Capital vs. Capitol: How to Use Capitol vs. Capital in Sentences

Capital vs. Capitol

“Capital” and “capitol” are two words that are often confused. Learn the difference between capital vs. capitol with example sentences and ESL infographic. Capital vs. Capitol Capital Definition and Examples The word “capital” can have many meanings. It can refer to money or resources in terms of business. It can also be used when discussing … Read more

Principal vs. Principle: Difference between Principle vs. Principal

Principal vs. Principle

Difference between principal vs. principle. The number of English words that have the same pronunciation but mean different things can sometimes be troublesome when it comes to writing something. “Principal” and “principle” are no exception. Principal vs. Principle Principal Definition and Examples The word “principal” has a few meanings. The first one is a person … Read more

Its vs. It’s: When to Use It’s vs. Its with Useful Examples

ITS vs. IT'S

Difference between Its vs. it’s. The wrong use of “its” and “it’s” is one of the most common grammatical errors that is made by both native speakers and those who are learning English as a foreign language. However, this mistake usually occurs only because of carelessness when writing because the difference between it’s vs its … Read more