Useful Collective Nouns For Food and Drinks

Learn useful Collective Nouns For Food, Partitive Nouns for Food and Drinks with examples.

Collective and Partitive Nouns for Food and Drinks

A bar/A square of chocolate

My brother handed me a bar of chocolate wrapped in silver paper.

A batch of cakes

Anyone can botch a batch of snack cakes.

A bottle of milk

He is especially adept at balancing a bottle of milk on his head.

A bowl of rice

I cannot finish a bowl of rice.

A box of cereal

Operator said the machine used a box of cereal a minute.

A can of soda

I remember my father bringing me a can of soda.

A carton of milk

We’ve all opened a carton of milk that has three days to go and it smells bad.

A cup of tea

Are you going to have a cup of tea?

A glass of water

Would he like a glass of water?

A jar of honey

If you think something sounds plausible, try testing a jar of honey you think is pure.

A jug of water

In the fridge were three sodas and a jug of water and nothing else.

A kilo of meat

He was served half a kilo of meat from the kilo he brought home at the end of the month.

A kilo of sugar

I bought a kilo of sugar and a bunch of grapes.

A loaf of bread

It’s a hot, meaty stew poured into a loaf of bread.

A packet of tea

Better than any greenback is the green-and-white flap torn from the end of a packet of tea.

A piece of cheese

I like to have a piece of cheese in my fridge that no other consumer or producer will have.

A piece of chocolate

She had just ordered a piece of chocolate cake.

A pile of cookies

My grandmother fed me a pile of cookies daily.

A slice of bread

Many students crowned the plate with a slice of bread.

A slice of pizza

Outside, on the sidewalk, people remember a slice of pizza.

A tub of margarine

They’re both very small, weighing about as much as a tub of margarine.

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Collective Nouns For Food and Drinks

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