All You Need to Know about Run-On Sentence

All You Need to Know about Run-On Sentence 3

A run-on sentence is composed of two or more independent clauses fused with improper conjunction or punctuation. This can be somewhat challenging to readers and hinder the author from conveying the intended message correctly. People often mistake lengthy sentences for run-on sentences which isn’t necessarily the case. There is nothing wrong with fusing multiple related … Read more

Title Capitalization: Useful Rules and Examples

Title Capitalization: Useful Rules and Examples 4

In addition to having a catchy title, writing it correctly with proper capitalization is a must in every article. Capitalization of titles is another one of the many things that are mistakenly done in writing. If you’re one who has a difficult time judging whether a specific word should be capitalized or not, feel free … Read more

Comma Before “Or” | When to Use a Comma Before Or

Comma Before Or

When do we use a comma before or? Confusion usually surrounds comma usage. Coordinating conjunctions usually play a role in this perplexing area. The word “or” is no exception. Sometimes a comma precedes “or” and sometimes it does not. Deciphering when to employ a comma helps improve the clarity of your writing. To break this … Read more

Use a Comma Before or After But? 03 Useful Rules

Comma Before or After But

Should you use a comma before or after but? “But” can be a tricky operative. You can place a comma before but or write the word without any comma. How you utilize the word “but” in a sentence determines if a comma is necessary before or after the word. Comma Before or After But? Comma … Read more