24 Cloud Idioms: Breezy Expressions You Should Get Acquainted With

Are you ready to soar through the fluffy world of “Cloud Idioms”? These airy expressions float around our conversations, often without us even noticing. Have you ever been “on cloud nine” or found yourself “under a cloud” of suspicion?

Well, it’s time to unpack these cloudy conundrums and clear the skies for a better understanding of our language. So, buckle up and prepare for takeoff as we glide through the silver linings and stormy weather of “Cloud Idioms.” Our journey promises to be as light and breezy as a day spent watching the clouds roll by. 

What are Cloud Idioms?

Cloud idioms are phrases in the English language that incorporate the word “cloud” to describe various situations or states of being, often relating to emotions and mental states. When we use these idioms, we convey complex ideas in a few words.

To help us remember better, let’s organize a few more idioms into a simple table:

Idiom Meaning
Under a Cloud Experiencing a period of suspicion or disgrace.
Head in the Clouds Someone who is not paying attention to what’s happening around them because they’re absorbed in their own daydreams or thoughts.
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining No matter how bad a situation might seem, there’s always a positive side to it that we can learn from or that may lead to better things.

24 Cloud Idioms: Breezy Expressions You Should Get Acquainted With PinList of Cloud Idioms in English

Head in the clouds In the clouds
Cast a cloud Cloud of suspicion
Cloud of uncertainty Cloud on the horizon
Cloud your judgment Clouds of glory
In a fog/cloud To cloud the issue
Cloud of doubt Clouds of smoke/dust
A cloud of gloom To be on cloud seven
To have one’s head in the cloud To throw a cloud over something
To be in a cloud-cuckoo-land To cloud over
A face like a thundercloud To be lost in the clouds

Cloud Idioms with Meaning and Example

Idiom Meaning and Example Sentence
Head in the clouds Not paying attention or daydreaming; not grounded in reality.

Example: “She always has her head in the clouds, dreaming about becoming an astronaut.”

In the clouds Out of touch with reality, often due to daydreaming.

Example: “Ever since he met her, he’s been walking around in the clouds.”

Cast a cloud To bring sadness, gloom, or trouble.

Example: “The news of the scandal has cast a cloud over the entire administration.”

Cloud of suspicion A situation where someone is suspected of something negative.

Example: “A cloud of suspicion has hung over him since the jewels went missing.”

Cloud of uncertainty A situation where things are not clear or decided.

Example: “The cloud of uncertainty about the merger has employees worried.”

Cloud on the horizon A problem or difficulty that is expected or anticipated in the future.

Example: “The economic forecasts suggest a cloud on the horizon.”

Cloud your judgment To cause someone to think unclearly or make poor decisions.

Example: “His anger might cloud his judgment when dealing with the dispute.”

Clouds of glory With a splendid or notable appearance or manner.

Example: “The athlete returned home in clouds of glory after winning the gold medal.”

In a fog/cloud Confused, perplexed, or not fully aware of what is happening.

Example: “He’s been walking around in a fog ever since he got the bad news.”

To cloud the issue To make a matter or issue more confusing or complicated.

Example: “Bringing up past issues will only cloud the issue we’re trying to resolve.”

Cloud of doubt A feeling of uncertainty about something or someone.

Example: “A cloud of doubt remains regarding his alibi for that night.”

Clouds of smoke/dust A large amount of smoke or dust fills the air.

Example: “The factory’s explosion sent clouds of smoke into the sky.”

A cloud of gloom A mood characterized by sadness or depression. E

Example: “A cloud of gloom settled over the party when the news broke out.”

To be on cloud seven To be extremely happy or euphoric (less common than ‘cloud nine’).

Example: “Ever since she got engaged, she’s been on cloud seven.”

To have one’s head in the clouds To be out of touch with reality, often due to daydreaming.

Example: “He’s always got his head in the clouds, dreaming about unlikely inventions.”

To throw a cloud over something To ruin or make something less enjoyable.

Example: “The sudden illness threw a cloud over the festivities.”

To be in cloud-cuckoo-land To be in a state of absurd, over-optimistic fantasy or an unrealistic state of mind.

Example: “He’s in cloud-cuckoo-land if he thinks he’s going to get that job without any experience.”

To cloud over For the sky to become covered with clouds; by extension, for someone’s expression to become dark or troubled.

Example: “Her face clouded over when she heard the bad news.”

A face like a thundercloud A facial expression that is very angry or upset.

Example: “When he lost the game, he had a face like a thundercloud.”

To be lost in the clouds To be oblivious or unaware of what is going on around one due to daydreaming.

Example: “He’s always lost in the clouds, completely unaware of his surroundings.”

Cloud Idioms in Different Contexts

A cloud hangs over someone or something

This idiom is used to indicate that there is a feeling of worry, suspicion, or negativity surrounding a person or situation, much like a literal cloud casting a shadow.

  • In Personal Reputations: When someone is suspected of wrongdoing or is facing scandal.

Example: “A cloud hung over the politician after the allegations of corruption surfaced.”

  • In Anticipation of Bad News: When there is a sense of impending trouble or bad luck.

Example: “A cloud hangs over the community as they await the decision on the factory closure.”

Under a cloud

Similar to the previous idiom, this phrase means to be in a state of suspicion or disfavor or to have one’s reputation tarnished by a scandal or accusation.

  • In Professional Settings: When someone’s career is affected by rumors or accusations.

Example: “After the financial discrepancies were discovered, he left the company under a cloud.”

  • In Social Circumstances: When someone is ostracized or viewed negatively by others.

Example: “She’s been under a cloud ever since that story about her past was leaked to the press.”

Every cloud has a silver lining

This idiom expresses the idea that there is something good in every bad situation, much like the edges of a cloud can appear silver or bright when the sun shines behind it.

  • In Overcoming Adversity: When finding positive aspects in a difficult situation.

Example: “He lost his job, but it gave him the time to write the novel he always talked about—every cloud has a silver lining.”

  • In Consoling Others: When offering comfort by pointing out the positive side of a bad experience.

Example: “I know you’re upset about the house, but you’ve wanted to move for years—every cloud has a silver lining.”

On cloud nine

This idiom means being extremely happy or euphoric as if one is as high as the clouds or in a state of bliss.

  • In Personal Achievements: When someone is elated by their own success.

Example: “She was on cloud nine after getting the promotion she worked so hard for.”

  • In Joyful Life Events: When someone experiences a particularly joyful occasion or event.

Example: “They were on cloud nine the day they brought their newborn baby home from the hospital.”

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