Expressions with CATCH: 14 Collocations with CATCH

Collocations are an essential aspect of learning any language. They are words that are commonly used together to form a phrase. One such word is “catch,” which has multiple meanings and can be used in various contexts. Collocations with catch are used in everyday conversations and can help learners to sound more natural when speaking.

List of Expressions with Catch

  • Catch (on) fire
  • Catch a ball
  • Catch a bus/ a train
  • Catch a chill
  • Catch a cold
  • Catch a glimpse
  • Catch a thief
  • Catch a whiff
  • Catch sight of
  • Catch someone’s attention
  • Catch someone’s eye
  • Catch the flu
  • Catch You Later!
  • Catch your breath

Collocation with Catch 

Useful Collocations with CATCH in English 

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Collocations with CATCH: 29 Useful Expressions with CATCH

Collocations with Catch with Meaning and Examples

Catch (on) fire

  • Meaning: Start burning
  • Example: The forests often catch on fire during the dry season.

Catch a ball

  • Meaning: To stop it with your hands when someone throws it at you
  • Example: The baseball player can catch a ball with one hand.

Catch a bus/ a train

  • Meaning: To get on it before it leaves
  • Example:  She always leaves early to make sure she can catch a bus.

Catch a chill

  • Meaning: To become cold and shivery, often as the result of being outside without enough warm clothing
  • Example: He catches a chill when he goes outside without a jacket.

Catch a cold

  • Meaning: To become infected with a virus that causes symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, and sore throat
  • Example: If you go outside without a hat, you might catch a cold.

Catch a glimpse

  • Meaning: To briefly see something
  • Example: I always try to catch a glimpse of the sunset from my window.

Catch a thief

  • Meaning: To capture someone who has stolen something.
  • Example: The police set up a trap to catch a thief.

Catch a whiff

  • Meaning: To smell something briefly.
  • Example: You might catch a whiff of the flowers if you stand closer to the garden.

Catch sight of

  • Meaning: To suddenly see something or someone
  • Example: The children catch sight of a rainbow in the sky.

Catch someone’s attention

  • Meaning: To make someone notice something
  • Example: The teacher uses interesting stories to catch the students’ attention.

Catch someone’s eye

  • Meaning: To get someone’s attention.
  • Example: The new billboard will catch people’s eye with its striking design.

Catch the flu

  • Meaning: To become infected with the influenza virus.
  • Example: The child catches the flu every winter, so the parents make sure he gets vaccinated.

Catch You Later!

  • Meaning: A casual way of saying goodbye.
  • Example: I’m off to grab some lunch, catch you later!

Catch your breath

  • Meaning: To take a short break to rest and breathe deeply after physical exertion.
  • Example: Take a moment to catch your breath before continuing the race.

Catch in Everyday Speech

When it comes to everyday speech, collocations with “catch” are used frequently. Here, we will discuss the informal and formal usage of “catch” in everyday speech.

Informal Usage

In informal settings, “catch” is often used in expressions like “catch you later” or “catch up with you.” These expressions are used to mean that you will see or talk to someone later. Another common expression is “catch a break,” which means to have some good luck or finally get a positive outcome.

Additionally, “catch” is often used in sports-related expressions. For example, “catch a ball” or “catch a pass” are common expressions used in sports like football or baseball.

Formal Usage

In formal settings, “catch” is often used in more serious contexts. For example, “catch someone in the act” means to witness someone doing something wrong or illegal. Another formal expression is “catch someone’s attention,” which means to draw someone’s attention to something.

“Total catch” is another formal expression used in the fishing industry to refer to the amount of fish caught during a specific period. Similarly, “annual catch” means the total amount of fish caught in a year.

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