15 Common Collocations with BREAK in English 1

15 Common Collocations with BREAK in English

Learn useful collocations with BREAK in English with examples.

Collocation Examples

Common Collocations with BREAK

Break a bone

  • Tom broke his bone while striking his final goal.

Break a code

  • Scientists worked day and night to break the code.

Break a habit

  • Do you know it takes 28 days to break a habit?

Break a law

  • If you break a law, you go to prison.

Break a promise

  • I know he wouldn’t break a promise to me, so I try to keep this promise.

Break a record

  • “You and me, today we’re going to break a record, ” he said.

Break a window

  • I had to break a window to get into the house.

Break ground

  • They will break ground on the new housing project next week.

Break new ground

  • I don’t have to break new ground here.

Break the news

  • The police had to break the news to the boy’s parents.

Break one’s fall

  • Luckily, a bush broke his fall.

Break someone’s heart

  • It would break her heart when they’d have to leave .

Break the rules

  • If you break the rules and get caught, you should be penalized.

Break the silence

  • I was the first one to break the silence in my family.

Break the spell

  • We have to make our own rules to break the spell.

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