • John: Superfine and you?
  • Sally: Cool
  • John: How are you enjoying your new home?
  • John: Oh my mom needs my attention, BRB
  • Sally: Ok

Other Meanings

  • Benefits Review Board
  • Big Red Button
  • Bath Room Break
  • Believe Really Believe
  • Be Ready B***h
  • Buckling Restrained Brace
  • Butts Remember Bouncing
  • Buns Running Backwards
  • Busy Rescuing Batman
  • Birmingham Royal Ballet

BRB Meaning Infographic

Other Ways to Say BRB

“Be Right Back” Synonyms List

  • I’ll be right back.
  • Be back soon.
  • I ‘ll be back in a minute.
  • I’ll be back as soon as possible.
  • I’ll be back in a flash.
  • I’ll be right there.
  • I’ll return immediately.
  • I’ll be back any minute.
  • I’ll get back soon.
  • I’ll come back right away.

Synonyms for “Be Right Back” with Examples

I’ll be right back

  • I’m going to get some water. I’ll be right back.

Be back soon

  • I figure the manager will be back soon.

I’ll be back in a minute

  • Keep talking amongst yourselves, I’ll be back in a minute.

I’ll be back in a flash

  • Just wait here. I’ll be back in a flash.

I’ll be right there

  • I’ll be right there.

I’ll return immediately

  • If there’s an emergency, I’ll return immediately.

I’ll be back any minute

  • Your husband said you’d be back any minute.

I’ll get back soon

  • And I promise I’ll get back up soon.

I’ll come back right away

  • I am sorry, I didn’t come back right away because the phone rang.
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