19 Useful CLOTHING Phrasal Verbs in English

As English learners, we know how important it is to learn phrasal verbs. They can be tricky to understand and use, but they are an essential part of everyday conversation. In this article, we will be focusing on clothing phrasal verbs. We will provide you with a list of commonly used phrasal verbs related to clothing and their meanings.

List of Clothing Phrasal Verbs in English

  • Do up
  • Dress up
  • Dress down
  • Hang out
  • Hang up
  • Have on
  • Kick off
  • Put on
  • Slip on
  • Take off
  • Take in
  • Take up
  • Try on
  • Throw on
  • Turn up
  • Wrap up
  • Zip up
  • Let out
  • Let down

Useful Clothing Phrasal Verbs 

Useful CLOTHING Phrasal Verbs in English Pin

Clothing Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Examples

Do up

  • Meaning: To fasten an item of clothing
  • Example: You don’t need to do up the top button.

Dress up

  • Meaning: To wear special or formal clothes to attend an event or for a special occasion. It also means to put on a fancy dress.
  • Example: We used to dress up to go to church when we were children.

Dress down

  • Meaning: To wear casual or informal clothes
  • Example: I usually dress down on weekends.

Hang out

  • Meaning: Dry clothes outside after washing them, often by hanging them on a clothesline or a drying rack.
  • Example: Have you hung the washing out?

Hang up

  • Meaning:  To put clothes on a hanger or hook
  • Example: Hang up your coat in the closet.

Have on

  • Meaning: To be wearing clothes or accessories
  • Example: She has on a beautiful necklace.

Kick off

  • Meaning: To remove shoes or other footwear
  • Example: I always kick off my shoes when I get home.

Put on

  • Meaning: To start wearing an article of clothing
  • Example: Put on your jacket before you go outside.

Slip on

  • Meaning: To put on clothes or shoes quickly and easily
  • Example: I like to slip on my sneakers before going for a run.

Take off

  • Meaning:  To remove an item of clothing
  • Example: Take off your hat when you enter the building.

Take in

  • Meaning: To make clothes smaller by sewing or folding
  • Example: The tailor will take in the dress to fit you better.

Take up

  • Meaning: To shorten the length of a piece of clothing, usually by folding or sewing it to make it fit better.
  • Example: I want to take this pair of pants up. It’s too long.

Try on

  • Meaning: To test whether clothing is good for you by wearing it
  • Example:  I need to try on these jeans before buying them.

Throw on

  • Meaning: To hastily put on clothes
  • Example: I just threw on some clothes and ran out the door.

Turn up

  • Meaning: Shorten trousers, a dress or a skirt so that they fit better
  • Example: Her jeans were too long, so she turned them up.

Wrap up

  • Meaning: To wear warm clothes, especially in cold weather
  • Example: Make sure to wrap up warm if you’re going outside in the snow.

Zip up

  • Meaning: To fasten a zipper on an item of clothing
  • Example: Zip up your jacket before going outside.

Let out

  • Meaning: To make clothes larger by sewing or cutting
  • Example: The tailor will let out the waistband of your pants.

Let down

  • Meaning: Lengthen a piece of clothing by using the extra fabric in its hem
  • Example: This skirt needs letting down.

Practical Application of Clothing Phrasal Verbs

In Everyday Conversation

Clothing phrasal verbs are commonly used in everyday conversation. They can be used to describe actions related to getting dressed, trying on clothes, and taking off clothes. For example:

  • “I need to try on these pants to see if they fit.”
  • “Can you help me take off this jacket?”
  • “I’m going to get dressed for the party now.”

In Writing

Clothing phrasal verbs can also be used in writing to describe actions related to clothing. They can be used in a variety of contexts, including fashion writing, product descriptions, and instructional materials. For example:

  • “The model looked stunning as she dressed up in the latest designer clothes.”
  • “To fasten the shirt, simply button it up from the bottom to the top.”
  • “To remove the jacket, unzip it and slide it off your shoulders.”

Useful Clothing Phrasal Verbs | Picture

Useful CLOTHING Phrasal Verbs in English Pin

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