Clothes and Accessories Names in English with Pictures

Clothes and Accessories! Learn helpful list of clothes and accessories names with images and examples to enlarge your clothes vocabulary in English. Alongside your clothing choices you may decide to add some stylish accessories. Whether they are for fashion or function, clothing and accessories come in all shapes and sizes and it is important for you to learn their English names.

For example, would you know how to talk about the item which goes around the waist to hold up your trousers? In English, this is called a belt. In this section, you will learn about this word and many more, giving you a great vocabulary of English names for clothing and accessories.

Clothes and Accessories

List of Clothes and Accessories

  • Skirt
  • Bikini
  • Dress pants
  • Jumper
  • Sneakers
  • Hoodie
  • Vest
  • High heels
  • Flip flops
  • Handbag
  • Tank top
  • Singlet
  • Boots
  • Shorts
  • Polo shirt
  • Umbrella
  • Dress
  • Hawaiian shirt
  • Mittens
  • Socks
  • Swimsuit
  • Trench coat
  • Winter coat
  • Straw hat
  • Cap
  • Scarf

Clothes and Accessories Names with Pictures and Examples

Clothing or clothes is a collective term for garments, items worn on the body. Clothes can be made of textiles, animal skin, or other thin sheets of materials put together.

An accessory can be any piece of clothing that you wear or carry as long as it isn’t part of the main outfit.


– This skirt is nice.


– I hope that she’s wearing a bikini.

Dress pants

– The men’s collection featured button up shirts, blazers, and dress pants.


– Does this skirt go with my jumper?


– He wore old jeans and a pair of sneakers.


– The man in the hoodie was younger and his face was dirty.


– He wore blue pants without a vest.

High heels

– I don’t feel comfortable in high heels.


Flip flops

– She is fond of wearing flip flops and Birkenstocks.


– He looked in her handbag and saw his car keys.

Clothes and Accessories

Tank top

– I like this tank top. It goes with my baggy jeans.


– He was wearing a blue silk singlet and boxer shorts.


– A man must have boots.


– He wears his shorts.

Polo shirt

– I want to buy a polo shirt.


– I’ve come out without my umbrella.


– You need a dress.

Hawaiian shirt

– The man was wearing an oversized Hawaiian shirt splotched with big flowers.


– They made a few mittens or socks, but not many.


– He hated wearing dirty socks.


– Tomorrow he would bring his own swimsuit.

Trench coat

– I’m looking for a black trench coat.

Winter coat

– I don’t have a warm winter coat.

Straw hat

– She had taken off her straw hat.


– I need a new cap.


– He tied a scarf around his neck.


Clothes and Accessories Vocabulary | Image

Clothes Accessories vocabulary

Clothes Vocabulary in English

Big list of clothes names classified by different categories with images in English.

Clothes vocabulary video lesson with American English pronunciation.

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