“Bre” Meaning: What Does This Term Stand For?

The slang term “bre” may sound like just a nickname for a girl. However, it has a deeper meaning than that. If you have heard or seen this phrase being used and came here wondering about its meaning, then you have come to the correct place.

Here you will not only find the meaning, but you will also find some information about its origin if such details are available and some other meanings. You will also find some example conversations to read over that illustrate the proper usage of this term. Finally, you will be given some synonymous words or phrases to use in place of this term that you can use to convey the same meaning.

“Bre” Meaning

What Does “Bre” Mean?

This slang term means a “sexy girl.” It is used to define a female who is beautiful or very pretty.

Origin of “Bre”

There is no specific origin information available concerning this slang term. However, it can be said that this term has been used in the context of the meaning stated above since at least 2005.

Other Meanings of “Bre”

This slang term can also be used as another term for the word “bro,” “homie,” or “hombre.” It is also said to be the Serbian form of the word “yo.” This term is also used as a part of the Turkish language to add emphasis to something. This term can also be used as a nickname for girls named Breanna or Brianna. The term can also be used as an acronym to represent phrases, titles, etc. such as “Bureau of Real Estate,” “Bit rate Extension,” “Benefit-Risk Evaluation,” “Business Reply Envelope,” and “Bounded Relative Error.”

Conversation Examples

A discussion via text message between two friends.

  • Friend 1: I have a crush on Tabitha. She is such a bre.
  • Friend 2: I agree dude! I think you should ask her out.
  • Friend 1: I am trying to get up the courage to do that.

An online conversation between two Facebook users.

  • User 1: (posts a picture) I am looking mighty fine tonight if I do say so myself.
  • User 2: Yes girl! You are definitely a bre.

Synonyms for “Bre”

There are many synonyms that you could use to replace this slang term in a conversation. Some other words or phrases that you could use in its place include:

Bre Meaning Infographic


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