CAR Parts: Names of Parts of a Car with Pictures

Car Parts! List of different parts of a car in English with examples and pictures. If you are driving through an English speaking country and suddenly find yourself having car trouble, you are going to need to call for roadside assistance or take your car to the nearest garage. If this happens, you will find things will be much more easy if you are able to refer to the names of the different car parts.

In this section, you will be able to learn the English names of the parts of a car which will grow your vocabulary and help you in communicating

Car Parts

A car or automobile is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transportation.

Parts of a Car

  • Headlight
  • Mirror
  • Window
  • Trunk (US)/ Boot (UK)
  • Brake light
  • Tire (US)/ Tyre (UK)
  • Door
  • Hubcap
  • Gas tank (US)/ Petrol tank (UK)
  • Windshield (US)/ windscreen (UK)
  • Hood (US)/ Bonnet (UK)
  • Roof
  • Turn signal/ Blinker
  • Bumper
  • Door handle
  • Rear-view mirror
  • Windshield wiper (US)/ Windscreen wiper (UK)
  • License plate (US)/ Number plate (UK)

Parts of a Car Image

CAR Parts: Names of Parts of a Car with PicturesPin

Car Parts Names with Examples

Learn these names of auto parts to improve and enhance your vocabulary words in English.


– The headlight on the near side isn’t working.


– She glanced at herself in the mirror.


– Do you mind if I open the window of this car?

Trunk (US)/ Boot (UK)

– The police found his body in the trunk of a car.

Brake light

– I will also make sure that my brake lights are operating properly.

Tire (US)/ Tyre (UK)

– A nail pierced the tire of his car.


– Now I lock my car doors when I drive through town.


– Along with a new wheel design, new hubcaps were introduced.

Gas tank (US)/ Petrol tank (UK)

– Please fill up the gas tank.

Windshield (US)/ windscreen (UK)

– It is dangerous to drive with a dirty windshield.

Hood (US)/ Bonnet (UK)

– I’ll need to check under the bonnet.


– The stone made a dent in the roof of my car.

Turn signal/ Blinker

– We use turn signal when turning or changing lanes.


– She started the car with a jerk and hit the bumper of the car in front.

Door handle

– My hand groped for the door handle.

Rear-view mirror

– She glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw the headlight of the traffic behind her.

Windshield wiper (US)/ Windscreen wiper (UK)

– The windshield wipers kept noisily slapping the body of the car.

License plate (US)/ Number plate (UK)

– Did anyone see the car’s license plate?

Car Parts Names | Picture

 CAR Parts: Names of Parts of a Car with PicturesPin

Car Parts Video

Learn different auto parts with American English pronunciation.

Transportation Vocabulary

List of transportation and vehicles vocabulary words in English with different categories.

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Car Trends
Car Trends
3 years ago

Congratulations for the new blog
Pricing should be communicable like reasonable so one can find it right cost you are charging it for car part.Whenever Someone replacing a part of the car means he can run the car for a longer period. so it should be reasonable also. You can also find Car Parts Online as well at Cheaper rate. By this you can save your time and Money also.
Thanks for sharing. Have a nice Day

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Gayetri Das
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Alexis Chibulke
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David Lourenco-Evans
David Lourenco-Evans
1 year ago

Virtually no one in the UK calls it a blinker. We call it an indicator. It may be a blinker in some local dialects but not in general, national usage

1 year ago

Blinkers are used for horses