Bully For You: What Is the Meaning of the Popular Idiom “Bully For You”?

What does the helpful idiom “Bully For You” mean? If you have recently heard or seen the idiomatic phrase “bully for you” and thought it meant that someone was assigning or giving someone else their own personal bully, then it is a good thing you have found this page. Here you will find the real meaning of this phrase and information about its origin. Additionally, you will find some example sentences and conversations showcasing this phrase used in the correct context to further enhance your understanding of its actual meaning. Lastly, you discover some alternative ways to say the phrase “bully for you” that will still convey the same message in a conversation.

Bully For You

Bully For You Meaning

The idiom “bully for you” is an expression used to say congratulations or good for you. The term can be used in a sincere way or it can be used as a sarcastic expression if someone thinks your story or achievement is incredibly boring.

Origin of this idiomatic expression

The idiomatic phrase “bully for you” originated in the 1500s or 1600s. In the present day, the term “bully” is usually thought of as a person that hurts you mentally, emotionally or physically in some way. However, back in the day, the term “bully” meant an excellent person. This meaning is where the phrase “bully for you” was derived from to mean “excellent for you.”

“Bully For You” Examples

Example Sentences

  • Your spouse may be the first to exclaim bully for you when you tell them that you got a raise and a promotion at work.
  • You got a new laptop and a new PS4 for Christmas? Well, bully for you! All I got was this ugly sweater.
  • Yes, I know you’ve done all the dishes. Bully for you!

Example Conversations

A conversation between mother and daughter.

  • Mother: Did anything exciting happen at school today?
  • Daughter: Yes! Today was the day for the elections. I won the position of senior class president!
  • Mother: Bully for you! I know you will be a great one!

A discussion between two co-workers.

  • Co-worker 1: The boss told me that they are going to train me for the vacant position in the IT department!
  • Co-worker 2: Well, bully for you. I have been trying to get into the IT department here for years, but they never even gave me a chance even with my degree.

Alternatives to “Bully For You”

There are many alternative words or other phrases that you can use in place of the phrase “bully for you.” Other choices you can use to relay the same message include:

  • Good for you
  • Well done
  • Way to go
  • Good work
  • Congrats
  • Good one
  • You’re the best
  • Nice job

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  1. Even an ex can be a bully continue to accuse (allegations), mocks, shows contempt plus name calling. I have had this experience from my ex.


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