252 Examples of CVC Words in English

CVC Words

What are CVC words? As you probably know, words in the English language are made up of vowels and consonants. Vowels are the letters a, e, i, o, and u (and, sometimes, y). They make “open” sounds, meaning that vowel sounds are made by moving the tongue to various places within the mouth, but without any parts of the lips … Read more

Short Vowel Words | Short Vowel Sounds

Short Vowel Words | Short Vowel Sounds 6

In the English language, there are different ways to pronounce vowels. One category of such vowel pronunciation is the short vowel sound — one that has many associated words. But what are some short vowel words and how do you identify them? This article will explore short vowel sounds, general rules for forming short vowel words, and examples of … Read more

6 Most Important Spelling Rules You Need to Know

6 Most Important Spelling Rules You Need to Know 7

Spelling in English can be challenging. Several spelling rules exist to navigate the treacherous spelling realm. Once you think you have a handle on one spelling rule, a rule exception throws you off course. Not to mention, many archaic phonetic words are mudding the English language waters. Have you ever wondered why some words have … Read more

The 20 Hardest Words to Spell in the English Language

Hard Words to Spell

Learn the hard words to spell in English. The English language is notorious for being difficult to learn. With daily usage causing constant change, and the influx of people from diverse backgrounds always adding new expressions, it is a wonder anyone can keep up with it. Still, the complexities are part of what make English … Read more