Dream Idioms

Among these expressions, idioms about dreams are particularly vivid, painting pictures of our deepest desires and our attempts to navigate the complex tapestry of reality. As we explore the realm of dream idioms, we uncover the richness of language and how it encapsulates various aspects of human experience. Dreams in idioms often stand for goals, ambitions, or the longing for something beyond the ordinary, giving us a way to express the seemingly inexpressible.

What are Dream Idioms?

Dream idioms are phrases that encapsulate concepts about our hopes, aspirations, or perceptions of reality through the metaphorical lens of dreams. We often employ these expressions to convey our emotions and thoughts in a more colorful and impactful way than literal language allows. Here are some common dream-related idiomatic phrases and their meanings:

  • To live in a dream world: This suggests that someone is not accepting the reality of a situation, preferring instead an illusion or fantasy.
  • A pipe dream: An unrealistic or impractical hope or plan that’s unlikely to be achieved.
  • Chase a dream: Pursuing an ambition or aspiration with determination.

27 Dream Idioms: Fantastical Sayings You Should Embed in Your Speech

List of Dream Idioms

Dream big On a dream run
Chase your dreams Start with a clean slate
Living in a dream world Beyond your wildest dreams
A dream come true Dream on
Sweet dreams In your dreams
Dream up Pipe dream
Like a dream Dream away
Daydream believer Broken dreams
To be lost in a dream Dream ticket
Dreams of grandeur Dreamland
To have a dream about someone/something Dream team
To dream the impossible dream A midsummer night’s dream
To live out a dream Keep the dream alive
Dream of love

Dream Idioms with Meaning and Example

Idioms Meanings and Example Sentences
In your dreams Used sarcastically to indicate that someone’s wish or desire is unlikely to come true.

Example: “You think you’ll get promoted before me? In your dreams!

Sweet dreams A wish for a pleasant sleep.

Example: “It’s time for bed, sweet dreams!

Dream up To invent or create something in one’s imagination.

Example: “She managed to dream up an incredible story for the competition.”

Pipe dream An unrealistic hope or fantasy.

Example: “Owning a private island is nothing but a pipe dream for most people.”

Like a dream Something functioning very well or smoothly.

Example: “The new software works like a dream.

Dream away To waste time in idle fantasy.

Example: “He tends to dream away his days instead of taking action.”

Daydream believer Someone who is unrealistic or overly optimistic.

Example: “She’s a daydream believer, always chasing after wild aspirations.”

Broken dreams Hopes and ambitions that have failed or been shattered.

Example: “The closed theater is a relic of his broken dreams.

Dream ticket An ideal and highly desirable combination.

Example: “That political pairing would be a dream ticket for the upcoming election.”

Dreams of grandeur Delusions of greatness or importance.

Example: “He has dreams of grandeur, seeing himself as the next tech mogul.”

Dreamland A blissful or imaginary place, is often used to describe being asleep.

Example: “After the long journey, I’m ready for dreamland.

Dream team A group of people is perceived as the perfect combination for a particular purpose.

Example: “They’re the dream team of the legal world.”

To dream the impossible dream To aspire to achieve something that seems unattainable.

Example: “He’s always trying to dream the impossible dream, but I admire his spirit.”

To have a dream about someone/something To experience a dream in which a particular person or thing appears.

Example: “Last night, I had a dream about climbing a mountain with old friends.”

To live out a dream To experience or achieve something one has long wished for.

Example: “She finally bought her bakery, living out her dream of becoming a pastry chef.”

To be lost in a dream To be absorbed in one’s thoughts or imagination, often ignoring reality.

Example: “He was lost in a dream when the teacher called his name.”

Dream Idioms in Different Contexts

In our exploration of language, we’ve found that dream idioms enrich our conversations in various ways. Let’s look at some dream idioms and the contexts in which we might use them:

Personal Ambitions and Goals

  • “Dream big”: Often, we encourage each other to have grand aspirations.

Example: As a child, she always dreamt big, imagining herself as an astronaut exploring the stars.

  • “Chase your dreams”: We’re inspired to pursue our passions relentlessly.

Example: After years of preparation, he finally left his stable job to chase his dream of becoming a filmmaker.

  • In the land of dreams“: This phrase evokes a place where one’s deepest desires can become reality.

Example: She moved to Hollywood, the land of dreams, hoping to make a name for herself in the movie industry.

  • Follow your dreams“: An encouragement to pursue one’s aspirations, no matter how challenging they may be.

Example: He had always been passionate about music, and his parents supported him to follow his dreams and attend the prestigious conservatory.

Commenting on Reality

  • “Living in a dream world”: This suggests someone’s not acknowledging the true nature of a situation.

Example: When he thought he could get away with not studying for his finals, his friends told him he was living in a dream world

  • “A dream come true”: We use this when reality meets someone’s highest hopes.

Example: Winning the lottery was a dream come true for the humble family living next door.

  • Dream on“: A somewhat sarcastic remark made to someone whose expectations or ambitions are deemed unrealistic.

Example: He told everyone he’d be a millionaire by 25, and they all said, “Dream on!”

Reflecting on Opportunities

  • “On a dream run”: Refers to a streak of success or good luck.

Example: The underdog team was on a dream run, having won ten matches in a row against all odds.

  • Dream big, work hard“: A motivational phrase that pairs lofty aspirations with the dedication required to achieve them.

Example: He was always told to dream big and work hard, and now his tech startup has become a leading player in the industry.

  • Like a dream“: When something goes incredibly smoothly or perfectly.

Example: The event went like a dream, with every detail falling into place just as planned.