Expressions with BREAK: 15 Collocations with BREAK

As language learners, we often come across words that seem to always go together. These word combinations are called collocations. One common verb that has many collocations is “break”. In this article, we will explore some of the most frequently used collocations with “break” and provide examples of how they are used in context.

List of Expressions with Break

  • Break a bone
  • Break a code
  • Break a habit
  • Break a law
  • Break a promise
  • Break a record
  • Break a window
  • Break ground
  • Break new ground
  • Break the news
  • Break one’s fall
  • Break someone’s heart
  • Break the rules
  • Break the silence
  • Break the ice

Collocation with Break

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Collocations with Break with Meaning and Examples

Break a bone

  • Meaning: To fracture or damage a bone in the body.
  • Example:  She fell off her bike and broke a bone in her arm.

Break a code

  • Meaning: To decipher or solve a complex code or system.
  • Example: The hacker is trying to break the code to access the company’s database.

Break a habit

  • Meaning: To stop doing something that has become a routine or addiction.
  • Example: The employee needs to break a habit of arriving late to work.

Break a law

  • Meaning: To violate or disobey a legal rule or regulation.
  • Example: You will break a law if you park in a no-parking zone.

Break a promise

  • Meaning: To fail to keep a commitment or agreement made to someone.
  • Example: I break a promise when I forget to call my parents.

Break a record

  • Meaning: To surpass or achieve a new highest level or milestone.
  • Example: “You and me, today we’re going to break a record, ” he said.

Break a window

  • Meaning: To shatter or damage a windowpane.
  • Example: He breaks a window by throwing a ball too hard.

Break ground

  • Meaning: To begin a construction project or start a new venture.
  • Example: The city will break ground on the new park next summer.

Break new ground

  • Meaning: To make a new discovery or innovation in a particular field.
  • Example: The scientists break new ground by conducting cutting-edge research.

Break the news

  • Meaning: To reveal or share important or shocking information with someone.
  • Example: The doctor breaks the news to the patient that they have a serious illness.

Break one’s fall

  • Meaning:  To prevent someone from falling by cushioning their impact.
  • Example: He breaks his fall by grabbing onto the railing when he slips on the stairs.

Break someone’s heart

  • Meaning: To cause someone emotional pain or distress, especially in matters of love or relationships.
  • Example: The breakup breaks his heart and he can’t stop thinking about it.

Break the rules

  • Meaning: To violate or ignore established guidelines or regulations.
  • Example: Cheating breaks the rules and is not allowed in school.

Break the silence

  • Meaning: To end a period of silence or lack of communication.
  • Example: The musicians break the silence by playing their instruments.

Break the ice

  • Meaning: To initiate or start a conversation or a social interaction with someone
  • Example: The host breaks the ice by welcoming the guests and offering them drinks.

Practice and Exercises

Fill in the blank

  1. He ___________ by jumping off the roof and landing on his arm.

Answer: Broke a bone

  1. The detectives finally ___________ and solved the case.

Answer: Broke a code

  1. She’s been trying to ___________ of smoking for years.

Answer: Break a habit

  1. He was arrested for ___________ and spent a night in jail.

Answer: Breaking a law

  1. He ___________ and didn’t show up for our date.

Answer: Broke a promise

Match the Verbs

Phrasal Verb Meaning
a. Break a window  1. To start a new construction project
b. Break ground 2. To make a significant innovation or advance
c. Break new ground 3. To shatter or damage a pane of glass
d. Break the news 4. To prevent oneself or someone else from falling
e. Break one’s fall 5. To inform someone of important or surprising information


Phrasal Verb Meaning
a 3
b 1
c 2
d 5
e 4


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