Chinese Food: List of Popular Chinese Food with Amazing Facts

In every city in the world, there is at least one Chinese food restaurant, and this food has become one of the most popular globally, and it happens that in this country, the most populous in the world, each region has a different way of cooking.

The predominant flavors in this cuisine, exalt the Chinese culture, where a peculiar bitter is present in the dishes of all regions of the country, other flavors that stand out as the spicy can be found in the meals of the central and southern part of China, the dishes with sweet flavors are typical in the eastern area, towards the north of China the dishes that stand out highlight the salty flavors, and in the southern area, you get more dishes with acidic flavors.

Chinese Food

This food has been related to the principles of traditional medicine, it is always prepared with the aim of producing health benefits, salty flavors are related to the search for good digestion, the spicy with blood circulation, and according to this kitchen dishes with sweet flavors are used for toned bodies and high spirits, acids as soothing diarrhea, while bitter flavors are used to strengthen the upper digestive tract.

Chinese food has a very varied range of nuances and is also closely linked to spirituality with the balance of yin, represented by types of foods such as fruits and vegetables used in the refreshment of the body, and yang related to meats and fried foods.

The use of millinery chopsticks, is a basic characteristic of Chinese food, the existence of these utensils, dating from times before the normal cutlery, such as spoons and forks, these chopsticks represent a symbol of this culture.

In Chinese food it is customary to serve food without accompanying drinks, using soups and tea as liquids. It is not customary, as in the West, to serve desserts at the end of meals, instead of dessert they use fresh fruits or nuts.

This oriental cuisine worships the use of vegetables, the Chinese eat a lot of them.

List of Chinese Foods

Names of Chinese Foods

  • Rice
  • Noodles
  • Vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Tofu
  • Pork, beef, lamb, chicken, duck, pigeon, and many other animals.
  • Soups
  • Tea
  • Pulses

Chinese Foods | Facts & Pictures

Among the many Chinese food dishes, there are many popular ones, and it is not only in China, they are popular in many places in the world.

Shark Fin Soup

This food has a symbol of good reputation and health, it is prepared with both the pectoral and dorsal fins of the shark, which are dried, and the skin is removed.

Shark Fin Soup Pin


This dish is a rice pyramid filled with meat or vegetables and wrapped in bamboo leaves.

Zongzi Pin

Dim Sum

It is made up of various types of food, served in very small portions, either sweet or savory.

Dim Sum Pin


Generally in noodle soup, it is a kind of ravioli, they are stuffed with pork, vegetables, or marine spices.

Wonton Pin

Abalon on a bed of Lettuce

It is a type of fish from the coastal region, served on lettuce, with corn, soy, and sugar sauce.

Chicken Gong Bao or Kung Pao

It is a very spicy dish.

Kung Pao Pin

Siew Yhok

One of several ways of consuming pork, which is marinated and then roasted until crispy.

Siew Yhok Pin

Chop Suey

Made with green mung bean sprouts, with chunks of meat, and with vegetable onions, celery, peppers, and green bean sprouts.

Chop Suey Pin

Chow Mein

It is fried rice noodles, though with vegetables, meats, and chicken.

Chow Mein Pin

Chinese Fried Rice

It is the most popular Chinese food spread throughout the world, as simple as varied, it is accompanied by meats, chicken, eggs, and sea species such as shrimp.

Chinese Fried Rice Pin

Huo Guo O Hot Pot

It includes meat, vegetables, wontons, eggs, dumplings, seafood cooked in a hot broth with different sauces.

Huo Guo O Hot Pot Pin

Fuqi Feipian

It is an appetizer prepared with strips of beef, with spicy sauce, peanuts, and coriander.

Fuqi Feipian Pin

Chinese Chips

The main characteristic of this dish is the sweet and sour sauce, it is very popular.

Chinese Foods | Picture

Chinese Food Pin

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