British vs American English: Transport Vocabulary

Learn differences between British vs American English about Transport Terminology.

British vs American English: Transport Vocabulary

A single ticket —–<>—– One way ticket

Aeroplane —–<>—– Airplane

Bonnet —–<>—– Hood

Boot —–<>—– Trunk

Car Journey/ Drive—–<>—– Road trip

Car park —–<>—– Parking lot

Crossroads —–<>—– Intersection, crossroads

Diversion —–<>—– Detour 

Driving Licence —–<>—– Driver’s License

Dual Carriageway —–<>—– Divided Highway

Estate car —–<>—– Station Wagon

Fire Engine —–<>—– Fire Truck

Gear Lever —–<>—– Gear Shift

Gearbox—–<>—– Transmission

Indicator —–<>—– Blinker (Turn signal)

Level Crossing —–<>—– Grade Crossing

Lollipop Man/Lady —–<>—– Crossing Guard

Lorry —–<>—– Truck

Motorbike —–<>—– Motorcycle

Motorway —–<>—– Freeway, Highway

Number plate —–<>—– License Plate

Pavement —–<>—– Side Walk

Petrol —–<>—– Gas, Gasoline

Platform —–<>—– Track

Roadworks —–<>—– Roadwork

Roundabout (road) —–<>—– Traffic Circle

Set of Points —–<>—– Switch

Sleeping Policeman, Speed Bump —–<>—– Speedbump

Timetable —–<>—– Schedule

Traffic Jam, Tailback —–<>—– Traffic Jam

Tyre —–<>—– Tire

Windscreen —–<>—– Windshield

Zebra crossing, Pedestrian Crossing —–<>—– Cross Walk

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