255+ Examples of CVCC Words in English

CVCC Words

The CVCC words are taught after the students have tried blending the letters from a CVC word. By decoding each sound of a letter, they will be able to say the whole word with the sound of each letter. CVCC Words What Are CVCC Words? The CVCC words are composed of consonant, vowel, consonant, and … Read more

181 Examples of CCVC Words in English

181 Examples of CCVC Words in English 2

Have you heard about CCVC words? No? Well, don’t worry! You’re about to learn all there is to know about them. CCVC words are simply three-letter words that each contain a consonant, a vowel, and another consonant. They are essential to learning because they make up the majority of spoken language. In this post, we’ll … Read more