“Bruh” Meaning | Do You Know What This Slang Term Stands For?

The slang term “bruh” is a relatively new term that you can find being used widely on the internet, in text messages, and everyday conversation. If you have heard this word and were wondering what it meant, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find the meaning of this term, information about its origin if available, and some alternative meanings if there are any.

You will also see some example conversations that you can read to see how the term is used properly in context and to help you better understand its definition. Finally, you will see some synonymous words or phrases that you can use in place of this particular term to mean the same thing in conversation.

“Bruh” Meaning

What Does “Bruh” Mean?

This slang term is another way of saying “brother.” It can be used for someone who is your brother, but it can also be used to address someone who is a close friend. It is often used in the form to say “really?” or “seriously?” in response to something serious or funny.

Origin of “Bruh”

This term originated in the early 20th century from the English word “brother.” It is thought that it came from the African American pronunciation of the word.

Other Meanings

There are currently no other known meanings of this slang term.

Conversation Examples

A text message exchange between two friends.

  • Friend 1: Man, today is the worst day. I came home to find out my dog died!
  • Friend 2: Bruh! No way!

An online conversation between two Twitter users.

  • User 1: My dad asked me a question today and maybe you all can help me out with it because I still don’t know the answer. What color was George Washington‘s brown horse?
  • User 2: Bruh!

Synonyms for “Bruh”

There are many synonymous words or phrases that you can use to represent this slang term. Some other words or phrases that you could use instead include:

  • really?
  • seriously?
  • are you being serious right now?

“Bruh” Meaning Infographic