Sexuality Idioms

Sexuality idioms are a fascinating aspect of the English language that can be both amusing and confusing. These idioms are used to express various aspects of sexuality and can be found in everyday conversations, literature, and media. They can be a fun way to spice up your language and make your conversations more interesting.

List of Sexuality Idioms in English

  • (To) Bat/Play for Both Teams
  • (To) Bat/Play for the Other Team
  • (To) Fu** (Or Screw) The Dog (Pooch)
  • Babe Magnet
  • Bedroom Eyes
  • Boy Toy
  • Come Out of the Closet
  • Have the Hots for (Somebody)
  • Knock Up
  • Make Love
  • Red-Light District
  • Sugar Daddy
  • The Birds and the Bees
  • Paint the town red
  • Chase tail
  • Tie the knot
  • Sleeping around
  • Notch on (one’s) bedpost
  • Spice things up
  • Friends with benefits

Sexuality Idioms

Sexuality Idioms with Meaning

Idiom Meaning
(To) Bat/Play for Both Teams To be bisexual.
(To) Bat/Play for the Other Team To be homosexual.
(To) Screw The Dog (Pooch) To waste time, be lazy, or fail to do what one should be doing. (Vulgar slang)
Babe Magnet A person who is very attractive to the opposite sex.
Bedroom Eyes A look that is considered sexually inviting.
Boy Toy A young man who is the lover of an older, often wealthier person.
Come Out of the Closet To reveal one’s homosexuality.
Have the Hots for (Somebody) To be sexually attracted to someone.
Knock Up To make someone pregnant. (Informal)
Make Love To engage in sexual activity.
Red-Light District An area of a city where prostitution is common.
Sugar Daddy An older man who offers financial support to a younger partner in exchange for companionship or sexual favors.
The Birds and the Bees A euphemism for explaining sex and reproduction to children.
Paint the town red To go out and enjoy oneself flamboyantly.
Chase tail To pursue sexual encounters; often used in reference to men seeking women.
Tie the knot To get married.
Sleeping around To engage in sexual activity with multiple partners.
Notch on (one’s) bedpost A metaphorical mark to signify a sexual conquest.
Spice things up To add excitement or interest, particularly in a sexual or romantic context.
Friends with benefits A relationship where two friends enjoy sexual activity without a committed relationship.

Sexuality Idioms with Example

Idiom Example Sentences
(To) Bat/Play for Both Teams It’s rumored that the celebrity bats for both teams when it comes to dating.
(To) Bat/Play for the Other Team It turns out he’s been playing for the other team, which surprised some of his old classmates.
Babe Magnet With his new car and charming smile, he’s become quite the babe magnet.
Bedroom Eyes She gave him a look with those bedroom eyes that left him speechless.
Boy Toy The wealthy businesswoman’s younger boyfriend is often referred to as her boy toy.
Come Out of the Closet After years of hiding his true self, he finally came out of the closet to his family and friends.
Have the Hots for (Somebody) Ever since the new guy started work, Maria’s had the hots for him.
Knock Up The tabloids speculated that the celebrity couple might be expecting after she was knocked up.
Make Love The couple decided to wait until their wedding night to make love for the first time.
Red-Light District Tourists often visit the red-light district out of curiosity when they travel to Amsterdam.
Sugar Daddy The young actress was criticized for her relationship with a man considered to be her sugar daddy.
The Birds and the Bees It’s time we talked to our son about the birds and the bees.
Paint the town red After the final exams, the students decided to go out and paint the town red.
Chase tail He spends every weekend at the clubs, just chasing tail.
Tie the knot After five years of dating, they’re finally going to tie the knot next summer.
Sleeping around He’s got a reputation for sleeping around, which has complicated his relationships.
Notch on (one’s) bedpost He bragged about another notch on his bedpost as if it were a conquest.
Spice things up They went on a weekend getaway to spice things up in their relationship.
Friends with benefits They’re not in a committed relationship; they’re just friends with benefits.