Knowledge Idioms

Idioms are the spices of language, adding flavor to the conversations we have every day. They paint pictures with words, often encapsulating complex ideas into compact phrases. When we talk about knowledge, idioms can beautifully illustrate the value and power of knowing, understanding, or learning something. It’s fascinating how different cultures use language to convey the significance of knowledge through these unique expressions.

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List of Knowledge Idioms

  • Knowledge is power
  • Learn the ropes
  • Can’t make heads or tails of
  • Burning the midnight oil/ pull an all-nighter
  • Know something backwards and forwards
  • Doing your homework
  • Under one’s belt
  • Two heads are better than one
  • Pick his brain
  • Great minds think alike
  • As far as anyone knows
  • To the best of your belief/knowledge
  • A little learning is a dangerous thing
  • Book smart
  • Brainstorm
  • Crack a book
  • Hit the books
  • Street smart
  • Read between the lines

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Knowledge Idioms with Meaning

Idiom Meaning
Knowledge is power Having knowledge or education increases one’s potential for influence and control.
Learn the ropes To learn the basics or understand the details of how something is done.
Can’t make heads or tails of To be unable to understand or make sense of something.
Burning the midnight oil/pull an all-nighter Staying up very late or all night to work or study.
Know something backwards and forwards To be very familiar with or knowledgeable about something.
Doing your homework Preparing thoroughly for something, especially by researching.
Under one’s belt Acquired, achieved, or secured.
Two heads are better than one Collaborating with someone else is often more effective than working alone.
Pick his brain Ask someone knowledgeable for information or advice.
Great minds think alike Intelligent people often have similar ideas or thoughts.
As far as anyone knows Based on the information available to people.
To the best of your belief/knowledge As far as one knows or believes to be true.
A little learning is a dangerous thing Having a small amount of knowledge can lead to overconfidence and misunderstanding.
Book smart Having knowledge from books and academic learning, rather than practical experience.
Brainstorm To think creatively and generate many ideas in a group or individually.
Crack a book To open and start reading a book, often implying that this is not done frequently.
Hit the books To study hard or begin studying with determination.
Street smart Having the experience and knowledge necessary to deal with the challenges of everyday life, especially in urban environments.
Read between the lines To understand the underlying or implicit meaning, rather than just the literal words.

Knowledge Idioms with Examples

Idiom Example
Knowledge is Power She always believed that knowledge is power, so she read extensively on a variety of topics.
Learn the Ropes The first month on the job was spent learning the ropes before taking on any major projects.
Can’t Make Heads or Tails of I’ve been at this problem for hours, but I still can’t make heads or tails of it.
Burning the Midnight Oil She was burning the midnight oil to finish her thesis on time.
Pull an All-Nighter He pulled an all-nighter to study for the exam.
Know Something Backwards and Forwards He knows the software backward and forwards, which makes him an excellent troubleshooter.
Doing Your Homework Before the meeting, she did her homework and came prepared with all the necessary data.
Under One’s Belt With several successful projects under his belt, he felt confident to tackle more challenging tasks.
Two Heads Are Better Than One When we couldn’t solve the problem individually, we realized two heads were better than one.
Pick His Brain I need some advice on this issue; I’ll pick his brain over lunch.
Great Minds Think Alike Did you bring pizza for lunch? Great minds think alike; I did too!
As Far as Anyone Knows As far as anyone knows, the secret formula has never been revealed.
To the Best of Your Belief/Knowledge To the best of my knowledge, the information in this report is accurate and up to date.
A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing He tried fixing the electrical issues himself with a little learning, which is a dangerous thing.
Book Smart She’s book smart but lacks the practical experience to apply her knowledge effectively.
Brainstorm Let’s all sit down and brainstorm some new ideas for the marketing campaign.
Crack a Book He never cracked a book but somehow managed to pass all his exams.
Hit the Books The exams are next week; it’s time to hit the books.
Street Smart He may not have a formal education, but he’s street smart and knows how to handle tough situations.
Read Between the Lines The official statement was optimistic, but reading between the lines, one could sense some underlying concerns.